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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all the Aussies on the site!
26/Jan/20 12:10 AM
2:10 Fumbled a bit towards the end.
Good night one and all!
26/Jan/20 12:13 AM
everyone else!
26/Jan/20 12:50 AM
My goodness! I just saw the 2 week puzzle.
26/Jan/20 12:52 AM
to our friends celebrating!
26/Jan/20 12:53 AM
And, belated birthday wishes to Hal and Peter!
Be safe....

26/Jan/20 12:55 AM
1:45. Happy Australia Day, Anne, Kathy and to us all! We were once lucky enough to experience an Australia Day in Sydney and it was an experience to last a lifetime. Luckily, we were still young enough to be able to survive it. I hope it's a good one for Aussies everywhere!
26/Jan/20 12:57 AM
Kathy, tom & all to follow!! Let me add to tom's 'Happy Australia Day, Anne'!
26/Jan/20 1:39 AM
Happy Australia Day!
26/Jan/20 1:39 AM
I am working on Arachnid's 2 weeker. It's quite amazing how things come back to you after so many years. My love of reading is certainly coming in handy. Give it a try. Stay away from Google and just do process of elimination of the ones you aren't sure of. Fun stuff!
26/Jan/20 2:07 AM
Dreary again.
Hope to see sunshine soon!
26/Jan/20 3:05 AM
I hope the country soon has something good to celebrate. There's been too much tragedy lately.
26/Jan/20 3:35 AM
For those of us doing Spidey's puzzle ... When you send your answers, it might be fun to add how many of the 50 you were able to figure out without Señor Google! He could let us know the range of uncorrupted conclusions ... no names, please! ... so we could see where we stand among the literate! Just for fun.
26/Jan/20 3:54 AM
26/Jan/20 3:55 AM
26/Jan/20 4:02 AM
Happy Australia Day to my awesome Aussie friends!!!
26/Jan/20 4:05 AM
I'll be interested in seeing the results, Judy. And, yes. No names, just the numbers!

26/Jan/20 4:47 AM
🇦🇺 Happy Australia Day to all those celebrating! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
26/Jan/20 5:48 AM
Since other than to wish folks Down Under, 'Happy Australia Day', I was not aware of its significance - here is what I found; I'm sure the Aussies can add to this as well!

26/Jan/20 5:58 AM
Australia Day is on January 26 and commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson, now part of Sydney, in 1788. Is Australia Day a Public Holiday? ... Australian citizenship ceremonies are often held on Australia Day.
26/Jan/20 5:58 AM
Have a good day, all!
26/Jan/20 5:59 AM
Beautiful flowers for today's celebration 'Happy Australia Day' to all Aussies😊👍🎈
26/Jan/20 6:10 AM
Happy Australia Day to all Aussies far and near .🇦🇺
26/Jan/20 6:13 AM
Happy Australia Day to all Aussies! Beautiful flowers today to celebrate the occasion.
26/Jan/20 6:30 AM
Happy Australia Day to all Australians.
26/Jan/20 6:32 AM
Happy Australia Day!
26/Jan/20 7:11 AM
Joyce, There is a public holiday on Australia Day, and because it falls on a Sunday, the next day is a public holiday. No wonder Australia is called 'the Land of the Long Weekend'
26/Jan/20 7:26 AM
Happy Australia Day to all Aussie and Happy Invasion Day to all our Aboriginal Friends. We are getting better at being inclusive, but we still have a long way to go.
26/Jan/20 7:29 AM
Three more people have posted answers, Arachnid, Snowbird and Scout. Well done everyone.
26/Jan/20 7:38 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
26/Jan/20 8:22 AM
The site is not too busy today, if it wasn't for all the people offering their best wishes to the Aussies for one of our holidays the space would be almost blank.
26/Jan/20 10:08 AM
Canberra has cancelled its fireworks because of the dangerous weather, but Sydney is going ahead, so tune your TVs or other viewing devices into the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) to see the entertainment, the magnificent harbour and lots of people enjoying themselves.
26/Jan/20 10:12 AM
Here we are at number 33, and it seems appropriate that our beloved prime minister should shout everyone to an Australia Day Drink. In the early days it would have been rum, today it would more likely be beer, probably VB or Tooheys. Drink up, he can afford it.
26/Jan/20 10:17 AM
Happy Australia Day!
26/Jan/20 11:04 AM
Good maeN
Came in for a nightcap and see it’s a holiday!
26/Jan/20 2:48 PM
Guzman and Gomez Mexican kitchen opened up in my hometown of Naperville Illinois. It’s an Australian-based restaurant and the only one in the USA. Our world became just a little bit smaller today
26/Jan/20 2:52 PM
Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Time to have a beer with Wombat.

26/Jan/20 3:30 PM
Nice!!! bottle brush type of flower ...really Australian for this Australian day! Happy Auzzy day!
26/Jan/20 3:51 PM
Thanks, Wombat - I checked ABC & saw large crowded beaches; an Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony; 29 new citizens being feted, but no fireworks were being highlighted - a marvelous day for an Australian Holiday!
26/Jan/20 4:25 PM
Bottom of the page but I won't waste it by just saying that. Joyce there are two big fireworks displays on New Years Eve, one at about 8 o'clock for the kiddies and one at midnight, which is the more spectacular, but I'm not sure when they set them off on Australia Day. They aren't continuous.
26/Jan/20 6:40 PM
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