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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/Oct/16 12:02 AM
136 posts yesterday. Amazing!
29/Oct/16 12:04 AM
beautiful day here.
29/Oct/16 12:07 AM
almost ready to take Harry to PT, then I will do some errands
29/Oct/16 12:08 AM
I was so enthralled with reading the last 2 pages of yesterday's posts, I missed the change- over!
29/Oct/16 12:27 AM
Have a great day today, folks - although it will take quite some effort to top yesterday's epic return of chatting members.........
29/Oct/16 12:28 AM
29/Oct/16 12:37 AM
...the reward photo not only is captioned, but it was an easy 1->9 solve!
29/Oct/16 12:43 AM
11 minutes can be forever

State Trooper was patrolling late at night off the main highway. At nearly midnight, he sees a couple in a car, in Lovers' Lane, with the
interior light brightly glowing.

He carefully approaches the car to get a closer
look. Then he sees a More...
29/Oct/16 12:45 AM
Good maen from beautiful Portland, Oregon.
29/Oct/16 1:20 AM
29/Oct/16 1:20 AM
everyone! I have internet!
I was absolutely thrilled to read soooo many comments from yesterday! How nice to hear from some of our friends after such a long time.

29/Oct/16 1:38 AM
Good one, Neil.
29/Oct/16 1:43 AM

The ''Beam Me Up'' Crown goes to winners, Joyce, Judy, CynB, Wombat, Peter, and Meg(who at least made the effort!)
29/Oct/16 1:44 AM
Good to see Hal at the top again!!
29/Oct/16 3:21 AM
Good one, Neil!
29/Oct/16 3:25 AM
29/Oct/16 4:01 AM
I hoped, like yesterday, I'd be too late, but no.
29/Oct/16 4:02 AM
So, I'll ride my Wombat to glory,
29/Oct/16 4:03 AM
unless competition pops in at the last second.
29/Oct/16 4:03 AM
29/Oct/16 4:03 AM
29/Oct/16 4:03 AM
Oh, how nice to have an occasional joke - thanks for the laugh, Neil!
29/Oct/16 4:07 AM
Lunch anyone??? We can start with then have some and then some
29/Oct/16 4:19 AM
Went back and read yesterday's posts--sorry I missed out on all the banter. Thin coating of frost on the windshield this morning. It's warmer now, so out I go to do some yard chores.
29/Oct/16 4:28 AM
Yesterday there was chatter re. the demise of the Monarch butterfly, then Shosho mentioned Batty's Day on the 31st... but how can that be if we don't have any bats?!?

We have a dire dearth of bats too as a result of habitat destruction & pesticide-overuse killing their food source, but More...
29/Oct/16 4:28 AM
Beautiful scene today!
29/Oct/16 4:59 AM
1:20, despite the mind feeling a bit foggy at the moment. Good morning everyone.
29/Oct/16 5:50 AM
Morning all, we have a misty morning so hopefully it will clear to a sunny day. Nice photo today.
29/Oct/16 6:05 AM
GannieMo and Kat, have a great day.
29/Oct/16 6:14 AM
It was like old times reading all the comments yesterday and today is off to a good start.
Hello Neil , good joke.😂😂
29/Oct/16 6:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! Back to a rather slow day I see. Too bad.
29/Oct/16 7:12 AM
We got our first snowfall last night. It won't last long, but it sure came earlier than usual.
29/Oct/16 7:13 AM
Chuckles Neil!
29/Oct/16 7:14 AM
👍 Neil!
29/Oct/16 7:39 AM
Good morning all.
29/Oct/16 7:39 AM
Finally a sunny Saturday after a relatively dry week. Main job today us to drench the cattle, without sinking knee deep in mud in the stock yards. Rather dangerous if you get stuck and a beast wants to walk through you.
29/Oct/16 7:42 AM
Great to see so many posts yesterday. 👍
29/Oct/16 7:43 AM
Gave a great day folks.
29/Oct/16 7:43 AM
Can't resist BOP
29/Oct/16 7:44 AM
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