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Easy Sudoku for 4/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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from beautiful OK
04/Oct/16 12:38 AM
Was there a time change I did not know about??
04/Oct/16 12:39 AM
Another wonderful Autumn day, a little cool not but will warm up
04/Oct/16 12:40 AM
I am about finished talking to myself, I have a bedroom to clean. Harry's sister is coming tomorrow.
04/Oct/16 12:41 AM
04/Oct/16 12:41 AM
It seems that most top-siders are unaware that Oz fiddled with their clocks over the weekend.

04/Oct/16 12:45 AM
Flowers at an outside vender in Germany.
04/Oct/16 12:45 AM
Maen from wine country
04/Oct/16 1:00 AM
Mark your calendar! Australia switches back to daylight time on Sunday, April 2, 3:00 AM!!
04/Oct/16 1:03 AM
04/Oct/16 1:17 AM

We sure did fiddle the clock on Sunday morning Denny, hence my appearance at this time of night. By the time I get my body clock sorted it will be time to change it all back again.

Have a good day all, Im going back to bed and try to get some sleep.
04/Oct/16 1:42 AM
everyone! We finally have sun!
I was happy to learn Wombat had a gremlin problem in his last puzzle. The bad news was I spent too much time trying to figure it out. The good news was I learned ''ingle'' is a word for fireplace. Never knew that.
04/Oct/16 2:15 AM
I found a rocking chair for the guest bedroom yesterday. It is one of those glider/rockers. I am now ready for the new baby's visits. It has passed the ''comfy'' test. I fell asleep in it while reading.
04/Oct/16 2:23 AM
I saw the picture on TOS. Sure does look comfy.

Morning all.
04/Oct/16 2:39 AM
04/Oct/16 2:58 AM
Flowers,yup. What kind?
04/Oct/16 3:39 AM

4. AMPLIFIER, Couple of suggestions of Fire

In the today we have Lonewoof, Judy, Kathy, More...
04/Oct/16 3:59 AM
I took all answers for #4. The puzzle said ''Each of these words ends with the letters IRE''. In his answer, Lonewoof pointed out that it doesn't state the letters have to be in that order. I don't know if that was the creator's intent or an oopsy on their part. Either way, it was ambiguous enough that I took all answers for it.
04/Oct/16 4:03 AM
I didn't turn in my answers because I couldn't get #4. Ah well.
04/Oct/16 4:26 AM
I'll try again.
04/Oct/16 4:27 AM
Looking nervously around for Shiela.
04/Oct/16 4:27 AM
04/Oct/16 4:27 AM
Lovely unusual flowers! Wonder what kind they are?
04/Oct/16 4:58 AM
Walked along the Riverwalk before my classes - love the change in seasons -
04/Oct/16 5:40 AM
I got distracted ... go figure.
04/Oct/16 5:57 AM

Arrange the numbers from 1 to 25 in a 5x5 grid so that each row, column, and diagonal adds up to the same number.

Answers to my ‘’square’’ inbox please.
04/Oct/16 5:57 AM
Morning all, these flowers are Waratah native of Aust, here is a link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waratah
04/Oct/16 6:02 AM
The link has the flowers above as the same family as proteaceae. That is what they are still a native of Aust.
04/Oct/16 6:11 AM

A big thank you for the birthday wishes from the 29th to all from both sites. Had a great day in Southern NSW with Grasshopper and some friends.
04/Oct/16 8:44 AM
1:16. Good morning everyone.
04/Oct/16 9:04 AM
Morning all. I don't think the flowers are waratahs, but the South African equivalent, proteas. Of course they are closely related, both belonging to the proteaceae family. Proteas are much drier than waratahs and hence make good cut flowers. They seem to last forever. They are too dry for wombats to eat.
04/Oct/16 9:45 AM
Go for it Keith. While we do expect perfection from you, we don't demand it.
04/Oct/16 9:48 AM
1:36 Good morning one and all!
04/Oct/16 12:29 PM
Happy Monday!
Busy day at work, so unwinding a little before heating up some leftovers for dinner...
04/Oct/16 1:21 PM
Today's stop is Stanley, Tasmania = up in the north-west coast of the state. It's been a day of very heavy showers, and some wind. We came via Wynyard from Devonport.wynyard has a big tulip farm which we visited and luckily wore our gumboots for. The tulips were gorgeous and the ground was very More...
04/Oct/16 4:31 PM
Stanley is a beautiful place CP. I hope you make the trip up the Nut. Absolutely fantastic.
04/Oct/16 6:02 PM
But the best place that our little group enjoyed on our trip was Strahan. Extended our stay by several days to do the boat and seaplane trips and also the wilderness rail trip. Lots more to do as well.
04/Oct/16 6:23 PM
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