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Easy Sudoku for 6/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everyone!
06/Apr/17 12:00 AM
06/Apr/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. I could do with a good day because I had a difficult night.
06/Apr/17 12:14 AM
06/Apr/17 12:32 AM
To quote Mr. Rogers, ''It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood''. Spring definitely has sprung!
06/Apr/17 12:47 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: 24976
Was it logic? Math? I'm just going to call it ''logical math'' and be done with it.

The ''Whatever It was, I Wrapped My Brain Around It Crown'' goes to winners Judy, Plum, Cake Lady, Honest Hal, and Wombat.
06/Apr/17 12:52 AM
And, for today.....

The answers are a pair of words that rhyme:

1. move deer
2. 24 hours with toys
3. part giggle
4. cool dad
5. birds foot defect
6. blue-green moray
7. boring Choo-choo
8. boy covered slug
9. cap that got sat on
10. cloudy 24 hours

Answers to my ‘’Move it, Bambi!’’ inbox, please.
06/Apr/17 12:59 AM
Hold on to your hyacinths, Kathy. There's late season chilliness, wind and even snow sweeping across the northern tier of states. Michigan is in the crosshairs soon, then it will be moving east. Further north of us they're expecting 8' of heavy, wet snow. We will likely get an inch or less. More...
06/Apr/17 1:03 AM
No! No! Not Snow! Pa-leeeease!
06/Apr/17 1:23 AM
Sorry. I just had to get that out of my system! I'm okay now.
06/Apr/17 1:24 AM
I've started physical therapy. I get to do 'toe yoga'! (Raising my big toe without raising my little toes & vice versa.) I know that doesn't sound like much, but I find it close to impossible.
06/Apr/17 1:27 AM
Shiela, do you need some 'toe tapping' music to help you? (one can find anything on the internet)

06/Apr/17 1:42 AM
We better just get rain here, Plum. ALL our snow removal equipment has be cleaned and put away. Shovels, snow blower, etc., are sleeping in the deep recesses of the back shed.
06/Apr/17 1:51 AM
Shiela, I am sitting here trying to raise my big toe without moving the others. I can't seem to do it.
06/Apr/17 1:53 AM
Good morning.
06/Apr/17 2:21 AM
06/Apr/17 2:22 AM
Seems like everyone has gone aaay.
06/Apr/17 2:24 AM
No they haven't.
06/Apr/17 2:24 AM
shosho's here.
06/Apr/17 2:25 AM
Yay! I did it! What great accomplishment did I achieve? Shiela's toe yoga!!! Although I did have to teach my toes the trick. And once learned they did! Thank you, Shiela. Now I can say I have achieved something today!
06/Apr/17 2:25 AM
She's being very quiet.
06/Apr/17 2:25 AM
Want to race to Keith's number???
06/Apr/17 2:26 AM
Nah, just trying to type! But thanks for the push!
06/Apr/17 2:27 AM
Just as I thought - she was doing toe exercises. I did mine earlier, could manage them okay.
06/Apr/17 2:27 AM
06/Apr/17 2:28 AM
Keith, I'm innocent (NOT)!!! I got pushed!
06/Apr/17 2:28 AM
I wasn't watching the post count.
06/Apr/17 2:28 AM
Anymore shenanigan WE can get into???
06/Apr/17 2:29 AM
Innocent my foot!
06/Apr/17 2:29 AM
Don't think so, shosho.
06/Apr/17 2:30 AM
Not until the end of the page at least.
06/Apr/17 2:31 AM
And that's not far away.
06/Apr/17 2:31 AM
Saw my older son's family yesterday. Had so much fun playing with the grandsons! After my son called to say that they were in the neighborhood and would drop by, I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for them. Would you believe it, they came with a gift bag of cookies for me!
06/Apr/17 2:32 AM
But I think I have caused enough mischief for the day, so I'll buzz off.
06/Apr/17 2:32 AM
Now I have two huge piles of cookies (did you know you could stack them five inches high?) on plates to take to school for the teachers. Hubby and I cannot eat that much sweets and son's family is on an all natural minus sugar diet!
06/Apr/17 2:34 AM
No no no, CP, don't go! There the bottom of the page to race to and the start of the next page!!!
06/Apr/17 2:35 AM
06/Apr/17 2:36 AM
sniff sniff no one to egg on!
06/Apr/17 2:36 AM
Well someone's got to do it!!!
06/Apr/17 2:37 AM
06/Apr/17 2:37 AM
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