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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Tell me this isn't happening.
Maen, everyone!
29/Oct/15 12:01 AM
Oh, yes, Sarah - but where's Hal? Good morning all!
29/Oct/15 12:08 AM
29/Oct/15 12:10 AM
Good morning to all! Well named. That dog looks like an Ivan.
29/Oct/15 12:23 AM
Chalkboard, I've reconsidered doze/dozer and I'll upgrade you to 14 for 15. Keep in mind that dozer is primarily an American used word. Elsewhere, it's commonly a bulldozer. However, since I gave the down-under folks blini, it's only fair that I give you dozer. Cheers!
29/Oct/15 12:26 AM
Phantom, I can so count past 10. 100 is next because it's got another zero.
29/Oct/15 12:28 AM
Hello Ivan.
29/Oct/15 12:45 AM
29/Oct/15 12:55 AM
29/Oct/15 1:10 AM
AWake earlier than usual.
29/Oct/15 1:11 AM
And no Mr P so I get the big (desktop) pooter.
29/Oct/15 1:12 AM
29/Oct/15 1:13 AM
My doctor says - to get me sleeping later - ''no sleeping in the daytime'' and ''go to bed later''.
29/Oct/15 1:14 AM
Morning Hal.
29/Oct/15 1:14 AM
So I did that yesterdeay and look what happened.
29/Oct/15 1:15 AM
I told her I wan't worried about being awake at 0330....
29/Oct/15 1:16 AM
It's quiet and I get the pooter to myself!
29/Oct/15 1:16 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: comic, widow,tenet, render, label, falloff, ceramic, thwart, cognac, huzzah, earache, tumult, hearth, pickup, kiosk.

Winners Judy, Shosho, Greg, Serena, Hal, Wombat, Sarah, June, and Joyce More...
29/Oct/15 1:21 AM
I'm back.
29/Oct/15 1:29 AM
And for today.....

Can you find anagrams of the following words?


Hint: These are the first letters of the words: P, M, T, M, R, T, W, L, T, T.

Answers to my ''No anagram finder allowed!'' inbox, please.
29/Oct/15 1:30 AM
I didn't expect to be this far along.
29/Oct/15 1:30 AM
29/Oct/15 1:30 AM
Sorry Kathy, for jumping on your puzzle presentation.
29/Oct/15 1:31 AM
I was finished and waiting for you, Keith!
29/Oct/15 1:34 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
29/Oct/15 2:20 AM

I forgot to go back and work on Kathy's poozle yesterday. I had most of them, but needed to spend some more time with a few...like kiosk! Well, at least I don't have to make room for a load of bat guano!
29/Oct/15 3:07 AM
Good morning all.. I'm not staying up.. back to bed for me.. it is the middle of the night here!
Just checking if CP was in bed asleep....
29/Oct/15 4:07 AM
Okay. since today is Joyce's real birthday, Happy Birthday Joyce!
29/Oct/15 4:14 AM
Hello there, Ivan. You are one good looking dog!
29/Oct/15 4:21 AM
Canuk Greg, Honestly, I'd settle for a half point!! But I thank you for your generosity!
29/Oct/15 4:28 AM
late getting here but better than the last few day of not being here at all.
29/Oct/15 5:10 AM
Morning all,hello Ivan.
It is supposed to be cooler today so I'm off to golf. They had better be right I don't need the thumping headache that I get if its too hot.😎
29/Oct/15 6:15 AM
29/Oct/15 6:53 AM
Back from yoga class and waiting to go to bone density test. No rest for the wicked!
29/Oct/15 6:54 AM
As long as I'm here . . . .
29/Oct/15 6:59 AM
Thought I might as well change my avatar and get ready for the turning of the page . . .
29/Oct/15 7:00 AM
Might as well mosy in that direction . . .
29/Oct/15 7:02 AM
Could look for my magical froggy prince . . .
29/Oct/15 7:02 AM
Nah, will pick my speed . . .
29/Oct/15 7:03 AM
29/Oct/15 7:03 AM
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