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Easy Sudoku for 3/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Nov/15 12:07 AM
03/Nov/15 12:08 AM
I didn't need to see that up close.
03/Nov/15 12:38 AM

Arrange the symbols however you can to make a correct math equation. You must use all of them. You may not rearrange the numbers.

For example...


03/Nov/15 12:46 AM
03/Nov/15 1:04 AM
Sunny and unseasonably warm!
(Is it luck or global warming?)
I'll take 'lucky' for today!
03/Nov/15 1:06 AM
a beautiful in OK
03/Nov/15 1:35 AM
good bye for a while I have to do the dreaded errands this morning.
03/Nov/15 1:42 AM
Happy Monday!
03/Nov/15 2:05 AM

I love reading Phantom's summary every morning.
for your daily efforts Phanty!
03/Nov/15 2:17 AM
Joyce gave the Halloween quiz a go. She specifically asked not to be rewarded with a large spider on her head, so, I'm sending Judy to give her a congratulatory hug.....
03/Nov/15 2:21 AM
Heh! Heh! Wanna go on a ride on my broom and have some candy, Little Girl?
03/Nov/15 2:26 AM
Oh, thanks Kathy....but, but, but why is the hug lasting soooo long?
03/Nov/15 2:29 AM
Yikes! Is it possible to be a witch and a vampire at the same time?
03/Nov/15 2:32 AM
03/Nov/15 3:27 AM
better change my avatar to something more appropriate!
03/Nov/15 3:29 AM
HEy it's better than the Christmas ( which happens to be 52 days and 15 hours and 29 minutes and oh forget the seconds!) ones this early!
03/Nov/15 3:31 AM
Days are still bright and sunny but thankfully a lot cooler! We're finally in the comfortable 70's! I am very grateful!
03/Nov/15 3:33 AM
A CP and I'm outa here!
03/Nov/15 3:34 AM
Good morning to all! You were an early bird today Keith.
03/Nov/15 3:44 AM
I see the Halloween folks were still around today. Bats and witches showing up. No treats left ladies. Sorry.
03/Nov/15 3:45 AM
03/Nov/15 3:46 AM
Well. Keith got his 2, so I guess he won't mind if I take his 22.
03/Nov/15 3:46 AM
Spoke too soon. Keith was lurking in the shadows.
03/Nov/15 3:47 AM
Hehe, came back at just the right time.

Shosho's right ... I say, shosho's right, 'No Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.'
03/Nov/15 3:51 AM

My Texas brother and his wife are coming up for a few days starting Thursday. I guess that means I should be cleaning my house. We're all having dinner here Friday evening.
03/Nov/15 4:22 AM
03/Nov/15 4:27 AM
Yikes! I sure wouldn't want that ant in my house!
03/Nov/15 5:18 AM
I have put a few photos from our recent trip to Western Australia in my gallery. It was a great rtip.
03/Nov/15 6:03 AM
Oops - rtip = trip. Sorry. (now i'm awake)
03/Nov/15 6:04 AM
There are some stunning photos Ian.
03/Nov/15 6:43 AM
Morning all, it has been a long time since I've been bitten by a bull ant but I can still remember the Ouch !
03/Nov/15 7:03 AM
Nice pictures, Ian. Thanks.
03/Nov/15 7:04 AM
Good morning all. Beautiful rain last night. 1/2 an inch of steady droplets with no wind to dry it. Hay paddock says thank you!
03/Nov/15 7:37 AM

Yaaaaay! It's Cup Day.
03/Nov/15 8:42 AM
Passing on a clarification Serena provided concerning her puzzle ... While the numbers must remain in the same order, the symbols do NOT have to stay in the order they were presented. This information makes the puzzle solvable!
03/Nov/15 8:44 AM
Good morning everyone!
03/Nov/15 9:29 AM
Am I back in time?
03/Nov/15 9:59 AM
Appears that I am.
03/Nov/15 9:59 AM
03/Nov/15 10:00 AM
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