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Easy Sudoku for 31/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning.
Good morning all.
Good evening everyone.
Another very hot dry day up here today. We went to a dam for a picnic and the scenery was lovely with the red rolling hills and very blue water.
Last day here tomorrow then I fly out on Monday, landing in Perth then driving straight back to Albany.
Blue Angels?
Must be the Blue Angels out in formation.
Woohoo, nearly made it through 2006!
2:03, nobody up yet this morning or else everyone in the other time zones is not in from out partying. I'm up to go workout. Trying to get back into a shape besides round.
for a fly past
officially New Years Eve
2:40 - that's my slowest for a long, long time!
That was an very easy one, if this old computer would work faster I would try the timer. Was this photo taken at an air show or were they doing a flyover for some event? HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE this time tomorrow I'll be dancing in the start of 2007.
Wishing all those from around the world who log on to Sudoku tonight a Happy New Year from the Australian tropics - and remember, the 'straight and narrow' path has the most wear at the edges.....
Good morning to all! Nice fly by. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy new year's eve!
Good Maen, It's 7:54 in the morning - I'm up but everyone else is sleeping - nice to have the house to myself to gather my thoughts. Have a good one.
Good Morning! It's December 31, 2006. December 31 is the 365th day of the year (366th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. It is the final day of the Gregorian year. On this day in 1960 the farthing coin ceased to be legal tender in the United Kingdom.
Great Shot! Another sunny day here in PA! Have a great one! Blessings! :-)
Thanks to our Armed Forces, who keep us a free nation.

Happy New Year!
Good Morning everyone!Have a great weekend.Judith
Happy birthday to Loza from Melbourne!! You have a lot of celebrating to pack into one week.
Angie, I'm with you on weight. Weight has been found to be partly genetic. My dad's side of the family is thin, I am, some of my siblings are and so are my 2 boys. They eat like they have hollow legs. More...
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
Deb and bluey, thanks also for your congrats to my son.
LOZA - What a great day for celebrating a birthday! Hope you have a very good one & find some nice comfy shoes to wear in the new year.
glad those guys are on our side
We've had our six year old grandson Dane from Orlando here visiting with us for the past two days. It was his turn to come for his solo visit - no competition from siblings & undivided attention from Gramma & Grampa. All the grandkids love it!! We've had fun - played a little tennis, saw the new More...
Good Maen!
I have added another page, Y wings, to the blog.
The link is at the right, near the top.
Feel free to grace me with a visit!
They look like the Blue Angels but maybe there are similar squardrons down under. Still a beutiful shot. The hair even gives it perspective. Perspective is good, I think I will work on that in 2007. Happy New Year to all!!
Sure hope this question has not been asked recently...apologies if it has...
Could someone recommend a sudoku hand held game that lets you place possibilities in boxes similar to what we do here? Or even one that does the same that can be downloaded to a Motorola L7 cell? I bought a hand held More...
Jim, it could be the Red Arrows as I know they perform at a number of big events down under, however, they usually fly in the 'Diamond Nine' formation which is their trade mark formation. I was lucky enough to be stationed in Cyprus which the Red Arrows used when the weather in the UK wasn't good enough to allow them to practice.
Good morning everyone. Blue skies this morning after two days of snow. That's why I love Colorado. Sara Beth as you can see, I live in Highlands Ranch. We moved here from Evergreen 10 years ago. ps 2:41 today - how do you get under 2 minutes?
Jim and Nick: It could also be the Canadian 'Snowbirds', that I've seen several times here in Ottawa at various performances.
Good morning--kind of cloudy and drizzly this morning, but the house is quiet. The 'young adults' won't be up for another couple of hours!
Kathy, we've done that with one of our grandsons too. He's 5. His idea of a good time was to go to the park and have Pawpaw push him on the swing.
Dreary rainy day here - good excuse to read a book. Happy New Year everyone.
So we have several ideas of who is flying but which one is correct? We are having Christmas tomorrow. Finally got our family from all over to travel home. Berlin,Germany, CA, VA Should be a grand house full
I guess I was the fastest. I solved this puzzle on December 30, 2006. Happy New Year to all.
A new year is slowing creeping up in the easrtern world (that's you Australia), and approaching in the western world tomorrow. For those who don't have the words, and for all the friends I've met through this site who live so far away, I offer Robbie Burns original....

Auld Lang Syne by More...
Happy New Year To All. May the celebrations be fun and the travel safe! Loza, Happy Birthday, enjoy! Jamie, Sorry I missed your birthday on the 19th, but hope my wish for many more is timely. Loza and Jamie. To all!
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