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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Mar/17 12:00 AM
28/Mar/17 12:00 AM
Good morning Keith. Hope the weather in your part of CA is just as you would like it to bo be. Cheers.
28/Mar/17 12:08 AM
28/Mar/17 12:40 AM
Wombat -- Could that possibly be 'NOT made well' instead?
28/Mar/17 1:10 AM
It's just starting to get light, Wombat, but promises to be a lovely day.
28/Mar/17 1:21 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'm on the upswing, but that upswing is making me dizzy. Literally. Might be the cold med, though I take very little of it. It's probably the pressure of fluid in my ears. Oh, well. Another good day to .
28/Mar/17 1:46 AM
lonewoof - I asked Wombat the same thing and NO, he didn't make a mistake with the clue. It's a good clue -> word combo. Keep trying.
28/Mar/17 1:48 AM
Incredible architecture. (Today's photo.)
28/Mar/17 1:56 AM
Lonewoof, As Plum said, the clue is okay. She had the correct letters, they just needed rearranging. You'll get it I'm sure.
28/Mar/17 1:59 AM
Not only incredible architecture, but consider the amazing talent, materials, and building techniques involved in constructing such intricacies...

Oh, and good morning all!
28/Mar/17 2:11 AM
28/Mar/17 2:51 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
28/Mar/17 2:52 AM
2:12 and on to the medium
28/Mar/17 2:54 AM
WOW! What a gorgeous building! The people who built it are extraordinary builders.
28/Mar/17 5:06 AM
Wombat -- Yes, got it!
28/Mar/17 5:53 AM
Morning all, amazing building.
Lonewoof you have me worried, better get started on Wombat's poozle.
28/Mar/17 7:29 AM
A moment of zen:
Black dot on the kitchen counter.
I tried to pick it up.
It flew away.
28/Mar/17 7:35 AM
Hmmm. Now I wonder if I sent the correct answers.
28/Mar/17 7:38 AM
I think I'll just saunter today...
28/Mar/17 9:24 AM
So sauntering along oblivious to all .....
28/Mar/17 9:25 AM
Well, Keith's twenty two.....I'll take it.
28/Mar/17 9:25 AM
Continue with the saunter........
28/Mar/17 9:26 AM
Kathy, I'm sure you did.
I play Scrabble and Words with Friends and the difference in what words are accepted, for instance the word Zen can be used in scrabble but not WWFs .
28/Mar/17 9:48 AM
Saunter? ... it's just not befitting ... just sayin'
28/Mar/17 11:05 AM
2:10 Good morning one and all!
28/Mar/17 11:27 AM

Lets all spare a thought for the folk in North
Queensland who are waiting for TC Debbie to cross the coast, bringing destructive winds of up to 270km/h and a 2m storm surge.
28/Mar/17 12:10 PM
I'm sending more than a thought - it has been on the radio all day today, so please, please evacuate as you've been advised & stay safe - sounds as if it is a most dangerous Tropical Cyclone Debbie - prayers be with you! The brunt of the storm is upon them as I write....
28/Mar/17 12:48 PM
270km/hr = 168 mph.  We had hurricane force winds a couple weeks ago, same as all our northern US Sudokuists did - Plum, Shiela, maybe even Dottie which resulted in several days of power outages; our record gust was reported as 95mph...certainly unheard of for around here; Cyclone Debbie is bringing winds nearly twice as powerful.... can't even imagine the destruction!!
28/Mar/17 12:57 PM
1:55, a bit slow on a different computer. Hi everyone.
28/Mar/17 1:12 PM
I was giving you a chance, Keith.
28/Mar/17 2:52 PM
Six hours at the hospital and the same today. I even have a bum bag with a chemo solution that will release over he next two days. I cannot drink or eat anything that is colder than room temperature. I went to get some chicken soup out of the freezer and it nearly froze the ends of my fingers. I dropped the container very quickly. I think I had better find my ski gloves.
28/Mar/17 3:37 PM
They are really putting you through the hoops June. Just as well the weather is cooling down so you won't crave cool drinks. I hope all this treatment is effective. Best wishes, Jim.
28/Mar/17 5:15 PM
Wishing you all the best, June. I'm sure it will work out well for you. Hang in there kiddo!
28/Mar/17 5:54 PM
What an ordeal, June. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Hugs to you, my friend.
28/Mar/17 9:11 PM
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