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Easy Sudoku for 27/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.

... .--. .- .-. -.- ... / --..-- / / ... . -. -.. / .-.. .- ..- -. -.-. .... / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / ..--.. / / ... . .- / ... -. .- .. .-.. / .. ... / .- ..-. .-. .- .. -.. / --- ..-. / - .... . / .--. . -. --. ..- .. -. / ..--.. / /

AHOY There Lady Sudoku

I wish to board your vessel. There have been some complaints ! It would appear that there is someone who has a vested interest in the Stateroom who has received Morse Coded reports that the room is being misused. We are here to investigate. Now - please step forward ..ummmmmmmm Mr Penguin - we have some questions for you!
Morning Chris. Morning all.
Another Cat!!
2:47 Good evening/morning everyone. What a funny looking man, he's got a rather strange face!!
1:53 this morning. On to medium and hard then off to bed.
2:12 Got Cream?? Maen
Good Tuesday Maen, all!

Is the Lady Sudoku still cruising?
Good Maen to all. Cute Kitten.
2:25 Shows the importance of getting enough calcium during the formative years. Very cute!
good Maen. haven't played in a real long time. got stuck a couple times, but alas...5:16
..-. ..-
Come one, come all to taste my fare
There's a plethora of rich food everywhere
My form is melting, this is true
but I'll keep watch for the guests and crew

Proscuitto wrapped melon!
Endive with bleu cheese!
And those are just appy's
I aim to please

Come savor the More...
Had a good time going,But forgot to start the clock. Must still be sleeping.
Good Morning everyone.
good Maen everyone
it looks as if he/she has the man in her power
The links for help for solving cryptic crosswords are useful.Thanks
a little late for y2k but funny

TO: My Boss
FROM: Blond Seceratary
SUBJECT: Changing Calendars For Y2K

I hope that I haven't misunderstood your instructions because, to be honest, none of this Y to K problem made much sense to me. At any rate, I have finished the conversion of More...
2:31 Meow... eyes opened for the first time?
Clean my face, Please.
Do I see a cat? No, it's just a kitten! When is the cruise over?
Burley CoastGuard
Please tell me sir
Did you bring Queen C with you?
As my time is up and I must go
The State Room belongs to her you should know.
All bolly and ohalate has be replaced
Nothing is out of its place
I bid the State room a sweet tender goodbye
The Chippendales have found me my room
The exotic suite is the place I’m bound
Shouldn't the secretary have signed the memo

Kour lokal secretark ??

Inefficient people... :rolleyes: :o)
Good morning. Beautiful day to enjoy.
Why is the sea snail afraid of the penguin??
3:55 So slow today. Hi to all - What a sweet kitten!

Thought for the Day:

Consider the tea pot.
It's up to it's neck in hot water
yet it keeps on singing!
News Flash:

Kitten drowning in cream: Saved!

Film at 11.

Consider the tea cup: does it really matter what it looks like? How pretty, expensive, fancy, old, battered, or out of date it is?

What really matters is the tea it holds.
Is that cream or shaving cream?
KAT from south-left of nowhere
I'd be lost without my pot of tea every morning (except if I sleep in and have to have a horrible teabag, just isn't the same)
A refreshing dip in the cold blue sea
Washed that poo right off of me.
Cherry Pie you must be eaten
For giving me such a long beatin'.

Sweet Mademoiselle La Rue
Stottish scrawberries for you?
That muscle you felt
That made your heart melt
Was not what it seemed
Do you need that spelt?
gawd hugh plez just sink the bloody boat
2:57, and that boy is too young to start shaving!
Anne From Albany W Australia

I agree, but I usually drink coffe in the am. and save my tea for evening relaxation time. What tea is your favorite? Oolong, or what's that English breakfast tea? I also fancy herbals.
Exotic Diamond, I am here, find me if you can!

Good Maen all cruisers
Kat - I usually drink Dilmah or sometimes Nerada when at home. I drink the odd cup of coffee during the day.
Good Maen to everyone!
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