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Easy Sudoku for 30/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Oct/16 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. Long drive ahead of me today.
30/Oct/16 12:07 AM
So is everyone waiting to be sure I'm gone before they start to party?
30/Oct/16 1:16 AM
I'll share a story I write for a student who was obsessing over facial hair:
'Breakfast is ready.' I heard mom call as I rolled out of bed. I could smell sweet brown sugar and cinnamon. I love Saturday mornings when I can sleep in.

'Wash up dear, your breakfast is on the table.' Mom More...
30/Oct/16 1:34 AM
Write should be wrote. Hate how you don't see the errors until after you post.
30/Oct/16 1:35 AM
We had a husky. I was always finding disgusting hair where there was never hair before, Pam.
30/Oct/16 1:38 AM
I just saw Wombat's puzzle from yesterday! I'd better get busy!
30/Oct/16 1:39 AM
Go to my page for the last line of the story.
30/Oct/16 1:39 AM
Happy Saturday!
Pam: LOL!
30/Oct/16 1:52 AM
30/Oct/16 1:55 AM
Great punch line, Pam!
30/Oct/16 2:40 AM
I better post before it's noon here in a couple minutes!
30/Oct/16 2:57 AM
CynB and GannieMo kept things rolling last night to get 4 pages of posts. I wonder how it will go today.
30/Oct/16 2:58 AM
30/Oct/16 3:23 AM
With three cats, I always find hair where it shouldn't be!!! White hair on dark surfaces, black on light surfaces, and 'blond' (my vet describes my calico being white, brown and blond!) and brown all over!!!
30/Oct/16 3:26 AM
Morning. Another fun read yesterday.
30/Oct/16 3:28 AM
Happy Saturday Everyone! I popped in for a bit last evening and it was pretty quiet.
30/Oct/16 4:15 AM
Guess I missed everyone again, will check back later, errands to run this afternoon!
30/Oct/16 4:47 AM
Dylan sure is cute! What a lovely smile he has.
30/Oct/16 5:41 AM
I have been trying to come up with a fun Thanksgiving program for my women's club meeting next month. I finally decided on a word scramble everyone can work on through out the evening. I'm going to have a hard time not calling it a poozle and awarding a crown to the winner.
30/Oct/16 5:50 AM
On to you, Keith!
30/Oct/16 5:50 AM
Sorry Keith, I have done the jigsaw and checked other puzzles while I waited.
30/Oct/16 6:12 AM
Sunday is often a slow day on this site. I think a lot of people come on here while they are at work. I will spend some time in the garden today. Green bin goes out so I will attempt to fill it. I do have lots of weeds to get rid of.
30/Oct/16 6:15 AM
Last weekend we visited a lot of cold weather gardens in the Blue Mountains. I love all the ornamentals but Sydney gets a bit hot in the summer to grow some of them successfully.
30/Oct/16 6:17 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
30/Oct/16 6:50 AM
Morning all,oh yes Dylan is so cute.
30/Oct/16 6:53 AM
I have to get the van packed for our trip north to Qld for my niece's engagement party.
I'm also going on a trip with my Aunt to cruise up the Hawkesbury River delivering the Mail on Tuesday.
30/Oct/16 7:13 AM
Peter, Ya got a great training companion - Chris should be jealous...

30/Oct/16 7:26 AM
DOA, sadly there are some laws that mean Tara is supposed to be muzzled and on a leash whilst in public. Hate the muzzle so I don't put it on, risking a fairly hefty fine but there are moves afoot to change this. As for the leash, well, if it wasn't for that I'd never catch her. She does a 'wall of death' around the garden every now and then and her speed is impressive.
30/Oct/16 8:11 AM
Good morning all!
Amelia, are we going to see you when you come up to Queensland?
Pam, love the punchline!
30/Oct/16 8:22 AM
I'm using restaurant WiFi to check in on my way back from Ohio. Only an hour or so of driving left. Didn't see my friends for long but it was nice.
30/Oct/16 8:28 AM
A couple of greyhound trainers up our road. I doubt they've ever owned a muzzle. We have to watch for them heading home in the mornings so we can take our mutt for a walk. I think your greyhound has probably been trained to be friendly Peter!
30/Oct/16 8:53 AM
30/Oct/16 9:31 AM

My Shadow has her 'green hound' collar meaning she has been accessed as suitable to go without a muzzle when out and about.
30/Oct/16 9:41 AM
It's that time of year again. We will be making our annual years supply of apple sauce and butter tomorrow.
30/Oct/16 9:43 AM

On the other hand Barkers prey drive/chase instinct is way too high so he will always have to wear a muzzle when out in public, here in NSW the fine is $188 which I cant afford.
30/Oct/16 9:43 AM
Im coming to vist Hal yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
30/Oct/16 9:44 AM
I have a tshirt with 'the muzzle is for the law not for him' written on it. People have stopped me to ask the whys and wherefores. Greyhounds are such beautiful natured dogs they dont need to be trained to be friendly. Shadow is a failed racer.
30/Oct/16 9:50 AM

Time to get off the soap box and get a few chores done, including a half hour walk with the dogs.
30/Oct/16 9:51 AM
30/Oct/16 9:53 AM
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