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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
27/Nov/19 12:00 AM
2:28. Hello, Wolf, and everyone.
27/Nov/19 12:09 AM
2:25 That was a bit slow.
Good morning to you and Good night from me.
27/Nov/19 12:17 AM
Wolf, Tom, and all to follow!
'Night, Anne, sleep well!
27/Nov/19 1:20 AM
I would like to add my thanks to The Wombat Team for their efforts. The weekly poozles have been a source of joy for many of us. The amount of time Wombat, Tyranids, and Sarah have put in is very much appreciated. As someone who carried the poozle flag for quite awhile, I know how time consuming More...
27/Nov/19 1:31 AM
''Leaving on a jet plane''
27/Nov/19 1:36 AM
Everybody!! Sleep well Anne!
27/Nov/19 1:41 AM
27/Nov/19 2:58 AM
Thanks, Wombat and Team. You all have been GREAT!
27/Nov/19 3:03 AM
''Don't know when I'll be back again ...''

Folk music was AWESOME!
27/Nov/19 3:05 AM
Fiona'll get you for that, Judy!
27/Nov/19 4:18 AM
Nice flight photo
27/Nov/19 5:30 AM
27/Nov/19 6:19 AM
Morning all !
Many thanks to Wombat and team for the great poozles, I will miss them. Time to get back to relaxing, Wombat !
27/Nov/19 6:31 AM
I ain't a'skeered of Fiona! She might be younger and more fit than I, but she is a loooong way away!
27/Nov/19 6:41 AM
1:52, a little on the slow side again. Good morning everyone.
27/Nov/19 8:31 AM
2:20 Morning!
27/Nov/19 8:59 AM
everyone! Scout & I also want to add our thanks to the Wombat team. We have thoroughly enjoyed doing the puzzles every week, and will miss our Sundays working on the Poozles! I don't have a bouquet of posies in my repertoire, so that will have to do. THANK YOU!
27/Nov/19 10:24 AM
I hardly deserve any thanks, having joined Team Wombat only recently. Wombat fulfilled his role of weekly source of extra fun all on his own for a very long time, with Tyranids' gradually increasing participation. It is hard to come up with 26 interesting words, some with rather peculiar letter combinations, week after week.
27/Nov/19 2:03 PM
Aside from coming up with the words, all praise to Wombat for his ingenuity in puzzle design, in the first place.
27/Nov/19 2:03 PM
Hey, look, there is a new member from Nigeria! Now I wonder if there are any others... And another from Jakarta. Three continents in one new member notice.
27/Nov/19 2:07 PM
Yes, there are others from Nigeria. I guess I should have figured that there would be.
27/Nov/19 2:08 PM
Since there are now just a few Wombat puzzles left, I remind those who have yet to respond to the challenges to jump in now before the water is drained from the pool.
27/Nov/19 2:13 PM
Nice metaphor, Sarah!
27/Nov/19 2:19 PM
About those poozle, I still have electronic copies of all the puzzles posted from 5 May 2008.. Also you can always retrieve past puzzles from the archives. They were always posted on a Saturday I think. Those who haven't been solving the puzzles for long can find quite a few they haven't seen More...
27/Nov/19 2:40 PM

Tuesday 26th November.
And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth throughout the land at the news that Wombat’s puzzles will be no more.

Wednesday 27th November.
Anne – Slow as usual. Some things don’t change.
DevilOrAngel – Gets all More...
27/Nov/19 3:18 PM
Well spotted Phantom. It should have been 2018. When you get to my age time passes very quickly. I'm glad your departure from the blog is not imminent.
27/Nov/19 6:15 PM
All admiration for Wombat and his puzzle making skills. I have had a lovely time discovering new words. Hopefully Sarah will take up the reins and continue the joy for the many puzzle solvers.
27/Nov/19 8:47 PM
I'll keep editing if someone else writes them!
28/Nov/19 9:16 AM
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