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Easy Sudoku for 30/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning. Warm and hazy, light SW wind, with a forecast of thunderstorms later.
Good morning all. Time for my sudoku fix before turning in for the night.
Been away for a whilw. good to be back
2:23 - I'm getting slower!
Good Maen to all. Nice little toy for the boy or girl who owns it!
2:45 close to the top.My son would like those wheels:-)
Nice Car!
Rainy here in England this afternoon.
Ed from Fl,when you get on again,Denison is just under the Oklahoma border at lake Texoma.Austin is a 5 hour drive. I love going there and to San Antonio on the way. Lots to do there.Even tubing on the Brazos river is fun.Corpus Christi on the coast is a beautiful get a way for a long weekend.Beautiful beaches and great seafood.Haven't been in two years,hum...need to go...need a vacation :-}
Good morning. Been out for a walk before it gets too hot. enjoy the day.
JEANNETTE and her tarantulas, KATHY and ED and their frisky lovebugs and blood-thirsty fire ants ... I think I'll stay in Southern California! The environment here is too hostile for most bugs, so all of the smart ones apparently have flown or crawled off to Texas and Florida!
Smokin a large Briskit right now. Maybe we should have a virtual BBQ on here today with recipes and all.Great way to kick off summer here in USA.Making potato salad and corn on the cob.Having sons and girlfriends for supper today,better get busy.See you later.
2:27 Nice car. Just returned from wedding in wichita, now headed to skagway AK for the summer.
3:27...Everybody knows there's nobody meaner than the little old lady from Pasadena...
HJey- first page. It must be a function of having the day off. Dexter (service dog) is afraid of fireworks, so we don't go near the Memorial Day parades. Just a quiet day at home.
Judy, I wish my husband haden't shown me that monster and then put it back outside. Now I am having trouble checking the BBQ.They jump pretty well.Haven't seen them in a few years, must be the drought bringing them out.
IAN: Our debate last night really didn't have a point, my friend, as we were discussing apples and oranges. My initial comments were directed to the lovely teachers who just happen to use this site, all of whom have proven themselves to be intelligent and accomplished. You generalized my assertions to apply to all teachers, a purpose for which they were not intended.
Maen....hot here today 90's Have a great day
IAN: My reference to your 'rough school times' was not intended to be a 'shot,' but meant to (1) be funny and (2) lighten the tone of our discussion.

But I AM flattered that you stayed up until 2 AM to express your views!
IAN: Now, I'm done. I don't want to play in the sandbox with you anymore. You're cute and charming, but you're a contrary and trouble-making little boy! :)
JUDY, San Diego: re 'apples and oranges' -- my English friends use another version of that, the contrast of which is even better: 'It's like chalk and cheese.'
CELIA: Now THAT is a contrast! Yuk!
Judy, You are not only intelligent, accomplished you have a very nice way about you. Money, fame, and all the possessions in the world will never equal this. Your beauty in on both sides. A rare thing.

Barb was in San diego for a nursing conference and loved the city and the area.

My brother Scott vacationed there and also liked the city very much
good Maen all. Sunny and hot here. grilling steaks and corn on the cob. anyone hungry?
Whoa, ED, you made MY day!

Have a wonderful day.
Good Memorial Day Maen, all!

Jeannette P/Denison--my sister in Ohio just emailed me about her BBQ disaster (propane gas grill caught on fire, melted the handles of the burners, tried to finish the ribs in the kitchen oven, set off the house smoke alarm...)--we will NOT include her in today's BBQ party :-)

Lana/Maryland--the menu sounds great! What time should I show up with my virtual potato salad?

I memory of all our wonderful vets, my father in law, who I never had the pleasure to meet and my husband included, who thankfully survive Vietnam, I salute you all G'Maen Memorial Day.
jo, If you mean the Ms. Rice top ten, that's true.
If not that you need to tell me what.

Susan, I think you are being modest.

Ordinary, ordinary, I will show you ordinary. (smile)
Good Maen everyone...Another beautiful day in the Gold Country of California.
Ed from Lithia: Do you have an imposter that goes by Ed from Fl. and is online at 2am your time???? Did you have that discussion with Ian last night?
Judy enouogh already!!
My smiles are not workig again. Sue I need you!

Let's have a great day.

When I get fired up, which is to often, I need to follow the lead of people like Mamacita, Kathy, ap, Dave, Deb, Judy, Susan, Warren, Glenn and all the ones I have forgotten. It's a calmness like my beautiful More...
Yes that was me. Sometimes I get annoyed having to sign in ten times a day so I do it that way. I was not trying to fool anyone.

I was up to 3am, which is not that late for me.

Past happenings prevent me from sleeping much.
Today, I reflect on lost comrades, with mixed memories. We don't and didn't always agree but we were always there for each other. Ian we were the top 5%er's. Please respect me on this, as it is not up for dicussion. Thank you.

I salute all Veterans, past present and future.
Good Maen all. Have a great day.
Ed... you say you have to sign in each time, can't you just get in automatically when clicking on Sugoku site? Save it in favorites, maybe that will help you. I'm not sure what you mean by having to sign in. Just a suggestion.
2:32 and in for a hot, wet week here.
2:16 G'day all have not been here for ages, good to see all is still well with most. Cheers Jim.
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