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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Apr/17 12:07 AM
05/Apr/17 12:07 AM
Good Maen, good people.
05/Apr/17 12:08 AM
This old family photo is a treasure. I'd love to know what award or honor the two older boys were celebrating.
05/Apr/17 12:14 AM
Overcast & rainy today.
The rain is good for bringing on Spring flowers, though.
05/Apr/17 12:25 AM
I have my grandfather's 'gap year' photo album. He traveled 'Out West' by train from Indiana in about 1910 or so. My mom was going to throw it away and I jumped on it! It has a photo of him holding a huge Great Horned Owl by it's wing tips - completely spread. At first, I thought it was dead, but looking closer, it looks alive. Would love to have heard that story, but he died before I was born.
05/Apr/17 12:33 AM
I'm sorry your Mom has been ill, Sarah. Thanks for letting us know you're okay. We've been concerned.
05/Apr/17 12:58 AM
Poozle Time!

Can you find a five digit number which has no zeros nor ones in it and no digit is repeated, where:
The fourth digit is a quarter of the total of all of the digits.
The second digit is twice the first digit.
The third digit is the largest.
The last digit is the sum of the first two digits.

Answers to my ‘’No zeros or ones’’ inbox, please.
05/Apr/17 1:00 AM
No one could deny those three are brothers. The resemblance is remarkable. I love the jaunty flower on Mom's hat. With three boys, it's understandable why she looks a bit tired.
05/Apr/17 1:07 AM
Kathy - you ask 'Can you find a five digit number which ....' I can answer your question here: Yes. Yes, I can.
05/Apr/17 1:09 AM
05/Apr/17 1:24 AM
05/Apr/17 1:48 AM
05/Apr/17 1:59 AM
05/Apr/17 2:15 AM
These old photos are wonderful records of our past. I wonder what will be saved from the digital age when our hard drives crash? I've actually started selecting and printing some of my favoourites.
05/Apr/17 2:55 AM
Happy Tuesday!
05/Apr/17 3:14 AM
Bev - that's a great idea. I lost years worth of photos on a crashed, unbacked up hard drive. I had printed very few of them.
05/Apr/17 3:16 AM
Hard drive? Everything's in ''the cloud.'' If that crashes ...
05/Apr/17 3:20 AM
Anybody want to amble with me,
05/Apr/17 3:20 AM
or will I have to do this all by myself?
05/Apr/17 3:21 AM
05/Apr/17 3:21 AM
05/Apr/17 3:21 AM
I have a question about crossword puzzles. What is Australia's preferred style of crossword?

I know of an 'American' style crossword with a single synonym style clue for each word, and words are in blocks so many if not all the letters are used in both across and down words.
05/Apr/17 3:23 AM
I had my mind on other things, Keith.
05/Apr/17 3:24 AM
...but that's not to say I have my head in the cloud. If I did, I'd never lose my mind.
05/Apr/17 4:06 AM
Wonderful photo today! So much character in those faces.
05/Apr/17 4:15 AM
Good morning.
05/Apr/17 4:31 AM
Would prefer to be still asleep, but hey??!!
05/Apr/17 4:32 AM
The world suddenly got brighter......
05/Apr/17 4:34 AM
I cleaned my glasses. LOL.
05/Apr/17 4:35 AM
A quiet day planned here. I'll have a go at Kathy's puzzle a bit later when mu neurons wake up.
05/Apr/17 4:37 AM
05/Apr/17 4:37 AM
When I find myself trying to see around the smudges, I know it's time to clean mine, CP.
05/Apr/17 4:38 AM
Didn't anybody believe in SMILING back then?
05/Apr/17 4:51 AM
Greetings good people of Sudokuland...and the bad people too!
05/Apr/17 4:52 AM
I must admit, I never used to clean my glasses but I have found, I do see BETTER when they're clean... almost like my eyesight has improved! Considering that I've been wearing glasses for 45 years, an improvement in the eyesight is a welcome change!
05/Apr/17 4:58 AM
For Kathy:
Col. Potter: 'How can you see through those filthy glasses?'
Radar: 'I know where everything is.'
05/Apr/17 6:04 AM
Morning all,I love old photos as long as they have names and the year written on the back.
05/Apr/17 6:21 AM
I'm with you, Amelia!
05/Apr/17 6:28 AM
1:38, but felt slower. Good morning everyone.
05/Apr/17 6:50 AM
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