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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen world. (To quote John Laws)
30/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, just jumping in to say hi, work my mind and then off to work the bod -
30/Nov/10 12:01 AM
Supposed to be a warm 49°F today.
30/Nov/10 12:01 AM
And mostly sunny!
30/Nov/10 12:02 AM
2:20 Good evening one and all!
30/Nov/10 12:05 AM
2:06. Off to medium then to bed. Good night all.
30/Nov/10 12:05 AM
on one of the trails I have walked in Naperville, there is a path were someone has stacked stones also - intereting to observe - but "my" stones look alittle like mini stone snowmen
30/Nov/10 12:06 AM
30/Nov/10 12:06 AM
Good Maen early risers and late nighters!
30/Nov/10 12:07 AM
Pale blue skies here, mmmmm, can I take the bike out mmmm, have to see how it feels in an hour.
30/Nov/10 12:07 AM
Nice rockwork
30/Nov/10 12:07 AM
To CP,

From your yesterday's post, a really wise woman beats three eggs for her hubby's breakfst.
30/Nov/10 12:10 AM
Hello. Haven't retired yet as I'm finishing last few pages of my book. Was going to fight foor first on the page, but got too absorbed in the story!
30/Nov/10 12:11 AM
Interesting photo. Reminds me of getting lost on a trail in the high country in Yosemite and following other lost people's cairns!
30/Nov/10 12:12 AM
Neil - thbhthbt! (How do you write a raspberry?)
30/Nov/10 12:12 AM
CP - I never mind staying up late to finish a good book.
30/Nov/10 12:13 AM
Wow! I think I'd like to read that book, CP!
30/Nov/10 12:13 AM
Me neither, Vici. And, reading in bed, I kept falling asleep before I got very far on these last pages.
30/Nov/10 12:15 AM
Shiela - it's a Nikki French novel, called Catch Me When I Fall.
30/Nov/10 12:16 AM
A mystery novel.
30/Nov/10 12:17 AM
30/Nov/10 12:17 AM
30/Nov/10 12:17 AM
Snap, Grass-Hopper, but I lost!
30/Nov/10 12:18 AM
30/Nov/10 12:18 AM
Good Maen, good people. I was up too many late nights this past weekend. I slept in this a.m. It really helped the body aches, too.
30/Nov/10 12:19 AM
Good night CP sweet dreams.
30/Nov/10 12:19 AM
Maen Plum.I know what you mean.
30/Nov/10 12:20 AM
I probably saw that very Inushuck! Wawa is a wonderful place to hike along the seashore of Lake Superior. Also, there are Native American Pictographs in the area.
30/Nov/10 12:23 AM
Goodnight all.
30/Nov/10 12:26 AM
Hi CP,

Catch me when I fall,
Or I won't come back at all.

Only in your dreams.
30/Nov/10 12:27 AM
Plum... Did I hear that you turned into a "Plum pop sickle" on Saturday?
30/Nov/10 12:27 AM
30/Nov/10 12:40 AM
maen, all Y'all
30/Nov/10 12:40 AM
Just so the Phantom is happy... Of course everyone else is welcome. Grab a cup, pull up a stump and take a load off.
30/Nov/10 12:43 AM
It's a very rare morning when I wake up with the lights off and no book on the floor or pen in my hand. I don't sleep well with the lights off.
30/Nov/10 12:47 AM
We have many pictographs in the Columbia River Gorge, between Oregon and Washington. Of course, one can't see them anymore. When the dams were built, in the name of progress......
30/Nov/10 12:52 AM
Good morning , Dorthea.
30/Nov/10 12:53 AM
They stopped that highway in northern Europe, but China is still going ahead with that destruction.
30/Nov/10 12:54 AM
Just to help.
30/Nov/10 12:56 AM
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