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Easy Sudoku for 30/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Morning.
Hi everyone.
Good Afternoon
Godd Maen
2:12 - I got stuck on a couple of the early numbers.
Good morning all.
Good morning all. Chris it was nice to speak to you earlier
Very nice! Looks like it could be on a calendary for Birds and Blooms.
Chris - RE: Bedtime stories. Has your son read the 'Specky Magee' books? (AFL) or the Toby MaGuire books? (Cricket) - my nearly 9yo son LOVES them.
2.11 - Easy one today

Hi Col - haven't tried either of those. Tonight's story turned out to be from a book of short stories by Andy Griffiths (of 'The day my bum went psycho' fame)
nice pic looks much like the english robin from the front
It looks like the bird was posing doesn't it. Going to sleep at the keyboard here, need to store up some energy ready for the party to see in the new year. Goodnight everyone.
I took Rosemary's idea to heart and to help me along I bought myself a pedometre today, to encourage movement as well as cutting down on those benefitless calories. So far today I've done about 6000 steps. How am I going to fit in 10000, which is supposed to be the optimum for good health. My poor little dog is going to be even shorter if she walks that much more each day!
2:15, morning, With my current schedule I just get here in the mornings after getting set for the day at work. Loza, we've heard of stones in the US, I have several friends that are still stoned from the 60's. Sarah Beth I have a 16 year old that will get to take the driver's license test if his More...

Fantastic photo! Let's have more bird photos. I've never seen an actual bluebird.
Bill, my 16 y-o son is the same.Aagghh! kids!
we have robin's
Look more orange than red to me!
Cornell University in New York and other groups have been running a nesting box campaign throughout the northeast, and the Eastern Bluebird is making a very strong comeback. Some roads in Rhode Island are lined with them. Participation is open to all. See:
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Easte rn_Bluebird.html

IAN, thanks. I'll check out the site, and maybe I can persuade my husband to build a bluebird nesting box.

The birds I have seen in my yard are cardinal, chickadee, goldfinch, purple finch, tufted titmouse, nuthatch, rufous-sided towhee (once), ruby-throated hummingbird, mourning dove, downy woodpecker, junco, robin, bluejay, house wren, crow, and hawk (a couple of times).
2:12 Temperature's dropping here, but still no sign of the white stuff.
I'm a self confessed bird nerd :)
I love watching my mom (Tami)do sudokus. She bought me a kids book to learn from. This is the first time she let me do on online. I did most of it myself. Mom helped a little.
P.S. I am 10 years old and I like the bird picture, too.
Dan/Wisc -- Thanks for the book recommendations. I hadnt heard of any of them except The Corrections. I just started Message in a Bottle, which is probably going to be too sweet for my tastes, but it was recommended to me.
Hi Mitchell!
5:57 - Great bird picture. Thanks for the bird info.
Chris - I loved those birds so much! I miss them in coastal Florida. We have some interesting ones - egrets, pelicans, ibis, gulls and wading birds, some storks. I like best the ospreys in their high nests. Mockingbirds come through about now and mourning doves. But not nice songbirds twittering around the backyard. Am I whining? (sp?)

Hi Janci, I have cousins that live in Austin.
Hi you all, I have been playing for about a year but have never written. Did it in 2:58 today. Wanted to let you all know we are absolutely buried in snow. Almost 50 inches in the last 8 days with more on the way. Time to snuggle down and enjoy.
Great picture! I counted a dozen golden finches eating thistle seed in our back yard this morning, along with a few chick-a-dees.
Ian ~

Have any of you ever participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count? I have participated for the past 4 or 5 years...


Nice picture of the bluebird! Reminds me of spring although we have been having spring like weather here this December which is VERY unusual! Bob you take care over there in Colorado...I have been watching the news and have seen how the West is being pounded with snow. Blessings to you all for a terrific new year!
Bluebirds are said to be making a comeback in Ohio again. My mother has seen a couple but I have not.
Great bluebird shot. What a pretty bird that is.
everyone; and Hi Bob (Denver) and Mitchell (Fla) Good to meet you.
The Bluebird of Happiness. To wish everyone a Happy New Year!
To all those with pre-adolescent boys: For hilarious reading that even a parent will get a laugh out of, check out 'Hank The Cow Dog'. There are probably 20+ volumes by now and each one good fun reading.

Mitchell: Welcome to the game. Settle in and get acqainted. There are lots of very nice and interesting people to meet.
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