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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Nov/15 12:00 AM
'Ello 'Ello 'Ello.
04/Nov/15 12:01 AM
04/Nov/15 12:01 AM
Nope no one home.
04/Nov/15 12:02 AM
04/Nov/15 12:02 AM
I'm just busy at work. No time for games.
04/Nov/15 1:01 AM
Hi bye C. Morning Wolf.
04/Nov/15 1:05 AM
04/Nov/15 1:08 AM
hard to see you through the fog here.
04/Nov/15 1:35 AM
The fog is less than earlier and I still can not see the houses across the lake. It is a small lake.
04/Nov/15 1:36 AM
Having trouble sleeping, went to bed at 2 up before 6, where is my needed 8 hours. Maybe a nap later.
04/Nov/15 1:39 AM
Have done one load of laundry another in the machine.
04/Nov/15 1:41 AM
04/Nov/15 1:43 AM
Good morning, Tom!
04/Nov/15 2:23 AM
Poozle time!

Can you work out the name of each river from the
following anagrams? Name lengths are shown in brackets. Try it without the anagram finder!

2. POLO IMP (7)
3. IS GRIT (6)
4. LINE (4)
5. GET ZANY (7)
6. TRIBE (5)
7. HAS MET More...
04/Nov/15 2:42 AM

Another day with much warmer temps than normal for this time of year here and lots of sunshine. It actually makes it nicer to clean the house.
04/Nov/15 3:29 AM
Morning, couldn't sleep so here I am.
04/Nov/15 3:48 AM
Dog doesn't look happy with its costume.
04/Nov/15 3:57 AM
Nice to see you Amelia.
04/Nov/15 4:26 AM
Hi to everyone else.
04/Nov/15 4:26 AM
I've been awake since 2, when i woke after a disturbing dream.
04/Nov/15 4:27 AM
04/Nov/15 4:27 AM
Now for a cup of hot milk, and in a while I'll see if I can get back to sleep.
04/Nov/15 4:29 AM
A number of you have commented on the statue of 'A Soldier Watering His Horse' in my photo gallery. That is only a small part of an extraordinary memorial and I have tried to explain a little of it's concept in the comments under the photo in my gallery. I am limited in my inability to express adequately in words the atmosphere within this remarkable memorial.
04/Nov/15 5:40 AM
Cute matching costumes.
04/Nov/15 6:11 AM


Judy and HalT are hanging out in the today. This should help you out next time.
04/Nov/15 6:25 AM
In a Maxwell Smart Voice: There is an anagram finder, Kathy?
04/Nov/15 7:21 AM
Yes, Jack. You missed it by THAT much.
04/Nov/15 7:35 AM
A beautiful warm, sunny November day!
Wonder how long this warm streak is going to last?
04/Nov/15 7:37 AM
Good morning all.
04/Nov/15 8:02 AM
A beautiful day forecast here. You'll find me in the garden.
04/Nov/15 8:04 AM
Morning everybody
Have a wonderful day Sacky..
Look forward to being well enough to get into the garden while the weather is so good.. bronchitis and asthma still troublesome.
04/Nov/15 10:33 AM
Great photo Ian .. do you know who the artist was.. did you say? Very talented.
04/Nov/15 10:33 AM
1:39 one and all!
A beautifully sunny day here in Albany. I was up early and went for a walk. Now to get showered and ready and go and do my volunteer work.
04/Nov/15 11:08 AM
Fine drizzly rain here. Good for the garden.
04/Nov/15 11:58 AM
Go, go shosho
04/Nov/15 12:33 PM
It's Sho sho close now
04/Nov/15 12:34 PM
Or could Hal be lurking?
04/Nov/15 12:35 PM
Or has he come to a sudden HalT?
04/Nov/15 12:36 PM
It looks like Wombat can claim the Bottom of the Burrow, sorry bottom of the page.
04/Nov/15 12:37 PM
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