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Easy Sudoku for 5/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all
05/Jul/17 12:01 AM
Morning Rage. I thought I'd drop in earl and to suggest to everyone that they check back to yesterday's page. Let's make it a 24 hour blog. Look out for Peter's ECCO puzzle late today, or tomorrow.
05/Jul/17 12:17 AM
My ISP seems to be working better today.
05/Jul/17 12:20 AM
Okay, it is back to bed time.
05/Jul/17 12:21 AM
It seems I spoke too soon, it only works with my wireless dongle.
05/Jul/17 12:24 AM
I may as well get a CP even before CP is up.
05/Jul/17 12:26 AM
Morning Wombat I went to the medium poozle but dozed off before I finished it. So I've come back here to sign off. Goodnight one and all.
05/Jul/17 12:32 AM
Happy Fourth.
I'll spend the day wondering what a wireless dongle is. Aussie slang. Shesh.
05/Jul/17 12:42 AM
05/Jul/17 12:47 AM
05/Jul/17 1:33 AM
Happy July 4th to all Americans!
05/Jul/17 2:49 AM
Good morning.
05/Jul/17 3:46 AM
I was trying to sTAy in bed, rather than get up and play but that didn't work tonight.
05/Jul/17 3:48 AM
Iit has worked a few times lately and I've got nearly a full night's sleep.
05/Jul/17 3:50 AM
I have to practise sleeping through since it is only 5 weeks until we leave for UK, Europe and Ireland - and I don't want to be the ghost lady wandering the halls of the B&Bs or hotels.
05/Jul/17 3:55 AM
With the amounts of sights we want to see, I think I'll be totally exhausted by bedtime anyway.
05/Jul/17 3:58 AM
A dongle is not just Aussie slang -

Wiki says...

A dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to another device to provide it with additional functionality. In relation to computing, the term is primarily associated with hardware providing a copy protection mechanism for More...
05/Jul/17 5:16 AM
Good morning, had a short but nice sleep. Given that Wombat mentioned his isp I would suggest that a dongle is a type of USB device that enables a user to connect to the internet while on the go. Dongles are plug-in devices that can serve a variety of purposes. Some dongles are used for identifying and connecting to a wireless internet connection for a laptop.
05/Jul/17 5:39 AM
Ahah, just like DorA said...
05/Jul/17 5:42 AM
Good mAen
I am listening a music channel - I am looking for idea for my 5 free downloads for my water classes - they ask for 50/60 and 70's - I can really belt out the lyrics to 50 ways to leave your lover
05/Jul/17 6:21 AM
Now we got ' I will survive '
05/Jul/17 6:22 AM
And that brings out the dance moves !
05/Jul/17 6:22 AM
Oh I try to be R E S P E C T - but I danced right into 22
05/Jul/17 6:24 AM
Any requests?
05/Jul/17 6:25 AM
Don't think I'll get up yet, snooze for an hour
05/Jul/17 6:29 AM
BTW I just did medium, seeing I failed earlier this morning
05/Jul/17 6:34 AM
Morning all, I use a Wifi dongle when on holiday. I put $50 on it and I have twelve months to use it, only time I've used it all was last year in Western Australia.
05/Jul/17 6:55 AM
My 'format & reload' of the computer was a major stuff up! I lost ALL emails, and email addresses. Also lost were the configuration settings for my browser and email programs.
05/Jul/17 7:00 AM
Had fun reading yesterday's page, will make sure to check back for Peters poozle.
DoA ,it was the devil side that stuffed up.
05/Jul/17 7:07 AM
Thx DoA. New information to me.
05/Jul/17 7:32 AM
Thanks guys for straightening out the dongle issue.
You have a good deal with your $50 for 12 months Amelia, it costs me $180 for my twelve month deal with Telstra. Who is your ISP?
05/Jul/17 10:08 AM
The poozle you've all been waiting for....an ECCO.

Remember the last letter of the previous answer is the first letter of the next one.
Numbers in brackets represent the number of letters in the word.

Today we learn about animals.......

B---- (5) - Ungulate found in Nth More...
05/Jul/17 10:18 AM
I find the term 'dongle' way too general, I prefer to call it a wireless modem or stick modem. I relied on mobile internet for about six years. I could move house without interruption and without a $50 slug for transfer of service, and I could take it with me when travelling. I'm on nbn now, but keep the mobile in case nbn goes down.
05/Jul/17 1:02 PM
Nice to see you have returned, Sarah - I have missed you, but didn't know you were engrossed in emptying your Mom's apartment; it is a necessary but very sad chore!
05/Jul/17 1:38 PM
Not a good puzzle to start from 1... A very pedestrian 2:02. Good evening everyone.
05/Jul/17 6:40 PM
Wombat, mine is prepaid with Telstra.
05/Jul/17 7:13 PM
Thanks Amelia, You must have some package with them, but it's never been offered to me.
05/Jul/17 7:45 PM
I must admit I dont miss working but I do miss having someone to chat with in here, at 2am at work it wasnt overly busy but Im becoming an earlish to bed person these days...ohhhhh well so is life.......
Two nights in a row and its been post #38....see what tomorrow brings.
05/Jul/17 10:01 PM
What a boost the blood transfusion has been. I have much more energy, not feeling as cold and more colour in my face. Thank you to who ever donated their blood.
05/Jul/17 11:54 PM
I cannot leave it on page one!
05/Jul/17 11:54 PM
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