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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Apr/16 12:00 AM
G'day all.
26/Apr/16 12:00 AM
Happy little lad.
26/Apr/16 12:01 AM
every night I hope that the picture will be my granddaughter, Imogen. Hopefully you'll all see her before she's much older... *hoping*
26/Apr/16 12:11 AM
Good morning Glenn, Hal, & Chayote as well as those who arrive later - have a good day!
26/Apr/16 1:11 AM
Someone should have told me to wear gloves for my morning walk--it's cold out there!
Enjoy your day, everyone, and keep smiling.
26/Apr/16 1:18 AM
good mAEn, good people.
26/Apr/16 2:10 AM
Whoops the E should have been lower case. It's just after noon here.
26/Apr/16 2:11 AM
I had a robotics club planning meeting this morning. So much to do!
26/Apr/16 2:11 AM
That is a great smile.
26/Apr/16 2:16 AM
Noice to see Glen posting. He even grabbed FPOD. ONYA, Glen...
26/Apr/16 2:19 AM
Oops - Sorry Glenn
26/Apr/16 2:20 AM
After an ice breaker to introduce (and laugh at) the teen leaders we'll have stations to introduce a variety of robotics hands on since we have a spread of ages and backgrounds. We'll work with echo bot toothbrush heads, building simple circuits and planning projects that use them, ROV operation and learning-how soldering stations.
26/Apr/16 2:20 AM
Good morning.
26/Apr/16 2:31 AM
That almost sounds like a foreign language to me, Plum.
26/Apr/16 2:31 AM
It's dark here, and cool. I'll tell you what the weather's like later.
26/Apr/16 2:33 AM
Wonderful, beaming smile on the little guy in the photo.
26/Apr/16 2:34 AM
The last few days have been delightful, cool mornings, bright sunny days of about 22^C.
26/Apr/16 2:34 AM
Off now to check emails. Cya.
26/Apr/16 2:35 AM
It was beautiful spring weather this past weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Zoo is also a botanical garden and had thousands of tulips blooming plus many flowering trees and shrubs. I was in tulip heaven. It's my favorite flower.
26/Apr/16 2:35 AM
There were even rose bushes in bloom in a planting outside a grocery store at which I used to shop when I lived down there. It got me wondering ... I live so far north why?
26/Apr/16 2:38 AM
Roses blooming in April down there and up here the trees aren't yet leafed out. Oh, well. I'm enjoying breathing outside air indoors and not running the wood stove during the day and the tulips I did plant which are now in bloom.
26/Apr/16 2:40 AM
I'm surprised no one stomped on 22. I was writing wordy posts to give people * coughKEITHcough* time to jump in.
26/Apr/16 2:44 AM
I could use a nap. There was some sort of event in Cincinnati because even a few months ago rooms were scarce. We got one of the last few inexpensive rooms in a well-rated facility, but our only option was a motel room with two small beds for 4 adult sized people.

Skye brought a, believe More...
26/Apr/16 3:01 AM
That beautiful child shows he's been getting his vitamins. Those parents who think a well balanced diet is enough are just wrong and are giving their child a lifetime of being a short skinny whimp.
26/Apr/16 3:50 AM
Happy Monday just after noon!
26/Apr/16 5:01 AM
Lovely photo indeed! Beautiful child and happy smile
26/Apr/16 5:50 AM
To Great ANZAC memorable day yesterday.
Lest we forget,
Peter for your thought provoking quote forever remember!
26/Apr/16 6:02 AM
Morning all, a happy smile to start the day.
We have had a worrying time the last couple of days, my sister's 3 week old granddaughter is in hospital with breathing problems. Hopefully they will get the results of tests today.
26/Apr/16 6:25 AM
Very slow day here.
26/Apr/16 7:01 AM
I posted the above post weeks ago.
26/Apr/16 7:04 AM
Kind of apt though.
26/Apr/16 7:05 AM
Ba Muoi Ba. (Or 33 in English.)
26/Apr/16 9:11 AM
I'll drink to that, Hal.
26/Apr/16 9:41 AM
26/Apr/16 9:41 AM
Today I taught my students how we could make a liquid into a solid! In other words, we made ice cream!
26/Apr/16 9:42 AM
You know the wimps were complaining that it was COLD!!! I told 'em - Shake on, shake on, shake on!!!
26/Apr/16 9:43 AM
Didn't hear any complaints when they were eating the fruits of their labor!
26/Apr/16 9:43 AM
Ooooh must hurry us along . . .
26/Apr/16 9:44 AM
26/Apr/16 9:44 AM
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