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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Nov/18 12:00 AM
Goodness I have never been Top of the Page!
27/Nov/18 12:01 AM
2:21. Hi Meg! Good Morning, all!
27/Nov/18 12:43 AM
Morning Meg and Tom.
27/Nov/18 1:26 AM
27/Nov/18 2:00 AM
Everybody!! Congrats on first Meg!
27/Nov/18 2:35 AM
2:03 Nice pic
27/Nov/18 2:52 AM
Thanks for the info on Romaine, Joyce. I feel sorry for the growers in California and Arizona who are taking a loss through, what seems to be, no fault of their own. I guess cattle and Romaine don't mix. It's interesting that hardier lettuces aren't affected. I hope they are able to eventually figure out a solution.
27/Nov/18 3:19 AM
27/Nov/18 3:36 AM
Another lovely photo by Wendy!
27/Nov/18 4:44 AM
I miss the crossword puzzle
27/Nov/18 5:19 AM
Beautiful, cloudy day, photo! Wendy.
27/Nov/18 5:32 AM
1:56, I really should try waking up before I do the Sudokus! Good morning everyone.
27/Nov/18 5:39 AM
Morning all, even cloudy days are nice in the Whitsundays area.
27/Nov/18 6:23 AM
27/Nov/18 6:26 AM
27/Nov/18 6:43 AM
Rage and Amelia are up early. Something goin' on on the Mainland they haven't told us about?
27/Nov/18 7:58 AM
It is certainly slow this morning. I suppose everyone is busy completing the last of the last 3&4 poozle. You have until 3pm site time to get it in.
27/Nov/18 9:35 AM
2:02 Good morning one and all!
27/Nov/18 10:36 AM
Ha, wouldn't you like to know Peter.

I was up earlier to do Wombat's poozle, still haven't gotten around to it.
27/Nov/18 11:39 AM
My internet was down for a while, don't know why.

But it's back up again and justin time too......
27/Nov/18 12:55 PM
Oh Keith....look at me, look at me!

Te hee!
27/Nov/18 12:55 PM
Be careful, Rage, we could cut the anchor rope and you'll drift away......
27/Nov/18 12:57 PM
If I amble around here long enough I could get a CP.
27/Nov/18 12:59 PM
Well, there you go....a CP.

27/Nov/18 1:00 PM
and there's Peter bounding along to get his CP and a drink to quench his thirst!!! More...
27/Nov/18 1:18 PM
I went to the grocery store tonight to buy some lettuce other than romaine, but they'd taken ALL the lettuce away: bagged lettuce, whole heads of lettuce, all of it. And they gave me my money back for the lettuce I bought the day before the warning came out.
27/Nov/18 1:45 PM

Back again a few hours late. Numbers down a bit this week, with a total of eight, five from the US and three from Australia.. Six females and two males. I don't know what that proves, but my feeling is that the women have greater staying power. Those who posted are More...
27/Nov/18 5:24 PM
A fleeting visit but then I had to look up Romaine lettuce - its called Cos lettuce in Australia. Hope everyone is keeping well and continuing to enjoy this wonderful site
27/Nov/18 6:38 PM
You be careful Peter, we might drift down and join up with you. We could then cut down all your forests, pollute your water and build high rise apartments in your rugged wilderness areas.
27/Nov/18 11:35 PM
And thank you Arachnid, likewise to you
27/Nov/18 11:37 PM
Well lookie here...
27/Nov/18 11:38 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it ribbing a friend
Matter of fact I got it now...
An ice cold VB ahhh
27/Nov/18 11:40 PM
And a CP to boot goodnight
27/Nov/18 11:41 PM
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