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Easy Sudoku for 6/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jul/19 12:00 AM
Nope. Missed it.
06/Jul/19 12:00 AM
& back to gallumping.
06/Jul/19 12:01 AM
Keith & everyone!
Sunny today!
TFTD: Maybe grandmas should not go to water parks with their grand-twins - I've got bruises and sore muscles all over my body! Guess I'm not the type to set on the sidelines!
06/Jul/19 12:02 AM
The rope & tree canopy walk was a little easier on me, though - at least no visible bruises.
06/Jul/19 12:05 AM
1:51. Good Morning, Keith, Shiela, everyone.
06/Jul/19 12:21 AM
06/Jul/19 12:24 AM
We saw two sets of fireworks - one with twins and one the next day with wine!
06/Jul/19 12:25 AM
(Enjoyed both!)
06/Jul/19 12:26 AM
(I was going to save Shosho's lucky number for her - she might need it - but stumbled on it myself. Will send the to her anyway!)
06/Jul/19 12:29 AM
My 4th of July celebration included running a raffle at the baseball stadium. I had three little helpers this year. It was pretty amazing how many people bought tickets because of a two-year-old climbing up and down the stands yelling ''Raffle Tickets!''
I'll see if I can post some photos.....
06/Jul/19 1:06 AM
06/Jul/19 1:16 AM
I put a few photos of the kiddos on my page. Having them there was worth slogging through the stands in the heat. It had rained earlier in the day, but luckily, had cleared up by game time.
06/Jul/19 1:17 AM
Kathy, you can always be a winner when buying a raffle ticket recommended by a cute two-year old. You may not win the prize - but you win a child's smile!
06/Jul/19 1:27 AM
06/Jul/19 1:49 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!!
06/Jul/19 1:50 AM
Saw the fireworks last night!
06/Jul/19 1:51 AM
The two gray bunnies are back! And this time I think I saw the parent as well but a block away.
06/Jul/19 1:52 AM
Here's for a CP!!!.
06/Jul/19 1:52 AM
That feather has a face!
06/Jul/19 3:04 AM
06/Jul/19 4:08 AM
06/Jul/19 4:08 AM
Of all the 4th of July parade watching parties we've had, this year's was the best. More people attended than ever have, lots brought food, most of the food got eaten, the parade was entertaining and fun, the weather was perfect, and our dog, Autumn, was exceptionally well behaved. Several people wanted to take her home with them. All in all, a great day.
06/Jul/19 4:16 AM
Such a nice sense of accomplishment, huh Keith?

You might be so-inclined to do it again next year - that's what's so wonderful when everyone appreciates all you have contributed - plus everyone is smiling & happy!
06/Jul/19 4:26 AM
Accolades to you, Shiela - to even attempt all those activities - but those bangs & bruises are your 'battle scars' - wear them proudly!
06/Jul/19 4:27 AM
Considering the way fireworks happens here at our little lake-place with many seasonal but also year-round residents ...I'm guessing we'll have 2 more nights of booming. crackling, sparkling, & explosions...……….Everyone who purchased their explosive-load will want an opportunity to explode their More...
06/Jul/19 4:33 AM
06/Jul/19 4:41 AM
Morning all,I thought that was a fishing lure at first.
06/Jul/19 6:39 AM
Good morning one one and all, and especially to all PUZZLERS or POOZLERS if you prefer. YOU need to be ready for a challenge and here it is.


THis week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle, 
 We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of More...
06/Jul/19 8:20 AM
5.25 best time ever. Must have been the two early morning coffees
06/Jul/19 12:26 PM
Regarding Wombat&Co's wonderful time-waster for today: Hurray for odd names of medications! Handy hint for Hepatitis A Vaccine - either wait until the end to solve by elimination, or add 'in Australia' to your search.
06/Jul/19 1:33 PM
1:24. Good afternoon everyone.

Well, that's another tick. I've finished my back-to-back marathons; the first in Sydney yesterday and the second in Canberra today. I 'hit the wall' today and was nearly 20 minutes slower than yesterday, but it was still a respectable time. Now I need some time to recuperate!
06/Jul/19 2:42 PM
Recuperate is the right word! I was wondering if running back to back marathons was medically advisable.
06/Jul/19 3:47 PM
It probably isn't strictly advisable Sarah, but I was one of the more sensible ones. I was doing two marathons in two states in two days as a part of a series of seven, in seven states, in seven days. There are 22 doing all of them! They have one left, the Gold Coast marathon tomorrow.
06/Jul/19 4:37 PM
Am I mistaken but was that one of the easiest sudokus I have ever done? Anyone else think so?
06/Jul/19 8:34 PM
Does anyone know a good site for Loco-sudoku, also called jigsaw sudoku?
06/Jul/19 9:43 PM
Good Maen
Just gearing up for the day , getting my game plan in ready.
06/Jul/19 9:58 PM
I did the game in rows only - I do like doing them in a pattern
06/Jul/19 10:00 PM
06/Jul/19 11:57 PM
06/Jul/19 11:57 PM
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