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Easy Sudoku for 7/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
07/Jul/14 12:00 AM
07/Jul/14 12:00 AM

07/Jul/14 12:10 AM

My thoughts and prayers are with Shosho on the sudden passing of her father.
07/Jul/14 12:28 AM

Nice to see a golden retriever dog such a lovely golden colour, too often they are nearly white.
07/Jul/14 12:28 AM
Sincerest sympathies Shosho
07/Jul/14 12:38 AM
Such sad news to see this morning. Shosho, I am very sorry for your loss. May your father rest in peace.
07/Jul/14 12:54 AM
I am so sorry to hear this sad news this morning. My condolences to you and your family, Shosho. May your father Rest in Peace.
07/Jul/14 1:37 AM
Hello, Tripper.
07/Jul/14 1:38 AM
The answer to the weekend poozle:

The letter was written on a typewriter which has a problem with the top row of letters - they did not print. The letter should have read:

Dear Sir,

I would like to complain about the top row of my typewriter.

These More...
07/Jul/14 1:51 AM
What a sweet dog face. Just barely too big to fit as a jigsaw.
07/Jul/14 1:53 AM
Oops! I forgot that was supposed to be the WEEKEND poozle!

Here, give this a try for today.....

By changing the second letter of each word below, you can make another valid word. Can you change each word such that the second letters will reveal an eleven letter word when More...
07/Jul/14 1:59 AM
There are people out there with that puzzle halfway done who are going to STRANGLE you, Batty! LOL!
07/Jul/14 2:08 AM
Tripper, you are an adorable dog! You look very happy, and contented.
07/Jul/14 2:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Tripper says 'Here's looking at you folks!'
07/Jul/14 4:31 AM
It wasn't breakfast at Wimbledon, it was breakfast and lunch. Good match play by both, and congratulations to Djokovic.
07/Jul/14 4:35 AM
07/Jul/14 4:53 AM
Greg, I thought the match was better than good. It was incredible! I missed the end of the 5th set when a thunderstorm knocked out our power, but I did get to see the nice comments by both players afterward. They are two very talented & classy guys. Novak will long remember 2014 - he's getting married & having a baby this year, too!
07/Jul/14 5:08 AM
Yea ... Grats to Djokovic.
07/Jul/14 6:44 AM
I am still here. Found that after yesterday, not all days are going to be crazy. Still have to finish dealing with the church, funeral home, and the cemetery but at least the families and friends were notified.
07/Jul/14 6:44 AM
But I wanted Federer to win.
07/Jul/14 6:45 AM
07/Jul/14 6:45 AM
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate how my friends rallied around me so I presently don't feel overwhelmed and alone. Bless you! Now Keith, get going on your 22.
07/Jul/14 6:46 AM
Okay you did!
07/Jul/14 6:46 AM
For you, shosho, maybe staying busy is the best thing, but make sure to take time for yourself, or to just be with the people you need to be with.
07/Jul/14 6:47 AM
Thanks for giving me the gentle nudge.
07/Jul/14 6:48 AM
Happy Sunday!
Almost 2pm PDT and this is comment #27?!
Maybe folks are out of town or otherwise occupied...
07/Jul/14 6:57 AM
Good morning everyone.
07/Jul/14 7:25 AM
Good morning.
07/Jul/14 8:02 AM
shosho, I am so sad for you.
07/Jul/14 8:03 AM
I Know how much you did for your dad.
07/Jul/14 8:03 AM
On a different not entirely. I have long said exercise is bad for you.
07/Jul/14 8:04 AM
I proved it yesterday by falling off my new bike. I am okay, Just some cuts and bruises on my hands and face. My helmet took the brunt, if not, things would have been much worse. I did get on the bike again straight away - had to, to get home. Next time I will take my phone with me!!!
07/Jul/14 8:09 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone. I hope you're feeling better after your 'adventure' yesterday CP!
07/Jul/14 8:54 AM
Sharon, check your email for a note I sent. My sympathies are with you and yours.
07/Jul/14 10:26 AM
07/Jul/14 10:50 AM
Yesterday we were at my daughter's farm. Thought of Keith as I watched a large wombat grazing on the paddock near the creek. For her, they are a nuisance as they dig big holes that can be dangerous for her horses.
07/Jul/14 11:16 AM
My Condolences Shosho
07/Jul/14 11:45 AM
Are we still down here?
07/Jul/14 12:02 PM
07/Jul/14 12:20 PM
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