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Easy Sudoku for 6/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jul/16 12:15 AM
Oh my goodness! I'm #1!
06/Jul/16 12:15 AM
And, all by myself.....
06/Jul/16 12:16 AM
We have a very warm, muggy day here, so I have chosen ''Summer Bat'' for my avatar.
06/Jul/16 12:17 AM
Might as well post a poozle for

Using the clues below can you find 8 four letter words. Once you have placed the words into the CORRECT ORDER you will find that each word is different from the previous word by only one letter. For More...
06/Jul/16 12:23 AM
06/Jul/16 12:59 AM
06/Jul/16 1:00 AM
So close . . .
06/Jul/16 1:00 AM
Thank you, HalT!
I got it!!!
06/Jul/16 1:01 AM
Wishing everyone a smile-y day.
06/Jul/16 1:42 AM
Good morning.
06/Jul/16 2:36 AM
I was going to say 'I'm up with the birds' but even they are still asleep.
06/Jul/16 2:37 AM
I've been awake a little while trying to convince myself it's too early to get out of bed and to go back to sleep. Fail.
06/Jul/16 2:39 AM
It's worked the last few mornings - did anyone notice my absence?
06/Jul/16 2:40 AM
Went to see The BFG at the movies yesterday - enjoyed it very much.
06/Jul/16 2:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! Rowley is basically a 'ghost town' now, with only a handful of folks still living there.
06/Jul/16 2:59 AM
I glad those of you who received my July 4th card enjoyed it so much. Comments back included 'it brought a lump to my throat' (Jerry), 'I'll raise a wee dram to toast this day' (Jeb), 'lovely' Several) and 'this was beautiful (several more). Glad you all enjoyed it.
06/Jul/16 3:04 AM
Good afternoon folks - hope you all enjoyed your weekend festivities & for some... gliding through & nearing the end already!
06/Jul/16 3:40 AM
Well..... share the joy, Greg!
06/Jul/16 3:41 AM

Had my pretty new range/stove delivered Friday. Then my dishwasher broke Sunday, so a new dishwasher will be delivered this Friday. I sure hope that takes care of appliances for a few years!
06/Jul/16 4:13 AM
Love that bank! Areal antique.
06/Jul/16 4:21 AM
06/Jul/16 4:36 AM
I enjoyed it too, Greg, though I didn't write back to say so.
06/Jul/16 4:39 AM
I wondered if the picture was all there was to Rowley. While in Ashland, friends took us exploring the countryside. We looked at the ghost town of what's left of Buncum ... 2 small buildings. I wish I'd had my camera with me.
06/Jul/16 4:53 AM
Morning all, ah a bank for ghosts.
Dottie,I have my fingers crossed for you. Hope nothing else breaks !
06/Jul/16 6:21 AM
I spelled that wrong. Correct is Buncom. Sorry for the terrible sentence structure. I should have said ~ we looked at what's left of the ghost town of Buncom.
06/Jul/16 7:00 AM
Good morning everyone - 1:31 this morning.
06/Jul/16 8:10 AM
06/Jul/16 1:01 PM
1:50 Good afternoon one and all!
06/Jul/16 2:07 PM
You forgot me, CG.
06/Jul/16 5:16 PM
It's a very quiet day, isn't it?
06/Jul/16 8:14 PM
4:29 What a rustic old bank
06/Jul/16 9:22 PM
G'day all.
06/Jul/16 10:28 PM
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