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Easy Sudoku for 28/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
28/Nov/18 12:00 AM
2:04. 'Morning, Wolf, and to all who follow..
28/Nov/18 12:26 AM
I love Canadian news! Just catching up on the news from home. It seems an otter has been stealing koi from the pond in the Sun Yat-sen Gardens. Everyone is dividing into the pro-otter or pro-koi group. The latter are now calling the whole affair Grand Theft Otter,
28/Nov/18 12:31 AM
Been there, seen that, impressed in 1988!
28/Nov/18 1:10 AM
No crossword puzzle again. I miss them.
28/Nov/18 1:11 AM
Overcast and below freezing temps.
Hope you have a warm, sunny day!
28/Nov/18 1:22 AM
Love your Koi story, tom!
28/Nov/18 1:30 AM
(For Shosho!)
28/Nov/18 1:31 AM
28/Nov/18 1:43 AM
28/Nov/18 2:11 AM
28/Nov/18 2:51 AM
28/Nov/18 4:50 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
28/Nov/18 4:51 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
28/Nov/18 4:52 AM
Thanks for the very interesting photo Garth. I would love to go there and see that temple in person.
28/Nov/18 5:24 AM
all. Sometimes the news from home isn't all bad, Tom. Love the name of the affair! 🇨🇦 🇨🇦
28/Nov/18 5:27 AM
Morning all, heavy rain expected today but none at the moment.
28/Nov/18 6:09 AM
28/Nov/18 6:14 AM
Very interesting photo today. I'd love to visit sometime.
28/Nov/18 6:37 AM
My time.
28/Nov/18 7:01 AM
28/Nov/18 7:02 AM
28/Nov/18 7:02 AM
Whew - good timing for me, too; not interrupting anyone's fav # or a CP-run - we're having our first Winter Weather Advisory alert!
28/Nov/18 8:44 AM
I'm guessing that the city feels it's also Good Timing, because of the arrival of a dual frost, big leaf drop followed by a lake-effect snow event, we're guessing leaf pick-up has been canceled for this year … three inches of sloppy wet leaf coverage the length of our street along with leaf piles along the curbside. Not an attractive look!
28/Nov/18 8:48 AM
I should make you all aware that as if COPD isn't enough, I've been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. In the next couple of months, I'll be going through hormone and radiation treatments. I expect to come out the other side cancer free, which is usually the case with Prostate cancer when caught early, but I'm not looking forward to the treatments.
28/Nov/18 10:03 AM
Sorry to hear that you have been struck by prostate cancer, but glad that it has been detected early. After a radical prostatectomy which was followed by rising PSA I had both hormone and radiation therapy (the medical staff referred to it as the trifecta). The good news is that I didn't find More...
28/Nov/18 10:19 AM
Keith, sorry to hear your news and wish you the best and fast recovery
28/Nov/18 11:46 AM
My father and my brother's father-in-law both went through hormone and radiation treatment at the same time, though at different hospitals. Both of them went on to live healthy lives into very old age. I wish you the same!
28/Nov/18 12:55 PM
I too wish you success with the procedure, Keith!
My dentist, whose son was deep into cancer research, believed that every one would eventually (if he/she lived long enough) contract cancer; that it is inevitable!

Thankfully there is amazing progress in the medical field of researching cancer cures!
28/Nov/18 1:33 PM
I also went with the prostatectomy, Keith. That was 20 years ago (back when I was a kid). Best of luck on whatever you choose.
28/Nov/18 1:50 PM
1:39 Good afternoon one and all.

So sorry to hear of your news, Keith. I hope your treatment gets you through it all successfully.
28/Nov/18 7:05 PM
1:22. Good evening everyone.
28/Nov/18 7:26 PM
Aww look, Beer o clock. I'll have a pint of Red Barrel. Oh, and one for yersel, barman!
28/Nov/18 8:10 PM
Stay strong, Keith and you'll beat this. We're all with you. Best of luck, mate!

28/Nov/18 8:27 PM
Good Luck Keith - stay strong and positive and you will win
28/Nov/18 9:05 PM
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