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Easy Sudoku for 2/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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1:58 Good night one and all!
02/Mar/16 12:47 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Mar/16 1:18 AM
Anne, do you ever feel like you are alone in the world?
02/Mar/16 1:18 AM

Do you feel all alone, Karen? I have to go work the puzzles.
02/Mar/16 1:24 AM
Have I not mentioned I do not do sick very well? As the norm no one around here listens to me. In the last two weeks the three people I live with have totally ignored me and have been sick. One of them, I am going to have her start sleeping outside, because her illness is very gross and last night More...
02/Mar/16 1:25 AM
No Dottie, I am hiding today.
02/Mar/16 1:26 AM
Man's illness was thankfully short, though he still has the nagging cough. Just three days of moans and groans and he refused to take any medications. Ugh.
02/Mar/16 1:28 AM
M is confusing me. The school called me yesterday and the nurse told me my baby had 108 tempt! and I needed to come and get her. I was wondering if my baby was going to be alive by the time I drove the 8 minute drive. When I got to school I asked again and she said again 108. I was not mishearing More...
02/Mar/16 1:41 AM
Oh, the fur friends are not innocent either, though thankfully, they are not sick. Stray Kittie's curiosity is using up his 9 lives. He is into everything. His latest had him falling behind the washer and he could not figure out how to get out without doing damage. I am hoping I still have a wall in the laundry room.
02/Mar/16 1:44 AM
Furry has an attitude that no such animal, such as Stray Kittie should exist and I have my nerve leaving the house so often and leaving her to be in the presence of that so called cat and the dog. How dare I do such a thing. Of course, my punishment is that she is not sleeping on my feet at night.
02/Mar/16 1:46 AM
Now, Shelby Lou. She is under the belief that all the walkers out here come to see her. Well, not just the walkers, but in this case it was walkers. Sunday evening, we were outside saying good bye to my nephew. We all tromped back into the house, to finish preparing dinner, which was late at this More...
02/Mar/16 1:55 AM
So there you have my last 7 days adventure. My entire household have all lost their minds and doing their best of trying to make me loose mine. And they are doing a fine job, too.
02/Mar/16 1:57 AM
Even though I am in great need of medication, valium please, that flashing heart is annoying.
02/Mar/16 1:59 AM
Not sunny.
Of our three carpenters renovating our bathrooms, one is sick, one has a kid sick at home and the only carpenter who came today broke his finger last night.
02/Mar/16 2:00 AM
Good morning.
02/Mar/16 2:02 AM
Sorry to hear there is sickness in your house, Karen.
02/Mar/16 2:03 AM
And that you have tradies (tradesmen) woes,
02/Mar/16 2:04 AM
We are fine here.
02/Mar/16 2:05 AM
Which is good since I held new grandniece in the crook of my arm for over an hour yesterday while she slept.
02/Mar/16 2:07 AM
Such a tiny cutie.
02/Mar/16 2:07 AM
Shall I be naughty or leave it here for the gallumper? OK, he's got 10 minutes .....
02/Mar/16 2:09 AM
beautiful cooler day in OK
02/Mar/16 2:11 AM
Good morning to all! Cute picture.
02/Mar/16 2:12 AM
Sorry Keith, CP made me do it.
02/Mar/16 2:12 AM
I am off to Broken Arrow, yes that is a town, to see the podiatrist. Today will tell if I am starting to heal or not.
02/Mar/16 2:16 AM
It's been a rough week. After 52 Cm. of snow last Tuesday, it warmed up, and we got 22Mm. of rain on Thursday. The water on our condominium roof had no place to go because of the snow, so as water does, it found it's own routes.
seven units were hit with water, four severely and three with More...
02/Mar/16 2:18 AM
Goodness gracious, we need to get out of this woe thing rut and go play the lottery. My group will eventually get better. They have to, because this week is picture and pirate day, we cannot miss those two events, plus the book fair is going on. Which I can miss that. Don't get me wrong, I encourage me girls to read and I read to them, but the prices of those books.
02/Mar/16 2:38 AM
CP, do you suffer from the empty arm syndrome? I go through periods where I need a baby in my arms, but you had that opportunity on a daily basis for so long.
02/Mar/16 2:41 AM
A chatty group this morning.
02/Mar/16 2:55 AM
Wow - coming here today was just like turning on the news - minor disasters & sad victims. I'm here to cheer you & help you struggle through the rest of today!
02/Mar/16 2:55 AM
Soooo - get your smiles on, buck up, and face the world!
02/Mar/16 2:56 AM

Place a word with 4 letters in between the two words so that it can be used as a prefix and suffix to make two new words.

Answers to my''I am feeling generous'' inbox, please.
02/Mar/16 2:57 AM
Happy Tuesday!
You know it's rough times at work when you go home for a nap before fixing dinner!
I had to do that twice last week
02/Mar/16 3:27 AM
Hello cutie.
02/Mar/16 3:51 AM
Jane and Sacky are now in Lord Howe Island. We had an enjoyable time showing them some sights of Sydney and the South Coast.
02/Mar/16 5:35 AM
02/Mar/16 5:37 AM
Cute little girl today.
02/Mar/16 5:40 AM
Well it is afternoon now. The girl I keep threatening to send to school, is back to eating everything in site. I have informed that child who is determined to send me to the looney farm, that if she returns all consumptions in a non normal way she is to clean it up. She continues to eat. I should More...
02/Mar/16 5:57 AM
At the moment the house is opened up, praying to blow out that bug and get the sick stink out. But for some reason we have mowers out today, so may have to close the place up. Allergy meds have been given, but I don't trust them to ensure my baby does not hurt any longer.
02/Mar/16 6:00 AM
Bye-bye page one.
02/Mar/16 6:00 AM
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