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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
03/Dec/17 12:00 AM
Where (and what) is that picture?
03/Dec/17 12:15 AM
And everyone from sunny Arizona
03/Dec/17 1:22 AM
Peas on a pod but where and do the really grow that large?
03/Dec/17 1:24 AM
03/Dec/17 2:13 AM
At first, I thought it was a money tree.
03/Dec/17 2:14 AM
A pea pod tree....who would think to do a sculpture like that? Rather neat looking, actually.
03/Dec/17 2:23 AM
Well, I tried Peter's ECCO puzzle. Tried, and tried, and tried. First I had the ending of a word wrong, which screwed up the next word. Then I missed a word altogether, which screwed up the next word again.
I am here to tell you Peter is a very patient man.
03/Dec/17 2:28 AM
Hubby is spot cleaning the carpet. We have juice trails around the house. I went to cups with lids and straws for the kids after I realized they liked squeezing the juice boxes to try and catch the juice from the straw as it spewed up.
I am not allowed to clean it because last time I did I got a little over-enthused and tore a tendon in my finger. I am not arguing.
03/Dec/17 2:35 AM
Fruit fly report: Didn't see any this morning.
03/Dec/17 2:40 AM
Everybody!! Good excuse for being late today. Wrapping presents for wife while she out running an errand. Enjoy holidays, hate wrapping! The quality of the my wrapping shows my attitude. Once you tear off the paper, so what?!
03/Dec/17 3:24 AM
My mum used to unwrap, very gently, so she could save the paper. (Depression era people did that.) Her last Christmas, she was unwrapping at her, usual, slow pace. Someone, I can't remember who, was getting impatient and hollered out ''Shred it Grandma''. She did, with a big smile on her face. More...
03/Dec/17 3:44 AM
Such a sweet memory, DOA!
03/Dec/17 3:54 AM
03/Dec/17 4:22 AM
Today, I'll see my four year old grandson perform on taiko drums on stage in our local community theater!
03/Dec/17 4:25 AM
Seems a tad early still, but why not?
03/Dec/17 4:57 AM
Fun photo today! Nothing like a tree made out of giant peas!
03/Dec/17 5:15 AM
Morning all, that tree looks like it's made out of giant snow peas.
03/Dec/17 5:58 AM
03/Dec/17 6:19 AM
Close enough now.
03/Dec/17 6:29 AM
03/Dec/17 6:30 AM
03/Dec/17 6:30 AM
1:15. Good morning everyone.
03/Dec/17 7:03 AM
What a great memory DoA!
03/Dec/17 7:04 AM
Good mAen, good people. I'm on my way home from visiting my parents.
03/Dec/17 8:11 AM
I think it is just a little too early to put up Christmas decorations. By the time Christmas comes you'll be sick of them.
03/Dec/17 9:07 AM
Hello all - but here in the Northeast, DocCom, folks choose a non-icy, non-blustery day to put up Christmas decorations... oftentimes that is on Thanksgiving Weekend - so decorations abound for many weeks in these har parts!
03/Dec/17 9:58 AM
DotCom, did you try Num Lock?
03/Dec/17 10:53 AM
I went to the Potters Market at the Southfield Civic Center today. It is the largest (or maybe the 2nd largest?) collection of pottery all on sale at one place at one time in Michigan. Well organized, the variety was astounding and it was all US made artisan crafted gifts. In fact the majority was More...
03/Dec/17 11:16 AM
I don't get tired of Christmas decorations.
03/Dec/17 11:16 AM
I only get tired of winter.
03/Dec/17 1:28 PM
1:51 Good morning all!
03/Dec/17 2:00 PM
Keith, she answered in yesterdays LPOD.
03/Dec/17 3:21 PM
Thx DoA & DotCom for answering. I've got no more ideas for things to try. Sorry.
03/Dec/17 6:51 PM
Went up to Perth for the weekend and used the opportunity to see Cirque de Soleil production Toruk. Its not the first Cirque production I have seen but I'm still mesmerised by the skills the performers display. Wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon
03/Dec/17 10:43 PM
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