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Easy Sudoku for 26/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all, from New Jersey
1:55 Maen
1:50 Looking for Mickey...
Disney Land/World? Nice picture.
Good Maen - nice to be back and on the first page!!
2:40 Good evening all.
So, who's the King of the Castle?
Is it today? This kitty took me 4:51, but I might have been the last for yesterday. If I'm the first for today, it doesn't matter does it? The picture is different today?
Eh, well....
Howv many of us have a similar picture?

Altho this guy doesn't look too happy to be in the Magic Kingdom.
Mr penguin, no need to hide your stash with glee,
from the stateroom you must flee
for this room is invitation only
and I am not getting lonely
This stateroom I have till Col gets back
Out from under the bed so make a track

Be on you your way
Do not fray
As batman will be near
While Robin holds the Beer.
2:37 Have a great day/night, everyone.
A diamond necklace around my neck
Exotic of course - the very best
Aah this bed is so comfy
Door's nailed shut and me inside
Tee hee hee oh what a ride.
And good morning from Toronto! It's sunny -- finally! I really enjoyed the Gordon Lightfoot etc discussion yesterday. CanuckGREG: remember Ian and Sylvia? The Irish Rovers? Both performed at Glendon campus (York U) in my graduating year (1966-67). Newly arrived to this country, Ian & Sylvia were my More...
2:34 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

They're sure housework won't kill you...but why take the risk??
See that? This one's a dude at Disneyworld. And it took me 3:58. I must have entered a time warp. I started my first puzzle 'yesterday', at 10:02 am Eastern US Time, finished it 'today' and got yesterday's picture. Then did today's puzzle and got today's picture and got caught up, whew, that More...
I have spies who radio me and tell me what's going on you know - I chose my 'Mystery Guest' with care!

Col what's happened to your bed
there is a penguin there instead
what to do, what to think?
I guess I need another drink!
1:43 - We have such a strong folk scene now, too - James Keelaghan, Stephen Fearing, Dave Hadfield, Sara Harmer - all world class and uniquely canadian.
The cat in the end was frightening me
ANDRE, love today's TFD! Having said that, I better get offline now and go do some. It could be fatal not to. The TFD doesn't say anything about BEING killed! If the inspectors come, they might send the SqueakyCleanSquad mob after me!
GannieMo - you and Steve do not make a very easy jigsaw puzzle. Actually you're on 'hard'.
Mr Mark Chippendale dear
Can you please come here
Someone has left their tuxedo on my bed
Be a Pet and toss it overboard.

SPLASH------------ PLONK!
good Maen everyone
next time i'll leave the kids at home christy.
A blonde went to a flight school insisting she wanted to learn to fly.

As all the planes were currently in use, the owner agreed to instruct her by radio on how to pilot the solo helicopter.

He took her out, showed her how to start it and gave her the basics, and sent her on her More...
The moral police is here to see
A proper ship there will be
A penguin on a bed – no no
He really will have to go
Spin the bottle with ten tops
In the recycling bin it will hop
People climbing up the mast
Better get down here real fast
Chippendales here and there
Please More...
maEn all
Just a little bit of Disney
Boo Hoo, I missed the boat. Had to pull over at Nimmitabel and have a pie, and then I just closed my eyes for a little while - By the time I got to Eden, the Lady Sudoku was well away.
S'pose it's just as well really, the boss wouldn't have appreciated me calling in for a ''sickie''. So here I am, at work, while you all play, sounds like lots of fun going on.
BUT ...I've got the can of WD40, and it's already been in use tonight!
Had to cut and paste those last two posts from yesterday - I missed the boat so badly I was still posting on page 8 after the day had changed.
Good Monday Maen, all!

exotic daimond was out for a few hours had to pick up my daughter from school and couldn't find my keys because my husband took them by accident as he went to work but is that offer still on for the private jet from belgium lol i shall come as a nice ice queen of narnia lol :)
(bet you are already in bed) actually could i have the private jet free for my b day lol
Shame, who has upset this 'happy chappy''
which disney land 6:10 got distracted and didn't pause
I havent traveled that much but someone tell what building thats behind that fellow?
the castle from the cinderella motion picture movie by walt disney
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