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Easy Sudoku for 6/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jul/17 12:00 AM
Hello new day. I hope its good to everyone. I'm off to bed Goodnight
06/Jul/17 12:02 AM
I did take pictures in Iceland, Hal, but not as many as usual. I just looked harder to remember everything.
06/Jul/17 12:30 AM
06/Jul/17 12:58 AM
to all!
06/Jul/17 1:07 AM
06/Jul/17 1:52 AM
so close , , ,
06/Jul/17 1:52 AM
06/Jul/17 1:53 AM
Interesting photo today.Fun idea.
06/Jul/17 3:56 AM

My son and DIL left this morning to drive to NC and help my grand daughter and family with their move here. Everyone will be returning on the 8th. Time to kid proof the house!
06/Jul/17 4:06 AM
Oops. Time to get batty again.....
06/Jul/17 4:08 AM
No red, white and blue bats, Kathy?
06/Jul/17 5:28 AM
Aaahh, someone on this site is a fan of Japanese animation; my niece loves that stuff!
06/Jul/17 5:31 AM
1:40, felt slower. Good morning everyone.
06/Jul/17 6:21 AM
Good mAen, good people. I have some catching up to do. I haven't even sent in my answer yet to Wombat's 1&3 even though I solved it well before the deadline. I have to do that before I go back over the archives of the past few days.
06/Jul/17 6:57 AM
I've lived in fixer-uppers my entire adult life. I'm 56 years old. You think I'd know better than to tell myself 'It's a simple little home improvement project that won't take very long, no more than a day.' I can't believe I was dumb enough to fall for that line. Again. I am such a liar.
06/Jul/17 7:04 AM
Morning all, leaving to go to a housewarming party with a difference, it's also a working bee to get the gardens started.
06/Jul/17 7:14 AM
We went to visit our new g grandchild Avery yesterday, couldn't have a nurse as she is premmie, she was only 35 weeks . Her weight is 6lb1oz and 47 cm long.
06/Jul/17 7:20 AM
Congrats Amelia. That isn't very small for a premmie so you might not have to wait long for a cuddle
06/Jul/17 7:37 AM
We've lived in a fixer-upper for over 30 years.
06/Jul/17 7:49 AM
06/Jul/17 7:49 AM
06/Jul/17 7:49 AM
Got all the fix-up stuff done years ago. It's fun living here with it in good shape and all paid for.
06/Jul/17 7:51 AM
Twenty three posts at this stage given all the holidays and visitors disturbing people's routines, but it is a bit slow. I've posted a few poems without many poems in reply. I'll try a few more in the hope it will produce some reactions. I'll start with poor Hal, cos he does respond.
Nothing More...
06/Jul/17 9:46 AM
Don't forget Peter's ECCO puzzle. IT's a challenge, but do-able. Peter is quite happy to receive partial answers.
06/Jul/17 9:48 AM
Seeing as I will send ECCO poozlers their answers via PM there is no real time limit for your answers - so have a go.

Answers will not be published here but acknowledgements will.
06/Jul/17 11:04 AM
Wombat says he wants to visit,
Don't think he really gets it,
I have to tell,
It's hot as he!!,
But if he comes, I'd love it.
06/Jul/17 11:37 AM
Good one Hal. I really like it. Don't worry about me visiting though, most of my excursions are to a doctor or the pharmacists.
06/Jul/17 2:44 PM
Not original, has nothing to do with Hal or Wombat and has to be credited to Walt Kelly. I was and still am a hardened student of his musings. Here 'tis as sung by Churchy LaFemme:
'Twiggle twiggle lily starch,
Howie rumble woody arch.
Up above a high Ohio,
Like a dime on a piano.'
06/Jul/17 2:51 PM
A poem that our US friends might find hard to understand. More Aussie slang Keith.
The Cats Brumbies and Wallabies,
(Or should that be the Wobblies),
For Daniel Riccardo,
It's Go! Go! and Go!
Peter always barracks for the Aussies.

But now there's a challenge on the More...
06/Jul/17 2:57 PM
Although I'm sure Google will translate this into American English, where possible, I, and Peter I'm sure would also be happy to do so.
06/Jul/17 3:00 PM
That's scatty stuff Jeb, reminiscent of the great Danny Kay. I love it.
06/Jul/17 3:06 PM
Ba Moui Ba
06/Jul/17 4:20 PM
There was a great ship called Sudoku
That sailed on fantastical dreams
Of folks from this site, posting rhymes each night,
Driving some to distraction as it seems.

We fancied ourselves to be poets
And went to great lengths to show it.
We all had great fun don't you know it,
And tried so very hard not to blow it,
But took it too far, not knowing when to stow it.
06/Jul/17 4:45 PM
Good one Keith. When is the right time to stow it, or is it a rhetorical question.
06/Jul/17 8:35 PM
Perfection, Keith!
06/Jul/17 10:00 PM
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