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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What? nobody has posted on here today?? am I first?
03/Dec/19 12:06 AM
Good morning Meg. Early bird catches the worm
03/Dec/19 12:07 AM
I just wondered what the Sudoku solvers favourite three films are (in order). Is there a difference between Yanks and Aussies and Poms/Limeys? Would be interesting to know why they are the favourites.
03/Dec/19 12:10 AM
1:57 Good night all.
03/Dec/19 12:12 AM
I'll do it, Spidey ... but there is NO WAY I can limit the list to 3 movies! May we submit more?
03/Dec/19 1:04 AM
Meg & everyone!
Hope your day is sunny!
Will have to think about the favorite movies!
03/Dec/19 1:14 AM
Meg, Arachnid, Judy & Shiela & all who follow!! sleep well Anne. Still rainy.
03/Dec/19 1:37 AM

I am off to play cards, but I'll give that some thought when I get back, Arachnid!

Off I go!
03/Dec/19 1:40 AM
OK ... OK ... first three on my list ... ...

(1) On Golden Pond (values, growing old)

(2) The original Star Wars Trilogy (just GOOD!)

(3) How to Train Your Dragon (animated! values, characters)
03/Dec/19 1:41 AM
1:50. Good Morning, all! Arachnid, I'll see if I can remember some and then give it a try...
03/Dec/19 2:11 AM
Arachnid's quest is easier if you Google ''favorite movies'' to refresh your memory ...
03/Dec/19 2:52 AM
How 'bout:
Snow White (when I was about 8yo,
2001, A Space Odyssey (with that awesome computer, HAL),
To Kill a Mockingbird.
03/Dec/19 2:59 AM
To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book, and the movie was equally as good, but I'll leave it to head up my Favorite Books List!

03/Dec/19 3:09 AM
Today's beer: Hohenthanner Blau Weisse is a German Hefeweizen style beer brewed by Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei in Hohenthann, Germany.
03/Dec/19 3:12 AM
03/Dec/19 3:59 AM
Morning all.
1. Lord of the Rings trilogy.
2. The Harry Potter movies
3. Star Wars

Guess I'm into fantasy groups.
03/Dec/19 4:55 AM
1:27. Good morning everyone.
03/Dec/19 5:22 AM
Men and their fantasies ...
03/Dec/19 5:52 AM
Morning all.
Favourite movies...The Jazz Singer, Avatar and the Fast and Furious movies.
03/Dec/19 6:14 AM
Hello Meg welcome back,great to see you !
03/Dec/19 6:17 AM
No leaves on the trees! It must be Winter all right.
03/Dec/19 6:34 AM
Interesting winter photo, no doubt tree will bloom in spring
03/Dec/19 7:07 AM
Just one movie is my favorite, Annie Hall.
03/Dec/19 7:10 AM
I am no longer getting notices of messages to my Inbox. Recently, in fact, I got not just the notice, but the actual message, by email. Now I am getting neither. What are others' experiencing?
03/Dec/19 7:14 AM
As of yesterday my message inbox here was working, Sarah. I also get notification through e-mail.

Hi, Meg! How nice to see you!
03/Dec/19 7:26 AM
Favorite movies. Ones I will watch whenever they are on, no matter how many times I have seen them. It was hard to pick just three.....

Gone With the Wind
Quigley Down Under
03/Dec/19 7:31 AM
Cant see why not Judy. Put in as many favourites as you like. we'll do the books in the new year with TKAMB as the first
03/Dec/19 8:19 AM
I'll go against the flow here with some Aussie films.

1. Muriel's Wedding.

2. Strictly Ballroom.

3. The Graduate

I haven't seen many films lately so I have chosen some oldies but goodies.
03/Dec/19 10:43 AM
Good morning all.

Kathy, Gone With The Wind was my mum's all time favourite book and movie.

My three favourites:
1. Lawrence of Arabia (since I was 17yo)
2. Doctor Zhivago
3. Fiddler on the Roof
I'll have to add a fourth, Fisherman's Friends
03/Dec/19 11:45 AM
I sent a little note to the Phantom that we miss him. He is on the right side of the grass ... just having some posting issues and will return.
03/Dec/19 11:46 AM
He told me that too Judy. I told him to buy some more stamps
03/Dec/19 12:11 PM
03/Dec/19 12:37 PM
First official day of vacation. What am I doing? Catching up an all the things I don't get done while I am working. Today was the dentist and MVD stuff..yet still. Tomorrow, more MVD stuff (I seem to femember when it only took me one day/visits to two offices. Here, the offices are combined, More...
03/Dec/19 12:45 PM
HalT, I got that Advent Calendar for my son. He was thrilled.
03/Dec/19 12:46 PM
Very funny, Arachnid!
03/Dec/19 1:05 PM
1. La Bamba (the music)
2. The Castle (aus Fair Go, less politically correct than Wombat's selections)
3. Red Dog (aus bush)
03/Dec/19 1:41 PM
Thanks to all for their movie input so far. Lots to come but with the variety of nominations and particularly styles of film its fair to say we shouldn't try and arrange a Sudoku film get together
03/Dec/19 2:42 PM
And Sarah Beth didn't buy the grog. She will say she was too busy getting the fangs polished and the car rego'd. Huh
03/Dec/19 2:43 PM
There are quite a few other movies I've thoroughly enjoyed, Red Dog (Saltie's choice) being one of them as it was great, the scenery great, and it took place up where my daughter lives. I also liked Mama Mia and movies like The Sound of Music and Mary Popkins and a number of others. Just been More...
03/Dec/19 2:56 PM
Good evening, got a little warm this afternoon, almost to 50 the car said.
03/Dec/19 3:30 PM
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