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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Jul/17 12:01 AM
Slowly getting back to normal after our wonderful cruise to Iceland.
04/Jul/17 12:04 AM
Did you take pictures Wolf?
04/Jul/17 12:15 AM
Good Maen 🌞Day off for me - rib fest is going on and it is behind my fitness center - so they have holiday hours ! And hold the special pops classes. We will make them up at end of the current session
04/Jul/17 12:29 AM
Good morning.
04/Jul/17 12:45 AM
Good morning all - I am still laughing from Wombat's wife's tale, then followed by Peter's tall tale - all available at the conclusion of yesterday's chatter. Enjoy
04/Jul/17 12:46 AM
Awake super early today.
04/Jul/17 12:46 AM
So I think I'll make some hot milk and head back to bed - after drinking it!
04/Jul/17 12:48 AM
Maen, best grass and sand picture that I've ever seen.
04/Jul/17 1:15 AM
The first of my family arrived last night. We picked them up at the airport at 12:30. By the time they got their luggage and we got home it was almost 2:00AM. By the time everyone headed for bed it was 3:00AM. They are still More...
04/Jul/17 1:40 AM
I went back to check on the funnies from Wombat and Peter....both hysterical!

BTW, Peter, did you ever post the answers to your last poozle? Oh, he's probably sleeping. Did anyone see them? I looked back and couldn't find them. I ask More...
04/Jul/17 1:47 AM
04/Jul/17 1:55 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!!!
04/Jul/17 1:56 AM
I have them Kathy - will send them via a PM - Happy FOURTH, & 5th & 6th &... the rest of the time your visitors are residents....!
04/Jul/17 2:17 AM
Morning. The Fourth is almost upon us.
04/Jul/17 2:38 AM
I got the answers. Thanks, Joyce! Happy 4th to you, too!
04/Jul/17 3:32 AM
We are off to the car rental! If I don't get back for awhile...
Have a Happy 4th of July!
04/Jul/17 3:37 AM
Happy 4th. July to all our American friends.
My blood count is too low for a treatment tody. I will have a blood transfusion instead. That should make me feel better for the next few weeks.
04/Jul/17 4:09 AM
I guess we're close enough now
04/Jul/17 4:30 AM
for me to make a run for it.
04/Jul/17 4:30 AM
04/Jul/17 4:30 AM
04/Jul/17 4:31 AM
Morning all,great photo dino.
04/Jul/17 7:14 AM
Happy July Four to all our US chums. It has already arrived here hot on the heels of Canada Day. Is there a reason they fall so close together? I know about Independence Day in the US, but Canada was a 'Dominion' well after that.
04/Jul/17 9:31 AM
It is good to see that some people are going back to the previous day to read the later posts. It would be even better if everyone did it. It isn't hard to do folks.
04/Jul/17 9:33 AM
Good news folks, Peter intends to post an ECCO puzzle every Wednesday. However he won't be able to post them until late in the day, so 'CHECK BACK'.
04/Jul/17 9:37 AM
I'm not sure how many read yesterday's poetic exchange between Hal and Wombat, but those who did enjoyed it.
Here's another one that might evoke a response.

She can solve any poozle,
From her head or using Google,
Her answers invariably accurate,
Her grammer and spelling More...
04/Jul/17 9:53 AM
June lets hope the blood transfusion peps you up, and the fight can continue.
04/Jul/17 9:55 AM
Well that was a CP, but I'll leave the page turning to some others.
04/Jul/17 9:57 AM
You've thrown down the gauntlet,
And challenged my talent,
But never say die,
I'll continue to try,
To come up with something that will elicit a laugh or two from all who frequent these pages.
04/Jul/17 12:56 PM
With that bit of drivel, I shall retire for the day. Night all.
04/Jul/17 12:59 PM
04/Jul/17 1:31 PM
I like it Halt and certainly welcome a bit of a challenge. What about this one.

He's a prickly old fella is Wombat,
Enjoys some verbal combat,
He tries to bamboozle,
With any type of poozle,
But usually fails at that.
04/Jul/17 3:27 PM
I've resurfaced from the enormous task of emptying my mother's apartment in just one month. I should definitely have paid two months' rent! The only good thing about it is that since it had to get done (the apartment was rented, sight unseen, to a new tenant), it did get done. The bad thing is that my dining and living rooms are not quite livable, more like box depositories.
04/Jul/17 3:35 PM
Hello everybody! Hope you are all well and happy? Can't remember if I told you I'm a Granny now? My first grand child - Jennifer Skye, happy and healthy and absolutely gorgeous! Love to all my friends. ♥
04/Jul/17 5:49 PM
Judy, grand-parenting, the best job in the world.
04/Jul/17 6:47 PM
1:20. Finally back in Canberra after a long weekend away for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon -
another one bites the dust, and a PB to boot! Good evening all.
04/Jul/17 7:56 PM
Fancy rating a mention in Wombats verse ...I must make a better attempt to get here on a more regular basis.
04/Jul/17 10:49 PM
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