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Easy Sudoku for 25/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good maEn!
To all
A great Maen - a safe cruise
and loads of
Good Maen to everyone. Happy here, Michigan won.
2:57 good evening/morning everyone.
that photo makes a nice change, an elephant!!
Anne-lol! I actually got excited to do the puzzle...and then the pic showed up. Does anyone actually claim these pets?
Good morning to all. Just a quick post as I'll do all the puzzles tonight.

IF you are not watching the Ryder Cup live, you are missing some of the greatest golf I have ever seen! Eurpoe well on its way to a win, but just icredible shots being made by everyone!
RAMADAN KAREEM to all Muslim Sudoku friends! It's nearly time for Iftar here...just minutes to go!
The official weekend in this country changed at the beginning of September. Our weekend used to be Thursday and Friday; now it's Friday and Saturday. Friday is still the day of rest, so now More...
2:30 nice cat
that's Europe and incredible. Was distracted by Paul Casey winning another for Europe. Cheers to all!
good Maen everyone

it looks to be smiling.
my trip is booked for the lady sudoku they said i could catch a later trip it isnt stopping in ny till later today be at ny harbor i have a lobby spot next to the casino.

Good Maen, everybody!
A blonde, a brunette, and a red-head where driving down the road, when a cop starts to chase them.

They rush off and crash into the side of a barn, they immediately jump out of the car and hide under potatoe sacks.

The cop runs in after them, and the first potatoe sack he comes to More...
To From
NO they DO NOT bat for the other team! - at least not on the Lady Sudoku! - and we're all size 8's and there's an endless supply of hocolate and bolly - (ssshh I don't think we're actually living in a world of reality here so - let's just not mention it again - OK?)
Scary cat.
Canuk Greg - I don't have television but am getting commentary online plus a friend is taping it for me to see later. What golf it really is fantastic. David Howell just took Europe to 13 USA 8
Europe have won the Ryder Cup
For the third time running
15 to 8 so far
Just going to break out the champagne
Congradulations to the European team on winning the Ryder Cup.
Europe gives the USA a good butt kicking.
Beautiful cat luv the eyes and the smile
Maen. What time do you think you'll get to me? I finish work at 7.30 am, can be at Eden by 8. I'll need that hammock pretty darn quick, I'll just have a little nana nap while you get yourselves sorted out and then I'll be ready for the bolly, and the Chippendales.
2:37. A great win to the Aussies of West India in the cricket!
It's nice to see what teamwork and passion for your mission can do. Believing in youself is a beautiful thing. Good on you Darren Clarke.
3:12 Hi to all. Happy cruising!

Thought of the Day:

We may not remember days
but we do remember moments!
As someones have already said, Europe won the Ryder Cup. It's odd,I don't really care about these sports events, yet when 'WE' win I get all excited. Can anyone explain that to me?
Good mAen to everyone. What green eyes.
Its lady ice with a little spice to announce this trip for you,
On the sudoku lady we are bound for pastures new
The theme is ice as you may see so choose your costume well
For we are cruising to the amazon and heat is bound to tell
Costumed ladies, gentlemen come now one and More...
CORKY: I do hope you were there! Europe rules! My heart out and hat off to Darren Clarke! Less then 6 weeks since he lost his wife to cancer, hasn't played in 3 months, and did he lead the Europeans with his heart and courage or not? Cheers to all the players, US and European, but how can you top More...
I just want to know - Who is issuing the rum?
Yeah, Paul Caseys hole in one was really something to marvel about. A lovely competion.
I'll twirl and twirl and show my hand as cold as it maybe
my smooth sleek plains a shimmer watching over thee
the artic breath will cool you down and breathe on you i will
the chocolate cooled to temps so low your sure to feel a thrill
I'll sip bolly from glasses leaving trails of More...
Congratulations to Scott Verplank, first ever american hole in one at a Ryder Cup
Ed - What is the name of the song by Gordon Lightfoot about a ship sinking in the Great lakes???
The Edmund Fitzgerald
Sorry, HUGH ... I rushed and didn't notice that the post was directed to Ed.

But they don't have any rum either ...
Judy - In answer to your query yesterday, yes, I'm an ex pusser...

Thanks yes that's it the Edmund Fitzgerald - one of my favourites.
And a lovely cat to top the victory...
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