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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Mar/18 12:37 AM
TftD: Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
28/Mar/18 12:43 AM
Hal. That is so very true.
28/Mar/18 12:53 AM
2:05 Hello Hal & Kathy! Good night all.
28/Mar/18 12:58 AM
Pretty hard to mature before aging. But, come to think of it, I've certainly known some ''aged'' immature people. Maybe it's not so hard after all.
28/Mar/18 1:02 AM
Night night, Anne. Sleep well!
28/Mar/18 1:03 AM
Good Maen! Pretty day in Texas. I resemble your remarks, HatT!
28/Mar/18 1:04 AM
I had the 3 ''toddler tornadoes'' here over the weekend. I played cards yesterday, so, a little house cleaning is in order today. They don't have a play area, per se, it tends to be the entire house. I suppose the 5-year-old can't be considered a toddler anymore, and, she's pretty contained, More...
28/Mar/18 1:10 AM
It sounds like the inmates might be running the asylum, Kathy ...
28/Mar/18 1:16 AM
28/Mar/18 1:47 AM
When we were at Denali, we were told it was unusual for there to be no cloud cover ... that we actually got to see it. For it to be clear at sunrise is quite a treat. Beautiful.
28/Mar/18 2:00 AM
Wow - that is another photo which is verging on the ethereal beauty of an artist's rendering; yes, Keith beautiful!
28/Mar/18 2:12 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
28/Mar/18 2:58 AM
Well, it's off to the dentist soon! Ugh a root canal! I refuse to do anything else today. I shall feel sorry for myself and self indulge!
28/Mar/18 3:06 AM
28/Mar/18 3:27 AM
28/Mar/18 3:29 AM
Rain today.
That's okay, we needed a bit of rain!
28/Mar/18 3:45 AM
28/Mar/18 5:23 AM
Morning all, another beautiful photo.
Between FFS and a muddled mind it took me ages to do the puzzle.
28/Mar/18 6:45 AM
Alayna and Catherine.
28/Mar/18 6:48 AM
Is Keith around ?
28/Mar/18 6:49 AM
28/Mar/18 6:50 AM
Guess he wasn't,. CP for me.
28/Mar/18 6:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is Denai not Mount McKinley?
28/Mar/18 7:44 AM
Regardless, it's a nice picture.
28/Mar/18 7:45 AM
Good Maen, good people. We've been treasure hunting all day for 'just the right things' to take to Noway. Haven't brought home much but found some things to consider, at least. Combining today's experience with Skye with posts from HalT, Kathy and Amelia lead me to conclude that today is less of a sprint and more of a marathon type of day. It's about lasting the distance.
28/Mar/18 7:55 AM
shosho - If it helps, I'm sending sympathy and comforting wishes your way.
28/Mar/18 7:57 AM
Breathtakingly beautiful picture. Denali is the native and now accepted name for Mount McKinley.
28/Mar/18 8:02 AM
Hi, Sarah!

Ha. Just re-read and can't let such negativity go uncorrected. Norway. NOT 'Noway'!
28/Mar/18 8:24 AM
Today’s ECCO is all about movies. so get those aged immature brains in motion........

Remember the last letter of an answer is the same as the first letter of the next answer.

T-- ---- -- --- ----- (3 4 2 3 5) – (2001/2/3) – Tolkein wrote the book.
---- ---- (4 4) – (1977) – More...
28/Mar/18 8:28 AM
So, I drive back and forth on back roads today. The same woodland with bare trees that looked lithe and airy a month ago in the snow today looked gloomy, opaque and forbidding in the rain. But appearances are deceiving; it's not 'Grimm,' it's great! The branches have, indeed, become heavier, as More...
28/Mar/18 8:38 AM
everybody, just. Very late this morning, been tinkering in the shed. Is it just me or do things you put down move on their own?
28/Mar/18 11:35 AM
It's not to late for a VB, mater of fact ive got it now. Cheers
28/Mar/18 11:36 AM
matter of fact that is
28/Mar/18 11:38 AM
1:36. Good afternoon everyone.
28/Mar/18 12:52 PM
28/Mar/18 7:57 PM
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