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Easy Sudoku for 3/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
03/Nov/17 12:00 AM
Hi, Plum. It's quite warm down here in Texas.
03/Nov/17 12:06 AM
Wolf, you understand how a large state can contain many weather zones. Northern Michigan has seen 8-12'' of snow this week whereas I have not seen more than a few flakes in the air. Today will be a good bit warmer, in the 40s F now and in the lower 50s F briefly this afternoon. I fear there are no more days in the season's forecast that will be heating-free.
03/Nov/17 12:16 AM
03/Nov/17 12:20 AM
Good morning to all! It's another dark and rainy day here today.
03/Nov/17 12:41 AM
Hi everyone thanks for the ecard Greg hope you are well
03/Nov/17 1:28 AM
03/Nov/17 1:32 AM
03/Nov/17 1:33 AM
Morning. Glad I waited for shosho.
03/Nov/17 2:53 AM
Everybody! Boy, did I oversleep!
03/Nov/17 2:59 AM
Happy Thursday!
03/Nov/17 3:37 AM
Plum, talk about a big state! I'm in TEXAS! We could have extremes of weather easily. Today an all-time high is expected - in the 90s. (I doubt it, however).
03/Nov/17 4:03 AM
Howdy there, Jack - and g'day to everyone who has or will be stopping by!
03/Nov/17 4:33 AM
Wolf - I KNEW you'd like that 'big state' comment!
03/Nov/17 4:39 AM
all. What a cutie Jack is! As my Mom used to say: He has the devil in his eyes.
03/Nov/17 4:55 AM
Jack is a sweetheart with a lovely smile.
03/Nov/17 5:15 AM
1.53. Hi jack!!
03/Nov/17 6:24 AM
Morning all, I don't think this is Jack from Bayswater.😃
03/Nov/17 6:35 AM
everybody, wow slept right through. Feeling good, you got to love that
03/Nov/17 7:34 AM
Sure makes a difference when you get a good nights sleep.
Good for you Rage !
03/Nov/17 8:05 AM
From the weird news dept.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4997866/Hawaii-Spam-heists-rise-gets-locked-away-st ores.html

as usual, remove any spaces that appear...

03/Nov/17 8:31 AM
03/Nov/17 8:31 AM
Missed, by that much.........
03/Nov/17 8:39 AM
Here in our non-state, we have one weather today - abnormally warm. No coat or jacket or even sweater needed, in November. That's just not right.
03/Nov/17 8:43 AM
My 92yr old Mum has it right. You dont need to leave home for a season change!!
03/Nov/17 9:17 AM
Have a good day/night all. A bit late but Im off to do my walking. (My son has got me into the 10k step thing and its doing me the world of good to have someone to urge me on)
03/Nov/17 9:19 AM
1:56 Good morning one and all!
Good onya Lizzy! I've done NO exercise since I've been home. Weather hasn't been too good for walking or riding.
03/Nov/17 11:23 AM
I'm sure you're correct, Amelia!
03/Nov/17 12:24 PM
Good job, Lizzy! -and good weather helps with the initiative!
03/Nov/17 12:25 PM
We too had a sweater-free day here - what a delight; no complaints on whether the weather is 'right' tho... that's been our story this whoooole summer!
03/Nov/17 12:27 PM
After all your wildfire-trauma, Denny - you deserve a good looong sleep!
03/Nov/17 12:31 PM
Rage, you deserved a long one too~
03/Nov/17 12:33 PM
1:26. Good afternoon everyone.
03/Nov/17 12:59 PM
Sarah and Lizzy G also had a crack at the ECCO Poozle.

Well done
03/Nov/17 5:53 PM
G'day all Beautiful Jack... will be busy this week end with elections, rime changing, getting ready for winter... been raining and raining and cold... snow would be better!
03/Nov/17 11:09 PM
Need a second cup... feel free to join me...plenty of it left
03/Nov/17 11:11 PM
Coffee done, Sudoku done, still raining heavy, better do cleaning... get ready for sunny day!
have a good time1
03/Nov/17 11:30 PM
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