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Easy Sudoku for 27/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Apr/16 12:00 AM
Hello HalT!
Not sunny. Rain is bringing lots of green!
So, we are shopping for appliances for our upcoming kitchen renovation today. Choices are mind boggling!
27/Apr/16 12:23 AM
27/Apr/16 12:23 AM
Hal, and all to follow!
27/Apr/16 12:27 AM
....and Shiela, and Keith.....
27/Apr/16 12:27 AM
Well, it's my poozle day. Surprise! We're going to do a little math thingy!

As my birthday approaches I start to collect leaves - a little bizarre perhaps, but I enjoy it. Don’t judge me.
On the first day of the month I collect 1 leaf, on the second day I collect 2 leaves, the third More...
27/Apr/16 12:29 AM
Good morning, everyone.
Shiela, good luck with the reno. (If you need any tips, I've been through the whole kitchen redo--so much to think about!)
27/Apr/16 12:33 AM
I need to get busy pricing items for a yard sale a club I belong to is holding on Saturday. Hopefully, we'll make lots of $$$ for local charities. We do this twice a year. It's a good way to clean out unused/unwanted stuff in the house. Strangely, I always seem to have plenty to donate.
27/Apr/16 12:37 AM
We have recently done the kitchen reno thing, too. As far as appliances go, we usually do ''middle of the road''. Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest, either. I spent a great deal of time reading reviews so I had some idea of what brands had the higher ratings. Of course, it depends on what ''bells and whistles'' you want on an appliance.
Good luck, Shiela!

27/Apr/16 12:46 AM
Please don't donate hubby, Kathy ...

27/Apr/16 1:08 AM
He's ''busy'' outside. Out of the way of the flying price stickers.
27/Apr/16 1:22 AM
Happy Tuesday!
27/Apr/16 1:23 AM
27/Apr/16 2:06 AM
Town day, today

Down Side: 70 mile drive.

Bright Side: It doesn't take any longer, time wise, than a 5 mile trip in a large city.
27/Apr/16 2:13 AM
Good morning.
27/Apr/16 2:42 AM
That's what I say, DorA, when folks complain that everything in Canberra is so far away.
27/Apr/16 2:44 AM
Though, in some respects, I'd love to do a kitchen reno, the thought og the noise, the mess and then the choosing of fittings and appliances and colours and .... puts me right off.
27/Apr/16 2:48 AM
Kathy's poozle is running through my head.
27/Apr/16 2:51 AM
I'm sure there's an easy way to answer it....
27/Apr/16 2:52 AM
Is this a good time?
27/Apr/16 3:09 AM
27/Apr/16 3:10 AM
27/Apr/16 3:10 AM
27/Apr/16 3:10 AM
Too late.
27/Apr/16 3:10 AM
I refrained after my last burst of posts.
27/Apr/16 3:11 AM
Then I came back for a look.
27/Apr/16 3:12 AM
And saw a challenge.
27/Apr/16 3:12 AM
& when I first got here, it took me a while since I wasn't signed in. I haven't had trouble with that for a long time, but did today, and it took several tries before it accepted my password.
27/Apr/16 3:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! Quite the play ground for those boys.
27/Apr/16 3:47 AM
Shiela, have fun renovating. I did that a few years ago and was very happy with the results.
27/Apr/16 3:48 AM
Kathy, hope you raise lots of $$ with the sale!
27/Apr/16 3:49 AM
Great morning to all ...keep hopping Keith and don't let CP, Shosho or anyone else intimidate you ...lol
Have a good time all...
27/Apr/16 3:55 AM
Morning all, we head off on our trip to Western Aust today. If I go missing for a day here and there it will because there is no mobile or Internet signal.
27/Apr/16 4:15 AM
people of Sudokuland!
27/Apr/16 5:27 AM
Sheila, have fun with your renovation! I've done that a few times...the latest one was more of a re-decorating than a renovation. That was more fun than the kitchen renovation we did a dozen or so years ago. we did all the work ourselves, at ALL hours of the day and night, in between reading chapters of Harry Potter to the boys! Love that Harry Potter!
27/Apr/16 5:32 AM
Must say, doing one room is a lot easier than a whole house renovation. I've had customers doing those. The number of decisions they need to make...mind boggling! Had on couple in the store for 3 hours one day just picking glass doors, screens, tools and log holders for their 6 More...
27/Apr/16 5:39 AM
DorA...wow 70 miles to town! That's one heck of a ride! Hope it's at least scenic!
27/Apr/16 5:42 AM
1:46. That's one of my photos, taken around nine years ago.
27/Apr/16 6:07 AM
Just before I head out on my run (in an apparent temp of 0) I may as well...
27/Apr/16 6:08 AM
...turn the page.
27/Apr/16 6:09 AM
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