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Easy Sudoku for 28/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone!
28/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Prayers this morning for those in Chilie suffering from a massive earthquake.
28/Feb/10 12:03 AM
everyone. It's still winter here.
28/Feb/10 12:08 AM
Magnificent shot of a spider web! Who took it?
28/Feb/10 12:09 AM
Nice day to all of you.
Wishing everyone wherever you are a very happy day.
28/Feb/10 12:10 AM
Yes, Eve. Add my prayers for the victims. There sure have been a lot of earthquakes recently. Must be if one area moves it causes others to re-settle?
28/Feb/10 12:11 AM
Wagdy, I bet you are getting excited about the new grandchild coming soon! Best wishes!
28/Feb/10 12:13 AM
A dusting of snow here this morning.
28/Feb/10 12:13 AM
Interesting B&W photo. Looks like a misty morning.
Good morning Shiela,Heidi, Eve, Wagdy and Lee.
28/Feb/10 12:18 AM
It's still winter here, too, Heidi!
I would propose we any more snow, but Cathy would not be happy!
28/Feb/10 12:21 AM
Good morning, June! Are you all unpacked and laundry put away?
28/Feb/10 12:22 AM

I hope the resulting tsunami(s) from the quake doesn't cause even more death and destruction. Our prayers are with those in need at this time.
28/Feb/10 12:46 AM
I was surprised to hear that there are tsunami warnings since the quake center was on land, not under the ocean. Maybe that doesn't apply when they get that big. I can't even imagine the damage from that magnitude with aftershocks of over 6. Been through enough of those for a life time.
28/Feb/10 1:03 AM
It's here!
Woke up to the sound of heavy rain! But it's down to a drizzle now. We needed that! I like the way King Arthur decreed that the rain should fall only during the night in Camelot!
28/Feb/10 1:57 AM
Eve - this earthquake happened at approximately the same place as the one in 1960 (which Jaime experienced). The 1960 quake also produced a devastating tsunami. Here's an article on the 1960 earthquake. http://www.drgeorgepc.com/Tsunami1960.html
We haven't heard from any of Jaime's relatives More...
28/Feb/10 2:06 AM
Good Maen all.
Jane - keeping fingers crossed for Jamie's family and prayers out to those who were victims of the earthquake.
Torrential rains here yesterday and last night...still raining, but not AS heavily. I'm thinking about building an ark!
28/Feb/10 2:24 AM
shosho, I had a 2 hour drive in that heavy rain yesterday. Challenging. Hoping for the best for those affected by the earthquake.
28/Feb/10 2:33 AM
Keith - don't forget to get back in time for 22!
28/Feb/10 2:44 AM
I'll send one so Keith can get closer.
28/Feb/10 2:49 AM
I'll help, too. It's up to you now, Keith.
28/Feb/10 2:50 AM
...don't tempt me.
28/Feb/10 2:50 AM
Shiela, Mostly unpacked and some laundry done. Time clock taking time to adjust. I should be in bed asleep. The head feels clearer now. After the long flights the head 'floats ' for a day or two! Getting older does not help!!!!
28/Feb/10 2:59 AM
Well Jane, I also was tempted, but June did it.
28/Feb/10 3:02 AM
Sorry Keith. Did not realise 22 was close. By the way I saw some great 'statues ' you could pose with! .
28/Feb/10 3:04 AM
Good Morning to everyone! That is quite the spider web!
28/Feb/10 3:18 AM
June - welcome home...can't wait to see pictures of your travels. Hope your head finds dry land soon! I remember the ground feeling all spongy when I arrived in Australia after the long flight. Very strange feeling.
28/Feb/10 3:20 AM
And here I was waiting patiently for Keith....
Oh, sorry. everyone!

It occurs to me Fiona might just be having a little trouble getting out of New York...all that snow, doncha' know.

The answer to the last More...
28/Feb/10 3:27 AM
Get those sluggish weekend brains working with this one!

Below are incomplete words. Replace the letters in each bracket so that you can complete the word on the left and begin the word on the right.

Ri ( _ _ _ ) satile
Al ( _ _ _ ) oury
Mo ( _ _ _ ) ergo
Unaw ( _ _ _ ) More...
28/Feb/10 3:36 AM
Well, we received more snow yesterday, sooooo hubby pulled out the bulldozer today to "push" that snow back farther. Our family will all be together this evening for dinner to remember Jeremiah's birthday. My chef is coming home to cook us ribs. I wish you could all be here to enjoy them with us! Have a great day/evening everyone!
28/Feb/10 3:49 AM
What a lovely way for you and your family to honor Jeremiah, Debby. The sadness is always there, but lessened when shared with loved ones.
28/Feb/10 4:37 AM
2:12 Hello to all. I don't mind the web but where is the monster that weaved it?

Thought for the Day:

Ash nazg durbatulúk,
ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatulûk
agh burzum-ishi krimpatul."
28/Feb/10 4:42 AM
Thinking of you Debby, I hope it goes well x
28/Feb/10 4:43 AM
Answers to your puzzle sent to your inbox, Kathy. Thanks for posting my favorite kind of puzzle! Now I must relinquish the computer to Jaime so he can continue to try to reach family and friends in Chile by e-mail. See you later.
28/Feb/10 5:08 AM
You'd like to rule us, find us, and bind us, André?
I hope Jaime learns all is well, Jane.
28/Feb/10 5:16 AM
I feel a tad guilty. One of the words in today's puzzle is not spelled in what some might think of as a 'traditional' way. (Although Jane figured it out!)
28/Feb/10 5:27 AM

Until recently, a hockey goaltender never wore a mask. By 1959, Jacques Plante, an NHL All-Star goalie, had accumulated a hairline fracture and 200 stitches. Flying pucks had broken his jaw, both his cheekbones, and his nose. Fibreglass Canada More...
28/Feb/10 5:31 AM
Kathy - we're pretty sure Jaime's brothers and friends are ok. Most are in Santiago, and one of his brothers lives on a ranch. Although the ranch is much closer to the epicenter than Santiago is, there are no tall buildings, so hopefully, the damage won't be so serious. I am just hoping and praying the injured are getting adequate care.
28/Feb/10 5:39 AM
Cleopatra was part Macedonian, part Greek, and part Iranian. She was not Egyptian.
28/Feb/10 6:07 AM
The "Brit-types" should have no trouble with #2, though, Kathy!
28/Feb/10 6:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! I somehow don't think that's an 'itsy bitsy spider' web.
28/Feb/10 6:27 AM
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