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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Off to class. Hi,
29/Mar/17 12:00 AM
29/Mar/17 12:00 AM
2:04 Good night one and all!
29/Mar/17 12:12 AM
For those of you who have wished my mother a happy birthday over the years, she passed away peacefully at home, in her sleep at age 101+ on March 20. It's amazing to think of all the changes and innovations she'd seen in her lifetime. Woodrow Wilson was president when she was born.
29/Mar/17 12:18 AM
Mom was in Hospice care only 4 days. She had gone out to eat at a restaurant only two weeks before her death. Not every 101 year old can say that. Mom never went in to a nursing home - except for 3 weeks after she broke her thigh last February and was able to stay in her own home thanks to my sister's wonderful care.
29/Mar/17 12:26 AM
She will be greatly missed.
29/Mar/17 12:27 AM
Love to you and your family, Shiela. What a grand old lady! The things she lived through and saw! XO
29/Mar/17 12:33 AM
Shiela, so sorry to hear of your Mothers passing. What a wonderful life she has led.
29/Mar/17 1:11 AM
Shiela, I am sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. What a remarkable woman she was. My sympathy to you and your family.
29/Mar/17 1:42 AM
How about some math today?

A monk has a very specific ritual for climbing up the steps to the temple. First he climbs up to the middle step and meditates for 1 minute. Then he climbs up 8 steps and faces east until he hears a bird singing. Then he walks down 12 steps and picks up a More...
29/Mar/17 1:45 AM
Sorry for your loss Shiela. My mom passed at age 99. Like yours, she was active to the very end. Full life. Can't asked for more.
29/Mar/17 1:46 AM
I was just sitting here thinking of all the changes that occurred in their lifetimes. It must be amazing to witness that.
You are right, Denny. Can't ask for more.
29/Mar/17 1:57 AM
Shosho found a bat photo and posted it for me on FB. I told her I wanted 10. One for each finger. I have shared it on my page.
29/Mar/17 2:02 AM
I'm hoping all in the path of the cyclone are safe.
Does anyone have news?
29/Mar/17 2:10 AM
Lonewoof, As Plum said, the clue is okay. She had the correct letters, they just needed rearranging. You'll get it I'm sure.
29/Mar/17 2:28 AM
The Ghost of Wombat Past is still haunting our poor Wombat.
29/Mar/17 2:32 AM
Shiela - sending you and your sister a huge hug.
29/Mar/17 2:34 AM
Kathy - Sacky posted this link on the FB page from abc.net.au, which has many more links to information on its home page.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-28/bom-warning-cyclone-debbie-hours-from-hitting-north-queens land/8391174?sf66141516=1&smid=Page:%20ABC%20News-Facebook_Organic&WT.tsrc=Facebook_Organic
29/Mar/17 3:13 AM
Thanks, Plum - I can't imagine winds as powerful as that!

29/Mar/17 3:46 AM
Kathy, those are mighty tiny infant bats... had no idea......
29/Mar/17 3:52 AM
Neither can I, Joyce. Although they can't imagine blizzards and polar vortices.

I'm so glad for courageous, well-trained emergency personnel(!) plus sturdy buildings, weather forecasting, safe storage of food and water, communications and other modern technologies that help to minimize loss of life and aid restoration of property.
29/Mar/17 3:55 AM
OK. 22.
29/Mar/17 3:56 AM
Shiela, How wonderful to see you back on the site... you've been missed!
29/Mar/17 3:57 AM
29/Mar/17 5:20 AM
Morning all, great close up of the Banksia Kate.
29/Mar/17 6:17 AM
Shiela, sorry to hear of your Mothers passing . Deepest sympathy to all the family .❤️
29/Mar/17 6:22 AM
My condolences, Sheila.
29/Mar/17 8:06 AM
Uh.. 'Sheila'.
29/Mar/17 8:09 AM
Oh well. I give up.
29/Mar/17 8:11 AM
29/Mar/17 8:31 AM
Sorry to hear of your loss, Shiela. may your mum rest in peace.
29/Mar/17 9:51 AM
Here are the answers to last Monday's poozle:
CURBED -.-.-.-.-.- LIMITED
CRUMBLES-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- More...
29/Mar/17 12:10 PM
1:39. Good afternoon everybody.
29/Mar/17 12:45 PM
Hi everyone

Shiela, sorry to hear of your Mothers passing. Deepest sympathy to you and your family. She must have been amazing.
29/Mar/17 8:12 PM
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