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Easy Sudoku for 28/December/2015


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Dec/15 12:00 AM
Good morning Sudoku people of the world, from down under Sydney Australia.
Lovely photo of Venice.
28/Dec/15 12:01 AM
fellow puzzlers
28/Dec/15 12:47 AM
Good morning to all! I would never have guessed that that was Italy!
28/Dec/15 1:13 AM

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays. Mine continued yesterday when a cousin from Omaha, Nebraska came to visit and spent the night. It was so nice to have hours to catch up with him. I sent him off this morning to his sister's home about 4 hours away.
28/Dec/15 2:22 AM
Good mornning.
28/Dec/15 2:47 AM
Another quiet day planned here.
28/Dec/15 2:48 AM
Might have to make ourselves get out of the house for an excursion - I;ve got vabin fever.
28/Dec/15 2:49 AM
could start orgasnising packing for next week, but that's be too orgaised for me. I'm a lasst minute kind of gal.
28/Dec/15 2:51 AM
Oh well, let's see if i Can get more sleep first.
28/Dec/15 2:53 AM
Happy Sunday!
Beautiful photo of Venice.
28/Dec/15 3:16 AM
Elijah is swinging on the 'parents page', today, Serena.
28/Dec/15 4:12 AM
Lovely Venice photo. So pretty with the cruise boats ,and those interesting stairs in the background.
28/Dec/15 4:25 AM
Spent the day at home in pj like flannel pants and it appears that I'll do the same today!
28/Dec/15 4:30 AM
Morning all,very pretty picture.
28/Dec/15 4:54 AM
Hoping for fine weather today to catch up on the washing, I don't want a full dirty clothes basket to start the new year.
28/Dec/15 5:00 AM
Amelia: I am pleased to be able to say I have a condenser tumble dryer.
If I had to wait for fine weather my clothes would be filthy and smelly as it never stops raining.
Sometimes I can use the conservatory to dry clothes, but there is no sun worth mentioning these days.
28/Dec/15 5:44 AM
first snow of the season came down night time then rain... snow again... and still snowing
Glad I had family party yesterday!
Wish all had Joyous Christmas
I have plenty of work getting ready for family coming to my place for few days on kick off new year... see you later, take good care of you...do not forget to put shovel in trunk!
28/Dec/15 6:04 AM
Rayray, I too have a tumble dryer but prefer to dry them on the line . Fingers crossed it is only partly cloudy.
28/Dec/15 6:20 AM
Has anyone heard from Wolf/ Dallas ? I have just seen the news of the devastation from a tornado that hit there.
28/Dec/15 6:23 AM
AND Warm clothing / blankets and emergency food & water - just in case...............

Good tip, Danstell
28/Dec/15 6:30 AM
Dare I try?
28/Dec/15 6:30 AM
Guess Mr Keith isn't at the coffee shop.
28/Dec/15 6:31 AM
Good Morning everyone - Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! :)
28/Dec/15 7:55 AM
Good morning everyone.
28/Dec/15 8:15 AM
Jacalmi, the interesting steps in the photo are part of the famous Rialto Bridge which crosses the Grand Canal. This and St Marks Square are probably the two most photographed places in Venice.
28/Dec/15 8:16 AM
Enjoy your day.
28/Dec/15 8:16 AM
Afternoon, all. Still no internet at home.
28/Dec/15 9:18 AM
Good Morning All.
Hope your Christmas was full of joy.
28/Dec/15 9:55 AM
Morning everybody..
Hallelujah... I've had 6 hours sleep...
Have a good day
28/Dec/15 11:36 AM
Back home in South Carolina. Had a nice Christmas with older daughter and her family.
28/Dec/15 12:19 PM
to all who commented on one, or more, of my recent set of pictures. Specifically, Judy, Sacky, Bean, Peter, DOA, Greg, Kathy and Sue.
28/Dec/15 12:30 PM
2:01 Good afternoon one and all from the Pilbara!

A beautiful photo of a beautiful place. Brings back some wonderful memories of my visit to Venice in 2001.
28/Dec/15 3:16 PM
I think today's picture is not a photograph. The people in the boats do not look like humans. Or maybe it was the compression to fit the space that makes them all look odd? Nah, I think it is an illustration.
28/Dec/15 3:49 PM
I did manage a few more hours slee.
28/Dec/15 5:04 PM
I have forgotten how to put pictures on my page. Do I have to put them into flickr first or just a program like Adobe Photoshop.
28/Dec/15 5:06 PM
I'll look in the forum, I think there's a how-to in there.
28/Dec/15 5:07 PM
Mr P is watching the pluddy clicket.
28/Dec/15 5:07 PM
This morning's session was so boring I swear I saw the grass grow half a centimetre in 3 hours.
28/Dec/15 5:09 PM
28/Dec/15 5:10 PM
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