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Easy Sudoku for 25/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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25/Apr/16 12:00 AM
No, I already did that. But I'll settle for first.
25/Apr/16 12:02 AM
You didnt need to rush Hal
25/Apr/16 12:30 AM

I didnt know Mamacita, but judging by the comments made by others she will be very much missed. We need more people in the world like her.
25/Apr/16 1:13 AM
Today is Anzac day...a day that goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day on which we remember all Australians & New Zealanders who served and died in war and on operational service. Lest We Forget
25/Apr/16 1:17 AM
Wasn't 5 Vici's #?
25/Apr/16 1:17 AM
In 2009, I was with a sunrise tour of Uluru on Anzac Day. Memorable.
25/Apr/16 1:20 AM
For Shosho.
25/Apr/16 1:20 AM
Lest we forget...
25/Apr/16 1:40 AM
25/Apr/16 2:13 AM
Thank you, Keith! Here's flying your way!!!
25/Apr/16 2:14 AM
Yes, Lizzy, Mamacita was the gentle soul who could make us smile and feel good about ourselves. Even in person she could get you to giggle and feel young again. Of course a couple of glasses of wine and yay! You know I don't think not once did she show any anger but a lot of forgiveness.
25/Apr/16 2:17 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
25/Apr/16 2:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hope all is well in your lives.
25/Apr/16 2:19 AM
Anzac Day Lest we forget:

25/Apr/16 2:20 AM
Yes a calm reflective Anzac Day to all my awesome (sorry about that Fiona) Aussie friends. Can't say Happy Anzac Day because it's a day to remember all those we lost who made the ultimate sacrifice. So I'll say a Good Remembrance for Anzac Day to you. A call to remember and do right for world peace.
25/Apr/16 2:21 AM
Good morning.
25/Apr/16 2:41 AM
Not going to the Dawn Service this year. If I was going I would be starting to get ready now,
25/Apr/16 2:43 AM
Last year's Dawn Service was memorable for the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli,
25/Apr/16 2:45 AM
Will probably go to the march later on today.
25/Apr/16 2:45 AM
And maybe to lunch with Mr P's dad's unit.
25/Apr/16 2:46 AM
25/Apr/16 2:47 AM
''At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.''
25/Apr/16 2:50 AM
Pardon me, the real quote is 'At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.'
25/Apr/16 2:56 AM
Lest we forget.
25/Apr/16 2:57 AM
Double CP, and off.
25/Apr/16 3:00 AM
25/Apr/16 3:32 AM
Anzac day, to be remembered and celebrated today.
25/Apr/16 4:13 AM
'We will remember them'
25/Apr/16 5:41 AM
Lest we forget !
25/Apr/16 6:06 AM
I'm just back from the Dawn Service at the Australian War Memorial - a very moving service.

Lest we forget.
25/Apr/16 7:04 AM
...and 1:30 for the puzzle, but that's rather inconsequential.
25/Apr/16 7:06 AM
One thing we do all seem to be forgetting - the NZ in ANZAC. Hi to all our friends across the ditch.
25/Apr/16 7:13 AM
Thanks, Chris.
25/Apr/16 8:00 AM
And for all the sailors out there and my mates on 'Eternal Patrol'.


In ocean wastes no poppies blow,
No crosses stand in ordered row,
Their young hearts sleep... beneath the wave...
The spirited, the good, the brave,
But stars a constant vigil keep,
For More...
25/Apr/16 8:35 AM
Well, well, well, (now that's a deep subject), look at the posts numbers.
25/Apr/16 8:44 AM
shall I saunter along pulling us to the next page.
25/Apr/16 8:45 AM
I think I will . . .
25/Apr/16 8:46 AM
Hmmm, wonder if Karen or HalT is around? I better hurry . . .
25/Apr/16 8:47 AM
25/Apr/16 8:47 AM
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