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Easy Sudoku for 2/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Lots of flowers.
02/Dec/17 12:10 AM
Good morning to all!
02/Dec/17 12:14 AM
Good Maen, good people.
02/Dec/17 12:38 AM
I had been wondering why the option:'Clicking the playing grid places the current number' exists and the only reason I can find out is if you are about to go away from the keyboard (AFK) and you are afraid that someone else will come along and finish your Sudoku in your absence and you don't want them to. Can anyone else come up with any other reason?
02/Dec/17 12:41 AM
Try unclicking that choice ...then you can choose ANY number, rather than proceed with the highlighted one. It wouldn't be my choice of method, but other's minds work differently.
02/Dec/17 1:12 AM
Good morning all & yay, Hi, Serena - you've been missed!
02/Dec/17 1:14 AM
DotCom, I always play with all the boxes selected. So, with that 'Clicking' box selectec, I'll look at the puzzle and put in all the 1s I can find then click the 2 and put in all the 2s I can find. If I see a position where I want to put the possibility of the number instead of a firm choice I More...
02/Dec/17 1:45 AM
Maybe the option exists as a carryover from when none of us had touch screens and we had to choose between actual keyboards and a mouse for input? Some people still solve the puzzles on a desktop or laptop so it's still a valid input preference.
02/Dec/17 1:50 AM
Sunny & c-c-chilly!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
02/Dec/17 2:11 AM

I've changed to my Christmas bat. Have to get in the spirit of the holidays!
02/Dec/17 2:43 AM
Hi, Serena! How's that beautiful family of yours?

Speaking of family, my Granddaughter is bringing the kids today and we're going out to lunch. It's funny. They were here for 5 months, and I thought it would be great to have some peace and quiet when they left, but, I really miss all the chaos. I must be nuts.
02/Dec/17 2:47 AM
I spoke too soon about getting rid of the fruit flies when hubby threw out the Halloween pumpkins on the porch. Seems that wasn't the problem because they were still flitting around the kitchen. I cleaned it from top to bottom, emptied cupboards, etc., to no avail. According to the internet, More...
02/Dec/17 2:56 AM
I have to get busy and get a few chores done before everyone shows up....
OOPS! They are here! Bye!
02/Dec/17 3:00 AM
Get to start the Advent calendar today.
02/Dec/17 3:13 AM
02/Dec/17 3:25 AM
02/Dec/17 3:40 AM
02/Dec/17 3:43 AM
Plum, you don't have to click the 'This number is a possibility box.' Use Right Click instead.
02/Dec/17 3:49 AM
I have clicking the ... unchecked when I'm on my desktop with both keyboard and mouse.
02/Dec/17 3:56 AM
I have it checked on my iPad.
02/Dec/17 3:57 AM
02/Dec/17 3:57 AM
02/Dec/17 3:57 AM
Either way works for a CP.
02/Dec/17 3:58 AM
Morning all, boy have you all been busy and Keith got his 22 !
02/Dec/17 5:16 AM
Our sky looks like it's on fire, such a bright red.
02/Dec/17 5:19 AM
I got worn out by my great nieces last night , a three and one year old. They are visiting their grandparents for the weekend so their Mum and Dad can do the Christmas shopping .
02/Dec/17 5:26 AM
Must be time for my first coffee !
02/Dec/17 5:29 AM
But first a CP.
02/Dec/17 5:29 AM
Beautiful flowers . Are they tulips?
02/Dec/17 5:45 AM
1:49. Good, very wet, morning everyone.
02/Dec/17 5:55 AM
Happy Friday day off!
02/Dec/17 5:56 AM
02/Dec/17 6:30 AM
Kathy, I don't know if fruit flies and gnats are the same thing or not. We did the vinegar jar thing with gnats and it worked wonders. We put holes in the metal lid instead of saran wrap but it's the same concept.
02/Dec/17 7:15 AM
HalT I do When I'm using a mouse or mouse pad. I can't on a touch screen. So I guess the concensus for DotCom is that it depends upon what kind of device one is using.
02/Dec/17 7:27 AM
Thank you all for your wonderful replies. It is interesting to find that with the same puzzles people have such different hardware and do them in so many different ways. I tried taking the check out and clicking on an empty square and entering a number on my keyboard but nothing happened. I always More...
02/Dec/17 8:43 AM
Well, lookee here! Just in time to turn the page . . .
02/Dec/17 10:08 AM
I'll push us along to the bottom . . .
02/Dec/17 10:09 AM
And we're walking, and we're walking . . .
02/Dec/17 10:09 AM
Hmmm, driving us crazy with the slowness . . .
02/Dec/17 10:10 AM
02/Dec/17 10:10 AM
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