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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:04 Everyone must be busy doing other things!
03/Mar/16 12:30 AM
Work keeps getting in the way.
03/Mar/16 12:31 AM
2:10 Very slow this evening. Must be all that badminton I played earlier.

03/Mar/16 12:48 AM
03/Mar/16 1:09 AM
Kathy (MD)
03/Mar/16 1:10 AM
It was sunny when I got up... now it isn't.
Guess we'll all have to be sunny on the inside!
03/Mar/16 1:18 AM
Good morning people of the world.
03/Mar/16 1:38 AM
beautiful sunny but cold day in OK
03/Mar/16 1:38 AM
Good morning Karen, how's Texas
03/Mar/16 1:40 AM
Good morning to all! Three long-haired beauties today!
03/Mar/16 1:40 AM
Kathy, have fun today.
03/Mar/16 1:40 AM
Think I should have closed up the house last night, it is a little chilly this morning. I know it is going to warm up soon. I just know it. Last few mornings have been humid, so I did not close up the house last night. M and I are all wrapped up in blankets waiting for the warmth to show up. The warmth is not showing up fast enough.
03/Mar/16 1:41 AM
Hey Sue, just waiting for the beautiful sunshine to do its job.
M and I are doing computer time. We are going to celebrate today. Her sparkling eyes are back.
03/Mar/16 1:43 AM
Peter & Rose
03/Mar/16 1:43 AM
I have to get ready to go see Harry. He gets to come home on Sunday. He has done so good in rehab it is amazing, would not think he had surgery only a months ago.
03/Mar/16 1:48 AM
Sent on child back to school this morning, grumbling how unfair it is that her sister got to stay home again and she didn't. Poor child.
The other child I kept home, only because I have not seen her eat anything since 6:00 AM, Monday morning. Life sort of returned last night, when she ate a few More...
03/Mar/16 1:48 AM
Peter and Rose, what an accomplishment. (Especially for Rose). Congratulations.
03/Mar/16 1:49 AM
Sue, great news for Harry.
Now, maybe you will get off your own foot, so it can heal.
I know, I had a hard time typing that last statement, too. Though I dream of sitting my day away, with a good book, if I sit for 30 minutes at a time, I would be shocked. Totally impossible. But would love to try it.
03/Mar/16 1:52 AM
In the mornings, I entertain one child and the other believes her mother has lost it, when I go for my first cup of coffee. Sort of go all wild and talk to my precious cup. I just went to refill my cup and yelled out, 'M, tragedy has happened!' After explaining what tragedy meant, M asked what More...
03/Mar/16 1:55 AM
Well, I was going to move my tush, but then saw the number. I think it is a little early for our friend to be around.
03/Mar/16 1:56 AM
So I must do, what I must do.
03/Mar/16 1:57 AM
Unless he gallumps over me.
03/Mar/16 1:57 AM
Now we can resume our activities.
03/Mar/16 1:58 AM
Missed it = by a lot!
03/Mar/16 2:54 AM
Manners CP - Good Morning.
03/Mar/16 2:55 AM
Hal - are you home yet?
03/Mar/16 2:58 AM
Karen, it's good to hear M is better.
03/Mar/16 2:59 AM
Mr P would not let me buy take-away food last night, because we are going out for dinner tonight with friends. Spoilsport. I had to heat up leftovers instead, it was such hard work!
03/Mar/16 3:02 AM
Sue, I'm happy to hear Harry is doing so well.
Karen, glad your little sicko is on the mend, too!
03/Mar/16 3:18 AM
everyone, for the birthday wishes!
A friend called this morning and jokingly mentioned I may not want to be reminded of another birthday. I told her it was better than not having one.
03/Mar/16 3:23 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: PORT
To help me celebrate, winners Aileen, June, Judy, Greg, lonewoof, Wombat, CP, Joyce, and Sarah receive the ''Better Than No Birthday'' Crown
03/Mar/16 3:27 AM
And for today....

One day I was eating a bowl of alphabet soup. I noticed that there were no vowels in it. However, with the available letters I managed to form a number of words which include every vowel (A E I O U). The consonants are in the right order. What are the words?

1. More...
03/Mar/16 3:36 AM
03/Mar/16 4:39 AM
Shame on Mr. P for making you heat up leftovers, instead of getting take out. Oh the nerve.
03/Mar/16 5:10 AM
Yes, we're home.
03/Mar/16 5:13 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!!!
03/Mar/16 5:13 AM
It is possible that I may grumble about my never ending yakking, energetic, constantly into something girls, but I am so happy they are the way they are. M has been busy all morning and I do not think she has taken a breath to yak away, I also have no idea what the girl is talking about, but it More...
03/Mar/16 5:15 AM
2 cute pups and 1 cute girl today.
03/Mar/16 5:17 AM
All morning I just new any moment the sun was going to do its job and warm us up. Well it didn't. M and I were wrapped up in blankets and I even grabbed my jacket. When we walked out of the open house to go get our lunch the sun felt wonderful, then getting into the warm car was heaven. In our old More...
03/Mar/16 5:20 AM
Bye bye page one.
03/Mar/16 5:21 AM
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