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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Monday morning here and no one around!
27/Jan/20 12:46 AM
1:55 Just got home from having tea at my daughter's place then we played a board game of 'The Chase Australia' which I was given for Christmas and only just got around to playing.
Good night all.
27/Jan/20 1:06 AM
Wolf & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne.
27/Jan/20 1:36 AM
2:10. Good Morning, Wolf, Anne, Denny and everyone!
27/Jan/20 1:45 AM
all. A big Thank You for the birthday wishes.
27/Jan/20 2:36 AM
27/Jan/20 4:07 AM
Oh dear, no sunny morning! We have solid cloud covering but no forecast of rain. Darn!
27/Jan/20 4:09 AM
27/Jan/20 4:09 AM
27/Jan/20 4:18 AM

Wally the Wonder Boy was released from the hospital on Friday. The family is home again. I hope he is able to remain an out-patient. The see-saw is in the upright position for now.
And, yes. The dogs have departed. They More...
27/Jan/20 5:04 AM
Kudos! He is cute!
27/Jan/20 5:10 AM
Well, Kathy -http://sudoku.com.au/# When I take my hound for boarding, he can't seem to get to the kennel area fast enough. When I pick him up, he seems happy to go home, though...
27/Jan/20 6:23 AM
Morning all, Harrison sure is cute.
Good luck with that ,Kathy, when the daughters dog comes for a visit I keep finding hair for days after vacuuming.
27/Jan/20 7:26 AM

I have dialed a rotary phone (that
didn't have an answering machine),
recorded a song that I love off a
transistor radio onto a tape recorder,
watched a black and white TV (with less
than 10 channels) that had foil on the
rabbit ear antennas, taken a long More...
27/Jan/20 7:44 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
27/Jan/20 8:30 AM
Good maeN, good people. Appears to be a slow day today.
27/Jan/20 1:46 PM
I’m almost as old as DorA. However, I don’t think we ever used foil on our antenna.
27/Jan/20 1:53 PM
We had some melting but then fresh icing came through followed by another dusting of snow. This is Skye’s first winter driving and she already says she’s done with snow and ice. We’re only halfway through a mild winter. She will either toughen up or move. And if she moves to a warmer clime I’m following.
27/Jan/20 1:57 PM
I’ve got a knotted muscle in my upper back so I’m using a heated rice bag for a while before I go to sleep.
27/Jan/20 1:59 PM
Here I am at a cp and I’m still not up to 22. But I’ve gotten us closer. If Keith can’t make it, there’s still time in Australia.
27/Jan/20 2:00 PM
Yes a cutie for sure
27/Jan/20 2:35 PM

And there goes the 22.
27/Jan/20 4:16 PM
I claimed last post of the day at 6.42 yesterday not thinking it would last, but it did. It is now 4.44 and I'm claiming last post of the day. I hope it doesn't last.
27/Jan/20 4:40 PM

Monday 27th January.

Anne – Out partying at her daughters place then home to play Chase Australia.
Kathy – Well young Wally has managed to make his escape and is now back home. This means that Kathy is now dog free and is currently filling her More...
27/Jan/20 4:48 PM

Today’s picture is of Harry, (Harrison, technically) my eldest grandchild - who turns 9 in a couple of weeks! Where has the time gone! Xxx ❤️❤️
27/Jan/20 5:44 PM
Well if that one did not work I can always try again - so here at 8.30 I can try again. Glad Phantom stopped for first one working.
27/Jan/20 8:29 PM
Trying to keep it in Canberra Wombat–LPOTD?
27/Jan/20 8:52 PM
Tee hee!
27/Jan/20 10:27 PM
I can just picture DorA sitting watching his black and white TV with his foiled up rabbit ears antennae wearing his tin foil hat as well.
27/Jan/20 11:46 PM
There is a bit of competition for LPOTD today. This is my last try for today.
27/Jan/20 11:54 PM
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