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Easy Sudoku for 4/December/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
04/Dec/19 12:00 AM
2:16. Good Morning, Wolf and everyone.
04/Dec/19 12:59 AM
Wolf, tom & all who follow!!
04/Dec/19 1:50 AM
04/Dec/19 2:31 AM

Arachnid's ''History of the Middle Finger'' was fascinating. Who knew??
And ''Pluck Yew'' sounds so much classier than the alternative.
04/Dec/19 3:08 AM
Good Maen! I hope everyone has a terrific day - or night - depending on where you are in the world!
04/Dec/19 3:11 AM
DoA's and Mr. Cee's zingers were funny, too. I can identify with the one where you drop something and contemplate whether it is worthwhile to pick it up.
04/Dec/19 3:15 AM
How Long is a Chinese man's name.

No, it actually is
04/Dec/19 3:17 AM
My cousin, a magician, decided to incorporate the use of trap doors in his magic shows.

I think it's just a stage he's going through.
04/Dec/19 3:19 AM
I hate funerals that start at 9AM.

I'm not really a mourning person.
04/Dec/19 3:21 AM
What is the difference between a well dressed man on a bike and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle?

04/Dec/19 3:22 AM

Off to do some Christmas shopping!
04/Dec/19 3:24 AM
Dreary outside.
Sometimes I think we must live in the dreariest part of Michigan.
Hope yours is the sunniest!
04/Dec/19 3:42 AM
I have a friend who's last name is Guess. When someone asks what his last name is he answers and they always say, 'No, I can't!' or 'No, what is your last name?' and it goes on and on! Poor guy!
04/Dec/19 3:45 AM
Who's on first?
04/Dec/19 4:05 AM
Kate for the pretty gum trees against a very blue sky.
04/Dec/19 5:33 AM
Morning all,great photo ,Kate.
04/Dec/19 6:18 AM
04/Dec/19 6:19 AM
04/Dec/19 6:21 AM
Lovely photo gum trees in blue sky
Sue, Kate, Judy, Kathy👍🌹🎈
04/Dec/19 7:05 AM
Kathy always manages to slip in some gems. Well worth reading
04/Dec/19 8:40 AM
We had a 39 day yesterday, forecast 35 today with temperatures mid to high 30s until Sunday. We have a short family gathering on Sunday which will have to finish before lunch so that the teenagers can get to their part time jobs. . Then back for a cold beer to help relieve this terrible dose of man flu I'm suffering from
04/Dec/19 8:50 AM
Should have wished Kathy Happy Birthday when I mentioned her before along with all the other ladies celebrating today
04/Dec/19 8:51 AM
So Arachnid has man flu - Poor boy!
04/Dec/19 9:22 AM
Well bugger me, I can post again....
04/Dec/19 9:23 AM
Your back and the insults start again
04/Dec/19 11:27 AM
It is an accepted scientific/medical fact that man flu exists. It is something to do with the receptors in a mans brain. We have more and that probably explains male superiority!!
04/Dec/19 11:31 AM
Sorry Keith, did not wait or give you a chance. Me bad
04/Dec/19 11:32 AM
Beer 3: Schnaitl Brau from Gundertshausen, Austria.
04/Dec/19 11:36 AM
What time is it at your place Hal that you can sit down for a Ccoldie?
04/Dec/19 11:47 AM

Wednesday 4th December

Only twenty days until Christmas……..https://www.xmasclock.com/

Kathy – So gullible that she believes those Arachnid posts about middle fingers. Just don’t pull HIS finger if he offers it to More...
04/Dec/19 12:43 PM
I've read your link re the middle finger Phantom. I much prefer the version I quoted. It makes sense and is certainly the type of gesture the Poms would give the frogs. Let folklore prevail I say
04/Dec/19 2:29 PM
And its coming up to midday so in this heat (38) an icy cold beer of your choosing will be available. I'll have another Heineken as I'm developing quite a taste for them
04/Dec/19 2:30 PM
04/Dec/19 4:26 PM
Good stuff today.
to all the ladies.
04/Dec/19 4:47 PM
1:27. Good evening everyone, and to Kathy, Judy, Sue and Kate.
04/Dec/19 6:45 PM
1:54 Good afternoon one and all.
04/Dec/19 7:21 PM
When in doubt, mumble
04/Dec/19 8:34 PM
I always take life with a grain of salt,
…plus a slice of lemon,
…and a shot of tequila

1 Tequila

2 Tequila

3 Tequila

04/Dec/19 8:36 PM
A little boy asked his father, “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?”

Father replied, “I don’t know son, I’m still paying.”
04/Dec/19 8:36 PM
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