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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/Dec/15 12:00 AM
good day / night all
29/Dec/15 12:48 AM
Good morning to all! Up, up and away! The stars are closer!
29/Dec/15 12:50 AM
Good morning.
29/Dec/15 1:29 AM

winter is finally here.
29/Dec/15 1:29 AM
Any one here?????
29/Dec/15 3:43 AM
I would say it is
but it really looks like we are at a
29/Dec/15 3:44 AM
29/Dec/15 3:44 AM
Thank you, Sue! You pushed me into my fav number!!!
29/Dec/15 3:45 AM
Here's flying your way!!!
29/Dec/15 3:46 AM
Gosh, it was REALLY COLD outside about 6:30 this morning!
29/Dec/15 3:47 AM
I had my phone with me while I ran, so I took a picture of the sunrise between nautical twilight and civil twilight, then a lap later (a mile) definitely in civil twilight, took another pic.
29/Dec/15 3:49 AM
CP!!! Now to warm up with my hot oatmeal cereal with strawberries and a hot of coffee!
29/Dec/15 3:51 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
29/Dec/15 3:52 AM
Went to get some food and Sharon did a hit and run.
29/Dec/15 4:04 AM

Sue's snow hasn't reached here yet, but I heard sleet hitting my windows this morning while I was still trying to sleep. I hope all our Sudokuists are safe from the storms and the fires everywhere.
29/Dec/15 4:06 AM
Morning all, love the pic today.
29/Dec/15 5:36 AM
Rena,Linda and Janie, have a great day all of you.
29/Dec/15 5:48 AM
Morning everybody
29/Dec/15 5:50 AM
I see a pink glow in the sky, we must be getting some sunshine today.👍
29/Dec/15 5:56 AM
Check out the pics Fiona posted on FB of her gorgeous sky this morning!
29/Dec/15 6:07 AM
Here's hoping that Keith gets reconnected soon. I'm not sure why it's taking so long, but this 22 is for Keith.
29/Dec/15 6:23 AM
WOW! Now that's some photo!
29/Dec/15 7:20 AM
Good morning all. Back to watering the garden today. Going from 29*C today to 33 in a few days time. I don't have automatic watering, mores the pity, so it takes me 3 days to water the whole garden.
29/Dec/15 7:23 AM
I can't remember a hotter December and this is only the beginning of summer. Someone on the radio joked this morning that when the north of Oz becomes inhabitable, the northerners will all move to Tassie.
29/Dec/15 7:23 AM
We're celebrating my family's whole group Christmas tonight. Niece is home from Norway. There is only 1 member missing this year and he is working in Melbourne and couldn't get home. Meeting another niece's partner for the first time. Its going to be a fun night.
29/Dec/15 7:26 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
29/Dec/15 7:26 AM
Anyone heard from Wolf?

I saw the devastation on the news. Did not look good.

I hope he's OK.
29/Dec/15 7:42 AM
1:42 a quick time for me.
Would be great to be in that jet.......g forces and all.
29/Dec/15 8:29 AM
Saw the devastation due to the tornadoes.

Fingers crossed for you Wolf.
29/Dec/15 8:30 AM
RIP Meadowlark Lemon - 83.
29/Dec/15 11:00 AM
CG, for anybody else that also uses them (especially in areas where they are the only choice), that we're with AT&T is probably all you need to know. We are now up to 5 missed service appointments and counting. As you love to say ''C'est la vie.''
29/Dec/15 11:58 AM
Oh, and, by the way ... still coming to you from the coffee shop.
29/Dec/15 12:00 PM
Are you regular AT&T or their U-verse system, Keith? I liked their U-verse for internet, but hated it for phone and TV. So I kept U-verse for internet, switched back to regular AT&T for phone and had Dish Network for TV for awhile. I'm with Time Warner for all 3 at this point.
29/Dec/15 3:02 PM
This has got be photo-shopped, not photographed.
29/Dec/15 4:49 PM
Why? You don't think a military aircraft can do a near vertical climb over the mountains?
29/Dec/15 5:07 PM
hi all
Very easy, easy one... we have snow...all the snow we didn't get before just snowed all at ounce! Still dark outside but I can clearly see the white ground... Made large pot of strong coffee ...enjoy... while I play in the snow. will be back for second cup lol!
29/Dec/15 10:37 PM
Yes, we got the snow here as well. Expecting 25 to 30 Cm. No more green outside.
29/Dec/15 11:28 PM
I don't know what the issues are with AT&T, but I'm glad I don't have them as a carrier.
29/Dec/15 11:29 PM
Well, let's get to a second page at least.
29/Dec/15 11:30 PM
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