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Easy Sudoku for 28/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
28/Nov/19 12:00 AM
28/Nov/19 12:28 AM
1:49. Hi Wolf, Anne, Fatima and everyone!
28/Nov/19 12:38 AM
'Morning, Wolf! Night-night, Anne! Hello everyone!
Overcast with lots of wind predicted.
Hope your day is better!
28/Nov/19 12:42 AM
Hello tom, you sneaked in while I was typing!
28/Nov/19 12:42 AM
Wind here means power outages. The power company has not been maintaining the lines and every time the wind blows, the power goes off. We have been trying to get a gas whole-house generator installed for over two months now. Unfortunately the hold up is that we're waiting on a new gas More...
28/Nov/19 12:52 AM
Hallelujah! The Jedi of Jokers, Mr Cee seems to have scraped the bottom of his barrel for the last time. 3 days...nada.
28/Nov/19 1:15 AM

I'll step in, From Check out my page (strangest name, ever, by the way)

Whoever invented knock-knock jokes should get a no bell prize.
28/Nov/19 1:49 AM
Why did the can crusher quit his job?

It was soda pressing.
28/Nov/19 1:50 AM
What do you call an obese psychic?

A four-chin teller
28/Nov/19 1:52 AM
Yesterday a clown held a door open for me.

It was a nice jester.
28/Nov/19 1:53 AM
The oceanographer explained, ''When coral gets stressed, it dies''.

I asked, ''What does coral have to get stressed about?''

He answered, ''Current events''.
28/Nov/19 1:56 AM
My work here is done.
28/Nov/19 1:59 AM
Everybody!! we finally had rain! Fire danger finally low.
28/Nov/19 2:18 AM
And done well, Batty.
28/Nov/19 2:19 AM
Such a cute calf!
28/Nov/19 2:40 AM
Shoulda called it RibEye or T-bone...
28/Nov/19 3:51 AM
Linda M
28/Nov/19 4:30 AM
Where is the 'Gallumpig Ghost' of the California coast?
28/Nov/19 4:31 AM
Managed to get a run in this morning~ Okay got sprinkled on 3-4 times. I've come home drippier during summer with sweat!
28/Nov/19 4:34 AM

I especially liked the coral one, Kathy!
28/Nov/19 4:47 AM
Cute little calf with flowers behind her ears!
28/Nov/19 6:01 AM
28/Nov/19 6:19 AM
Morning all, Fatima must be a hippy with flowers in her hair.
I'm sure Mr Cee will be back, most likely on a highway somewhere.
28/Nov/19 6:53 AM
28/Nov/19 6:55 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
28/Nov/19 7:17 AM
all from Lexington. Yes, again.
28/Nov/19 8:08 AM

Ahhh from..... I am never far away.
28/Nov/19 9:14 AM

I am buying my coffin from a company located in Ireland.
I wonder if they accept crypt o'currency?
28/Nov/19 9:28 AM

An American visiting Ireland walks in to a bar...
He says 'I've heard you Irish can drink, we'll see. Here's $500 that says no one here can drink 12 pints of Guinness, one after another and without a break.' He looks around the bar and there's no takers, in fact one guy shrugs and walks out More...
28/Nov/19 9:29 AM

A little Catholic boy and a little Protestant girl, both about four years old, were growing up in Northern Ireland...
Even though Catholics and Protestants didn’t generally get along with one another, the two played together often, not understanding More...
28/Nov/19 9:32 AM

Good ones Kathy.

And a CP too boot.

Cya all L8tr
28/Nov/19 9:34 AM

Wednesday 27th November.
Wombat – Gets his dates mixed up. Just don’t tell the wife about them.
Tyranids and Sarah – Consider their future in the puzzling business.

Thursday 28th November.
Shiela – Overcast and windy in More...
28/Nov/19 3:57 PM
I would not call it sucking up, but I do enjoy Kathy's jokes. Short, snappy and funny. Would that be a reasonable description of Phantom too?
28/Nov/19 5:50 PM
Wombat do you mean the Phantom who does not buy his round?
28/Nov/19 9:36 PM
I ate a clock today.

It was very time consuming
28/Nov/19 9:38 PM
A perfectionist walked out of the pub. Apparently the bar wasn't set high enough
28/Nov/19 9:40 PM
New game we can all do in the car with the grandies.

I spy with my little eye phone
28/Nov/19 9:41 PM
A pun a play on words and a limerick walk in to a bar

No joke
28/Nov/19 9:42 PM
Well that was a CP and now this will be BOTP
28/Nov/19 9:43 PM
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