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Easy Sudoku for 5/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
05/Jul/19 12:00 AM
05/Jul/19 12:00 AM
Happy 4th.
05/Jul/19 12:11 AM
Thought I'd change to my patriotic Avatar.
05/Jul/19 12:13 AM
1:52. Happy Birthday, America! Good Morning, Wolf, HalT, Keith and everyone!
05/Jul/19 12:39 AM
Everybody!! Ready to hang the flag for the Fourth.
05/Jul/19 1:12 AM
05/Jul/19 1:12 AM
05/Jul/19 1:13 AM
Happy Independence Day for those in the USA and a Happy Peaceful Day for everyone!!
05/Jul/19 1:20 AM
05/Jul/19 2:57 AM
Earthquake! (sorry, had to finish the puzzle 1st!)
05/Jul/19 3:39 AM
Good mAen plus a 4th of July Greeting

I did make my potato salad - I did cook my brats and had lunch - 8 brats but only 7 buns mmmm no one admits to eating one of the buns - doesn’t matter, just wondering
Yes, my PJ are still on but it is called a lounge robe now
05/Jul/19 3:50 AM
05/Jul/19 4:19 AM
Saw the note on the CA earthquake 6.6
Remember our Earthquake in Chicago area -bout 33 years ago. I was taking a nap and thought someone came in and shook my foot.
05/Jul/19 4:34 AM
Just announced: National Weather Service says there have been 90 temblors in the past two hours.
05/Jul/19 5:04 AM
oops. Geologic Service, of course, not Weather.
05/Jul/19 5:06 AM
Very early morning! WellI can nap later.
05/Jul/19 5:09 AM
Morning all,had to laugh at Aileen telling the earthquake to wait until she had finished the puzzle.😂
05/Jul/19 5:38 AM
Happy Independence Day to our American friends!
05/Jul/19 5:49 AM
Nice to get my # on the 4th.
05/Jul/19 8:38 AM
05/Jul/19 8:38 AM
05/Jul/19 8:38 AM
Thank you Wombat for the update on Peter.

Peter, get well soon, you're missed around here.
05/Jul/19 11:46 AM
Another late arrival - after all the fireworks have been exploding around us … many folks like to provide a private show at various points around our very small lake … and this is only the beginning! With a holiday such as this arriving near a weekend - it will continue the entire weekend as soon as darkness begins to descend - it is quite a show!
05/Jul/19 12:43 PM
I'm sorry to hear that you, Peter, are suffering the flu - not a fun manner to welcome your winter! Eat your fruits, drink plenty of liquids, & get well - we're missing you!
05/Jul/19 12:45 PM
Hang in there, Pete.
05/Jul/19 12:51 PM
Hurray! Good news to report this Fourth of July. Because the fireworks had to be moved, they ended up being set off right straight down from where I live.
In past years, I have gone down the few blocks to the Lincoln Memorial, since otherwise there are buildings in the way. But this year, the fireworks were behind the memorial - perfect!
05/Jul/19 2:13 PM
At least Trump did something right. He moved the fireworks so Sarah could watch from home...
05/Jul/19 4:01 PM
2:04, didn't feel quite that slow.

I'm finally back home after travelling to Sydney yesterday afternoon, running a marathon at 6:15am today and driving back home. I had a ball, so much so that I do it all again in Canberra at 6am tomorrow! I think I might take Sunday off...
05/Jul/19 6:07 PM
I'm exhausted just reading about your activities, Chris!
06/Jul/19 2:59 AM
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