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Easy Sudoku for 7/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day all.
07/Apr/17 12:01 AM
07/Apr/17 12:09 AM
Hello & good Maen!
07/Apr/17 12:12 AM
I see Keith did #2.

Well, we went from a glorious day yesterday to a torrential downpour today. Ah, Spring. Gotta love it.
07/Apr/17 12:31 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. Go doe(go'on fawn, truck buck) 2. play day 3. half laugh 4. rad dad(top pop,snappy pappy, hot pop) 5. claw flaw
6. teal eel 7. plain train(mundane train) 8. male snail(germy wormy) 9. flat hat 10. gray day

The ''Flat Hat Crown'' More...
07/Apr/17 12:43 AM
07/Apr/17 1:00 AM
Oooh a chance to get my fav post!!!
07/Apr/17 1:00 AM
07/Apr/17 1:00 AM
07/Apr/17 1:01 AM
And a CP to boot!!!
07/Apr/17 1:01 AM
Good Maen, good people. I think my poozle solving team and I came up with great alternative answers. We had fun. We're also doing a poetry unit. So, we warmed up a bit with some rhyme time.
07/Apr/17 1:28 AM
I woke up this morning to winter white. As the morning has worn on and the rain has come down and the wind has blown it has become a crusty gray mess.
07/Apr/17 1:36 AM
We thought Old Man Winter had left the area, but he must have forgotten his cell, or socks or prescription, or whatever and had to come back to pick it up. He'll be moving on soon. We hope.
07/Apr/17 1:39 AM
We had snow this last winter... on a Wednesday I think.
07/Apr/17 1:55 AM
Happy Thursday!
07/Apr/17 2:10 AM
Happy??? Snowing here.
07/Apr/17 3:35 AM
Well some people like the snow, Sheila.

I'm not necessarily one of them, but SOME people do.
07/Apr/17 4:18 AM
I like snow...as observed from inside a toasty warm house...when someone ELSE has to shovel!
07/Apr/17 4:19 AM
07/Apr/17 4:22 AM
Dreary here in NY. They forecasted some heavy rain for this afternoon, so we'll see.

Quiet at work today...makes me want to nap!
07/Apr/17 4:22 AM
Roughly what part of NY State are you in, Cake Lady? Do you mind my asking?
07/Apr/17 4:25 AM
I am in Putnam County, about an hour's drive north of NYC.
07/Apr/17 4:35 AM
RIP - Don Rickles, 90.
07/Apr/17 5:18 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
07/Apr/17 6:30 AM
Morning all, dreary day here too.
07/Apr/17 7:03 AM
Bluey, Angry Ant and Crocket ,enjoy your special day.
07/Apr/17 7:06 AM
That Cake Lady lady rode right over Keith's twenty two.....No respect for that elderly gentleman these days.
07/Apr/17 9:08 AM
Hello folks! The sun is more or less out... Hope you are all well. Today I will spend time with my newborn granddaughter, and I'm really looking forward to that!! :D
07/Apr/17 9:19 AM
2:23 Very slow this morning. Did better on the medium.
one and all!
07/Apr/17 11:00 AM
Good morning.
07/Apr/17 11:26 AM
Beautiful autumn day here in Canberra.
07/Apr/17 11:27 AM
I've been reading a book. but I keep dozing off.
07/Apr/17 11:28 AM
Even though it's a good book.
07/Apr/17 11:28 AM
Too far to stroll/amble/walk to BOTP, so I'll just toddle off and find some things to do to keep me awake.
07/Apr/17 11:30 AM
Night all.
07/Apr/17 12:50 PM
We've spent the entire day driving in road spray & torrential rains, but we left town before any snow appeared; it is there now, all slushy & unwelcome! Tomorrow we'll reach more enticing weather for 2 of my girls to do triathlons....what a grueling sport especially when air temps are lower than More...
07/Apr/17 12:53 PM
I think I will maunder along............
07/Apr/17 12:54 PM
Skipping now & then..................
07/Apr/17 12:56 PM
On the way to ->
07/Apr/17 12:57 PM
...the bottom of the page - BOTP
07/Apr/17 12:58 PM
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