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Easy Sudoku for 3/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning - ah-ha, as Wombat warned...an hour earlier!
03/Oct/16 12:22 AM
🐳reminded me of Seattle Washington, thought of the needle when I first saw the picture and the bridge
03/Oct/16 1:06 AM
Oh my, did I actually sleep through a time change?
03/Oct/16 1:07 AM
And speaking of Wombat, don't forget his weekend puzzle ...it's a 'dilly' - at least for me it was!!
03/Oct/16 1:19 AM
Wet and cold here.
03/Oct/16 1:23 AM
Yes, mymare, several 'needles'!
03/Oct/16 1:36 AM
Here are a couple different views of those 'needles' in Lyon along the Rhone:


http://www.offset.com/fr/photos/35445 2
03/Oct/16 1:39 AM
The second link does not work, here is the complete address:
03/Oct/16 1:43 AM
No more lolly-gagging - bye-bye!
03/Oct/16 1:44 AM
I wonder if that is another of Chris's photos?
03/Oct/16 1:49 AM
03/Oct/16 1:57 AM
03/Oct/16 2:39 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
03/Oct/16 2:39 AM
Still trying not to get excited all over again! Can't seem to wipe this grin from my face! My sweet little girl was born yesterday and I spent the day with my grandson the proud big brother!
03/Oct/16 2:41 AM
Why try, Shosho? Just revel in your over-whelming delight of that sweet baby girl, Rain!
03/Oct/16 3:46 AM

I agree with Joyce. Just enjoy the excitement, Shosho!
03/Oct/16 4:33 AM
I also agree with Joyce about Wombat's ''dilly'' of a puzzle. I have been agonizing over it for quite some time. I am off with hubby to buy a rocking chair in a little while, so, I probably won't get back to it. I'll just send him what I have come up with...right or wrong. I'll certainly More...
03/Oct/16 4:41 AM
The reason for the rocking chair is a new little one due a week from next Wednesday. I will be in NC for that. They will be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so, I want a chair for rocking that little bundle of love.
First the crib...now the chair. Hubby is now calling the guest room ''The Shrine''
03/Oct/16 4:47 AM
I inherited the rocking chair I was rocked in. It is still very comfortable. My grandkids are teens now, so my rocking babies days are over, unless they get busy and provide me with some great grandkids.
03/Oct/16 4:53 AM
Might as well rock on.
03/Oct/16 4:54 AM
A sunny day after several days of rain. Too bad it wasn't sunny for us at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI! Luckily most of the art was inside!
03/Oct/16 4:54 AM
Did I do it???
03/Oct/16 4:54 AM
03/Oct/16 4:54 AM
Hi, Keith!
03/Oct/16 4:55 AM
Shiela snuck in and got me.
03/Oct/16 4:55 AM
You gallumped a bit too slow today!
03/Oct/16 4:56 AM
Please add 'ly' to slow!
03/Oct/16 5:26 AM
Good afternoon to all! I've never been to Lyon.
03/Oct/16 5:27 AM
Shiela was sure sneaky today!
03/Oct/16 5:28 AM
I'm watching the final singles matches of the Ryder Cup golf. Anyone else following?
03/Oct/16 5:29 AM
1:22. Well spotted June, that is one of my photos from our 2007 trip.
03/Oct/16 5:54 AM
Morning all, must go and look for Wombat's puzzle.
03/Oct/16 6:14 AM
Good morning all.
03/Oct/16 7:10 AM
I havent been able to post the last couple of days. I've been on my iPad and its logged me out from the site. I cant remember the pass word!
03/Oct/16 7:12 AM
Belated congratulations Wombat! The Doggies deserved their win in a very good game. What a fantastic coach and person is Mr. Beveridge!
03/Oct/16 7:14 AM
More rain today and I'm off to town. Enjoy your day folks.
03/Oct/16 7:14 AM
Light rain here today, too. Every little bit counts.
03/Oct/16 7:29 AM
Happy Sunday day off!
03/Oct/16 8:20 AM
Sacky, had to laugh at your comment on the coach...my eldest daughter is married to a Mr Beveridge.👍😂
03/Oct/16 8:35 AM
03/Oct/16 9:11 AM
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