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Easy Sudoku for 5/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Lots of tigers.
05/Jul/16 12:03 AM
Happy Independence Day!
05/Jul/16 12:04 AM

1. a baked pastry filled with asphalt (tar pie)
2. a burglary committed by a ghost (ghoul heist)
3. high temperature, low humidity (dry heat)
4. the quantity of smooches per hour (kiss rate)
5. untalented thespians (bad More...
05/Jul/16 12:10 AM

How long would it take to count to one billion, if you counted 200 every minute and were given one day off every four years?

Answers to my ''counting'' inbox please.
05/Jul/16 12:17 AM
Happy 4th of July!
Yay, pie from Serena (hope it's apple!)
05/Jul/16 12:38 AM
Happy 4th of July.
05/Jul/16 12:47 AM
05/Jul/16 1:03 AM
And, the anagrams to Serena's puzzle....I just happen to have my ''work'' paper in front of me....
1. tar pie - pirate
2. ghoul heist - lighthouse
3. dry heat - hydrate
4. kiss rate - asterisk
5. bad actors - broadcast

Just in case anyone was wondering....
05/Jul/16 1:09 AM
05/Jul/16 2:09 AM
Happy Independence Day, everyone!!!
05/Jul/16 2:11 AM
Good afternoon to all!
Happy Independence Day to all Americans!
05/Jul/16 2:24 AM
I think I see 3 tigers with Alex. He looks right at home with them.
05/Jul/16 4:04 AM
Overcast & a bit hot.
Happy 4th of July to our US friends!
05/Jul/16 4:05 AM
It was so loud around here this past week (an air compressor-driven nail gun was used to put down the wood floor) that the light bulbs in the basement screwed themselves out of their sockets! Honest!
In contrast, it's been so very quiet around here this holiday weekend. But... tomorrow More...
05/Jul/16 4:16 AM
For a nice change it's not sub-zero outside this morning - currently 1.8°C and drizzling.

1:27 for the Sudoku.
05/Jul/16 5:06 AM
Good morning.
05/Jul/16 5:26 AM
Yes, Chris, it's a nice change from freezing.
05/Jul/16 5:28 AM
I think Alex is a cat with grand delusions.
05/Jul/16 5:29 AM
Not satisfied with being a cat, he wants to be a tiger.
05/Jul/16 5:30 AM
Don't all cats have grand ideas?
05/Jul/16 5:31 AM
05/Jul/16 5:31 AM
Keith must be still watching the parade.
05/Jul/16 5:32 AM
Morning all,Felix sure has those tigers under control.
Happy Independence Day to our friends in the USA.
05/Jul/16 7:03 AM
Yep. Last party goers just left. Today I had no great expectations ... which was the name of one of the plays we saw up in Ashland. Dickens, not Shakespeare, but a good story, well adapted to the stage, nonetheless.
05/Jul/16 7:18 AM
Good morning all.
05/Jul/16 7:43 AM
Morning all
05/Jul/16 11:20 AM
05/Jul/16 1:14 PM
Off to bed, goodnight.
05/Jul/16 10:20 PM
G'day all.
05/Jul/16 10:54 PM
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