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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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everybody and good night
27/Mar/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. Nice sunset photo, Chris. Do you carry a camera with you when you run?
27/Mar/18 12:11 AM
27/Mar/18 12:28 AM
TftD: Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.
27/Mar/18 12:30 AM
Lovely photo!
27/Mar/18 1:00 AM
Oh, my. That's an apt analogy, HalT.
27/Mar/18 1:05 AM
Spring has officially arrived... 'our' cat (actually our neighbor's cat) visited for the first time since it first snowed last fall!
27/Mar/18 1:44 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
27/Mar/18 1:44 AM
2:24 Very slow. That's different! A photo from Chris.
Good night all!
27/Mar/18 1:51 AM
I am in the midst of setting up our annual watercolor class art show. So far we have over 70 paintings that'll be in a show for the month of April.
27/Mar/18 1:53 AM
This year we had a challenge of painting a portrait of our instructor. (I do not paint people!) I decided to try anyway... It took only 5 hours and turned out surprisingly well! It just seemed to 'paint itself!' That happens rarely in the art world when everything just flows! Yippee!
27/Mar/18 1:57 AM
So far I have 23 artists in the show. Since I'm in charge, I wasn't sure I'd have time to paint one for the challenge. Organizing the show is a bit like herding cats!!!
27/Mar/18 2:00 AM
For Anne.
27/Mar/18 2:08 AM
27/Mar/18 2:17 AM
Good morning everyone!

Oh, Shiela - I know you're not into posting photos, maybe not even taking them, but wouldn't it be lovely to see some photos of your paintings and some from your watercolor show; is Mr. Shiela someone we could count on to snag a few photos??
27/Mar/18 2:50 AM
27/Mar/18 2:59 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
27/Mar/18 3:00 AM
Lovely sunset photo. Chris.
27/Mar/18 3:12 AM
Good morning
27/Mar/18 3:14 AM
Great picture Chris
27/Mar/18 3:15 AM
Oh, Keith....

27/Mar/18 3:38 AM
Well, I did call ya before 'pouncing'...
27/Mar/18 3:38 AM
The orange side made me do it...
27/Mar/18 3:38 AM
27/Mar/18 3:49 AM
Striking photo, looks more like a painting.
27/Mar/18 4:05 AM
2:15 ARRGH Thought I was filling in the 3's and realized I had clicked on 4.
27/Mar/18 4:12 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.

You're right Anne, it isn't often one of my photos makes an appearance! Yes plum, I always carry my phone with me when I run and every now and then I'll stop long enough to take a photo.
27/Mar/18 5:49 AM
Got side tracked, had to go out to plant some flowers before the rain came.
27/Mar/18 6:26 AM
Had to change avatar since I have some tulips blooming.
27/Mar/18 6:28 AM
I agree with Joyce, would love to see some pictures of your watercolors, Shiela.
27/Mar/18 6:33 AM
Beautiful sunset photo indeed
27/Mar/18 6:34 AM
Morning all, beautiful photo ,thanks Chris.
Home again from a beautiful wedding, even the wind and sprinkling of rain didn't put a damper on Louise and Biam's special day.
27/Mar/18 7:12 AM
Sue, your hand must be feeling better if you were planting flowers. 👍😃
27/Mar/18 7:15 AM
just a 3 or 4 ounces of tequila and this would be a perfect sunrise.
27/Mar/18 8:39 AM
good one, Wow_Azel!
27/Mar/18 9:18 AM
Good evening to all! I was here earlier but didn't say hello. so HELLO!
27/Mar/18 10:24 AM
Hello Greg.
27/Mar/18 1:40 PM
Gorgeous photo, Chris!
27/Mar/18 4:06 PM
Shiela, put some photos of your paintings on your own page for us to see, since it can take a decade for them to show up here. Actually, what's odd is that I thought you once HAD some on your page...
27/Mar/18 4:08 PM
Or maybe you provided a link for us to see some of your paintings?
27/Mar/18 4:08 PM
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