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Easy Sudoku for 30/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Oct/15 12:05 AM
Greetings Hal. Nice day here for a change.
30/Oct/15 12:11 AM
Reminds me of the rain we had a couple of weeks ago
30/Oct/15 12:11 AM
Yes, it is, Wolf.
30/Oct/15 12:12 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
30/Oct/15 12:16 AM

As my 90yr old mother said you dont need to go on a holiday to have a change in weather!! From 32C to 18C, windy, hot, storms you name it we have had it in the last 10 days!!
30/Oct/15 12:18 AM
Hi folks.. time for bed.. take 2..
Big day tomorrow.. back to the dentist..
Have a good day everyone
30/Oct/15 1:01 AM
After a rainy, yucky day yesterday, we have the sunshine back! It's rather warm, too.

The answers to yesterday's poozle: parasite, marginal, tangible (tableing, it's a word, means ''of table''), medicate, More...
30/Oct/15 1:51 AM
I shall refrain from deleting my messages right away after announcing the winners. Then I can check to make sure I didn't inadvertently leave someone off the winner's list. I know how important the crown collection and guano dump is to you all.
30/Oct/15 2:03 AM
Good morning.
30/Oct/15 2:18 AM
Had a truly crappy day yesterday.
30/Oct/15 2:19 AM
Everything that could go wrong, did.
30/Oct/15 2:20 AM
Had to soothe myself with tea and TimTams. Better now.
30/Oct/15 2:21 AM
Today has to be better!
30/Oct/15 2:23 AM
30/Oct/15 3:23 AM
Yes, CP, it has been decreed by me that you are ordered to have a better day! Now go back to bed and dream lovely thoughts!
30/Oct/15 3:24 AM

I certainly hope CP's day is better than the one she just had. Hopefully, she'll get some good sleep as well.
30/Oct/15 3:36 AM
Wombat - While I might groan at your jokes, I appreciate your offerings. Keep 'em coming!
30/Oct/15 3:39 AM
Rain seems to enjoy the water. Lovely horse to have as a friend.
30/Oct/15 4:20 AM
Kathy, did you not receive my answer to yesterdays puzzle. I sent all but one that I couldn't get?
30/Oct/15 4:34 AM
That was rude. Good afternoon to all!
30/Oct/15 4:34 AM
I guess I'll take this for Keith. Here's your consolation prize Keith.
30/Oct/15 4:35 AM
I hear there is a fan uproar in Australia and New Zealand regarding the start time for the Rugby final. What time there? 3:00 or 4:00 AM? I'll get to watch in the late afternoon here in Canada.
30/Oct/15 4:38 AM
How many down under fans will be up watching, and are your bars and pubs staying open?
30/Oct/15 4:40 AM
This Aussie house would watch baseball before we would watch the Rugby!
30/Oct/15 6:19 AM
Morning all, Rain sure likes being wet.
CG, I for one will not be watching the Rugby final. 😴
30/Oct/15 6:41 AM
We have just returned home from a magnificent trip to Western Australia. We have now crossed the Indian Pacific train off our bucket list - 4 days across Australia from the Pacific ocean to the Indian ocean. Margo and Anne were wonderfully welcoming and kindly showed us around Mandurah, Albany More...
30/Oct/15 7:21 AM
Good morning everyone.
30/Oct/15 7:34 AM
It sounds like you had a wonderful time Ian. Would you recommend the Indian Pacific crossin? I have both that and the Ghan on my wish list.
30/Oct/15 7:36 AM
Greg, I won't be watching the Rugby - I need my beauty sleep too much and it isn't one of my favourite codes, but many Aussies will. I'll probably hear some of it on the radio. The clubs and pubs will certainly be open.
30/Oct/15 7:36 AM
I can't top Ian's trip, but hubby and I have just returned from our trip to the Tasman Peninsula in south-east Tas. Our boat ride around the Peninsula was rough in the Southern Ocean, with a southerlie blowing from the nearest land mass - Antarctica. I loved it, but there were some passengers an More...
30/Oct/15 7:42 AM
Much calmer heading up the east coat of the peninsula and lots of incredible cliff and rock formations. We were warned to wear warm clothes and a good thing too. My hands lost all feeling until about 20 minutes after we arrived back on land at Pirate's Bay.
30/Oct/15 7:45 AM
There may be some pics later, when I get myself organised.
30/Oct/15 7:46 AM
There's no way I'll be watching the rugby, Greg. I wouldn't have a clue what was going on. However I do hope we whop the All Blacks!
30/Oct/15 7:48 AM
CP I hope you get your sleep sorted soon. There's nothing worse than trying to function while sleep deprived.
30/Oct/15 7:50 AM
Ok folks, enjoy your day.
30/Oct/15 7:50 AM
all. Sword and Plough is a small business that... well, read this:
Sword & Plough is a quadruple bottom line fashion business founded by two sisters raised at West Point. Emily, one of the founders, is now an officer in the U.S. Army. We have repurposed more than 30,000 lbs. of More...
30/Oct/15 8:26 AM
If I am up at match time, and there's a good chance of that, I will watch.
30/Oct/15 8:27 AM
Looking forward to your pix, Ian and Sacky.
30/Oct/15 8:28 AM
But I won't set an alarm to get up.
30/Oct/15 8:28 AM
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