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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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29/Nov/10 12:00 AM
good morning Chris
29/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good evening all!
29/Nov/10 12:01 AM
1:28. Good morning Dorthea.
29/Nov/10 12:04 AM
I always wanted one of those. Maybe I'll but one this year.
29/Nov/10 12:06 AM
Hi Ann. Weather is bad in the States. Maybe that's why no one is here.
29/Nov/10 12:07 AM
but- buy
29/Nov/10 12:11 AM
Did the easy jigsaw. Where is everyone?
29/Nov/10 12:12 AM
Good Maen, good people. I was making and enjoying breakfast with Burl before he has to leave for work. I will join him after church. They are doing something special for Faun's 21st birthday this Sunday, so I thought one of us should be there.
29/Nov/10 12:13 AM
OK how many for a CP?
29/Nov/10 12:13 AM
good morning Plum.
29/Nov/10 12:13 AM
2:16 Good timing with the Christmas photo.
29/Nov/10 12:16 AM
Should I?
29/Nov/10 12:17 AM
Yes, I did it!
29/Nov/10 12:17 AM
Crystal's husband has bee in and out of the hospital since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Yesterday evening they finely found out what the problem was. I can't believe the stupid people keep thinking that he came off his diet for ulcers. They had to use a cat scan to find out he does not have ulcers.
29/Nov/10 12:17 AM
bee=been keep=kept
29/Nov/10 12:19 AM
In years past I have found very nice poinsettias that aren't the usual bright red.

They have a white, but they also have a pink one. The, in the last few years I have found dusky peachy orange and dusky purplish poinsettias.

I wonder if they just water the poinsettias with dyes More...
29/Nov/10 12:20 AM
29/Nov/10 12:23 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
Dorthea - hope they figure out what's up with Crystal's hubby. The hospital is NO FUN!
29/Nov/10 12:24 AM
Hey! My little buddy's up early, too!!!
29/Nov/10 12:24 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Serena!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
29/Nov/10 12:24 AM
29/Nov/10 12:25 AM
29/Nov/10 12:25 AM
Congrats Shosho!
29/Nov/10 12:25 AM
29/Nov/10 12:25 AM
Thank you, my dear
29/Nov/10 12:26 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Jan!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
29/Nov/10 12:28 AM
Lovely plant, Kay. I do love the salmon colored ones. Not sure how they get them to be the different colors either, Plum.
1 through 9...easy peasy!
29/Nov/10 12:29 AM
Four Californians up at 5:30 AM! What ... are we crazy?!
29/Nov/10 12:29 AM
Now I'll slip out for a run! Even though it's bitterly cold out there - 41ºF. Any colder and I'll have to get winter gear out!
29/Nov/10 12:31 AM
29/Nov/10 12:32 AM
41 cold???? It's 28F here...I'll be doing my indoor workout today!
Morning Judy!
29/Nov/10 12:32 AM
They think maybe ten years of ulcer diet has ginen him gastritis. They put him on a fiber diet that is timed.Two bites wait ten minuets. etc. He has lost 15 pounds in the last two weeks, and they had to use a nasal tube to give him drugs to ease the pain, and stop him from throwing up.My gentle bear has been behaving like grizzley.
29/Nov/10 12:33 AM
Hi, Vici! 38* here. I think I'll hit the treadmill at the gym today ... br-r-r!
29/Nov/10 12:34 AM
Judy I forgot to take my vitamin D for the last three days. So I got up with a cramp in my leg. That D seems to work.
29/Nov/10 12:38 AM
Thought for today Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
29/Nov/10 12:49 AM
On the other hand - If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.
29/Nov/10 12:51 AM
Dorthea, I am sorry to hear about your SIL and all his troubles. I hope they have found the correct answer this time!
29/Nov/10 12:53 AM
Mmmmm. Just had a small glass of eggnog for the first time this year. It was wonderful and low fat. So creamy, I can't imagine "regular" eggnog could taste better.
29/Nov/10 1:14 AM
We have to watch "The Nativity Story" to kick off our Christmas season preparations. I like the watch the movie as the official start to the holiday season so we can remember why - and who - we're celebrating! Having the magi show up at the stable is inaccurate, but otherwise it's a fairly good movie.
29/Nov/10 1:16 AM
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